Monday, December 21, 2015

Life Update.

Not much going on at our house except being sick.  I started out with the flu and ended up with an ear and sinus infection.  I went to the doctor twice and got a shot each time.  Still no better, finally ended up in the ER.  Actually got in and out pretty fast but had to wait almost and hour and a half for my medicine at the Pharmacy.  I was so sick I could hardly sit there.  The drive home took me forever.  I'm glad to say I'm finally doing better, still weak but much better.

Chad's birthday was December 12th.  Hard to believe my first born is now thirty-seven years old.  I've enjoyed every year of his life.  A very caring, thoughtful young man.  I had planned on making his birthday supper on the 13th but being sick changed my mind.  We had lasagna last night.  Dad came down.  Todd and Michelle won't able to come as Todd is sick.  April has also been sick and had to go to the doctor.  I worry about her as she is already a high risk pregnancy.

That's my life for the past two weeks.  So grateful to be feeling better.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend Update:

I went to Wal-Mart after work to buy groceries and to pick up April's Christmas cards.  I stood in line for a half an hour and then they couldn't find the cards.  The other salesperson asked if she had went through each letter to see if they could be filed wrong.  No, she hadn't so he started looking meticulously through each file, still no cards.  Then he looks to the side of the file and they are right there where they should have been able to see them.  I have to give him credit, he looked very closely and tried to find them.  Remember these cards as they will continue to haunt me.
I finished up my shopping by forgetting items and having to go back to the other aisles.  I am very tired and just want to go home.
I had parked by the grocery cart pick up but I couldn't get into my car as someone had me blocked in.  I reached over the bar and loaded my groceries from the cart.  Now on to Arby's to pick up sandwiches.  I get home and start taking things in and the door is locked.  I knock and knock and knoch, no answer.  Thought Dwayne might be in the shower, so I ring the door bell continuously.  No answer-and my hands are full.  I walk over on the porch to where I see Dwayne sitting in his chair sound asleep.  I start knocking on the window repeatedly and yelling his name.  Nothing, not even a flinch.  After trying this awhile, I put my packages down and went to the car to get a key.  Even when I get in the house Dwayne is still asleep.  Ugh!  He finally wakes up but isn't up to par yet.  I carry in the rest of the groceries and we get ready to eat.  I was telling Dwayne about the Christmas cards and then notice I don't have them.  I go to the car and look, I look in all the grocery bags again.  No cards!  I was so tired, I just wanted to cry!  I call the Wal-Mart store and get cut off.  I call again and got a really nice guy.  He asked where I parked and said no problem, I'll send someone out to look.  It wasn't long he came back on the line and said they found the cards.  THANK YOU!  They would be at the customer service desk for me to pick up Friday evening.
We went by the funeral home as a neighbor, Linda Dressendofer had passed away.  We visited with people we knew and then went to Wal-Mart to pick up the Christmas cards.  Luckily, all went well.
Shawn, a guy Dwayne rides to work with told Dwayne we should eat at The Public Brewing Co. in St. James.  We thought we'd give it a try.  We're thinking streaks. Their menu was very limited.  I had the rueben sandwich which was very good.  Dwayne got the special, braised short ribs with brined turnips on a bed of black eyed peas paste.  Uh, not quite what we're used to eating.  He ate it but left hungry.  I tried the paste and it was kind of gross.  We think we're going to make Shawn go eat there!
We went by Sput's and visited with friends for awhile.
I got called into work and Dwayne went to pick up Cash as April's work Christmas party was that night.  I had a deal to work up and didn't get off work until after one (we close at noon).
We spent the day playing with Cash.  I took him up to Dad's for a visit and then home to take a nap. I took the nap and Cash watched TV with Pa.
Cash had a cold and started running a temperature.  I gave him some medicine and we rocked.  He fell asleep early so we went on to bed.
I got up early and Dwayne and Cash slept until 9:15.  Cash got alot of rest and was feeling better.  We were having the kids over for Mike's birthday dinner which was a month late as his birthday was November 10th.  Tim came over with Chad so we had a full dinner table and lots of lively conversations.  I had made one of Mike's favorite deserts, Mountain Dew Dumplings.  They are good and super easy.
I must have still been tired as I fell asleep before 7:30.  Went on to bed and then fell asleep this morning while watching the news.  Would have been a great day to take off but that's not fair to my employer.

I love our family dinners as it reminds me of the times at Mom and Dad's and the closeness you feel by seeing each other fairly often.  I don't do weekly meals like Mom did, I go for every other week.  I get too tired after each meal.  I think my Lupus is doing a flare-up on me as I've been extremely tired the past few weeks.

Thanksgiving and a Surpise:

We went to my nephew, Tony's Thanksgiving day.  Tony and his wife, Lisa had a wonderful dinner.  We were all there except my brother, Russ and his family.  It was a beautiful day and some even ate outside.
We all got a surprise as Cash entered with his shirt.  The secret was finally out.

Cash and his shirt making an announcement.

 I've known since October 25th and had to be quiet.  If you know me, this was hard.  lol  April had told me the day she came over to sit with us at Mom's.  Mom was kind of in and out of it.  April was able to tell her she was expecting a baby in June.  Mom got a big smile on her face.  I told Mom if it was a girl, they were naming it after her.  Later when we were all in the room, Mom said there was a baby and it's named after  her.  Judy said, Mom no one has a baby.  I had to keep quiet.  But Mom knew and that was very important to April.
We survived our first Thanksgiving without Mom.  There was alot of talk on remember when?
We played some modern version of Charades and it was alot of fun.
Overall, Thanksgiving was a good day.

We had the Elrod Thanksgiving at the house.  We played Liverpool Rummy, the same as we used to when Grandma Dodie and Grandpa Andy were with us.  We had a very good day.

I am grateful for Thanksgiving and all we've been given and thankful for the memories of the ones who've gone on.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weekend Update:

Ended the work week by going to visit Dad.  Dwayne is back to deer camp so it was cereal for supper.  I could live on cereal.  When I got home, Lizzy called to see if she could come over.  We watched TV and then I fell asleep.  Poor Lizzy, she had to wait up for her Dad by herself.
I had to work half a day.  Didn't do much around the house in the afternoon.  Nathan came over that night to watch TV.
I woke up with my joints hurting so I didn't go to church.  I rested until late afternoon then went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries for Thanksgiving Dinner.
I kind of had a rough day thinking about Mom.  That night I was getting ready to go to prayer meeting at Dad's house.  I got out my old Bible.  I open it up and out falls a card.  I open it and it's one Mom had given me years ago.  The first thing I saw was, Love, Mom.  I don't know if there is a heavenly connection to us her on earth or not, but I do know if was just what I needed.  It was as if Mom was saying, it's okay, you'll be alright.  Very comforting.
We didn't have too many at our prayer meeting.  Afterwards, Judy, Lizzy and Nathan came down and we worked on Thank You cards.  We're a little late on getting these done.

I'm grateful for my great niece, Lizzy and great nephew, Nathan for spending time with me.  I'm afraid they will "outgrow" me before long.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Weekend Update:

Deer Season is tomorrow.  As if that's the most important thing in the world to my husband.  He frantically got all his stuff together to head to deer camp.  He deserves the vacation as he works so hard and has to drive two hours to work each day.
They all have fun at deer camp.  It's almost sacred ground.  I just don't get it.  Dwayne gets so excited to see deer along the highway.  I'm secretly thinking, yeah a deer, we just saw one last night too.  We have some deer that has been in our yard and staying on the hill above the house.  I do admit I like seeing them when I get home from work, but I'm not yelling about it.
I went to April's and we went to Jefferson City to do some shopping.  We got lost going to the furniture store but finally made it after many twists and turns. April ordered a new bedroom set.  I watched Cash while she was filling out paperwork and looking.  I thought Cash would run wild, but he was really good.  He was fascianated with all the furniture and decorations.  We then went to the Mall to shop.  We ate at a Japanese restaurant.  It was really good.  Cash even liked it.  A couple more stops and we were ready to head home.  I stayed at April's for awhile to visit.  I'm not the best night driver but I know the road going to St. Elizabeth pretty good and don't have a problem.
I went to church and then to Dad's for a visit.  He really seems to be doing good.  I left and went to Rolla for a little Christmas shopping and then the dreaded grocery shopping.  On home to an evening of watching TV by myself.
Typical work day.
When Mom passed away, my nephew, Wayne want the family to start a prayer meeting group on Monday nights.  It starts at six.  I didn't go as Dwayne doesn't get home until about 5:45 and not always having supper ready I would have been too late.  Judy called me around 6 o'clock Monday evening and asked if I was coming.  I told her no, I still needed to eat and clean the kitchen.  After I got off the phone, Dwayne asked why I wasn't going.  I told him I still had too much to do.  He kindly offered to clean the kitchen for me.  I went to the meeting.  It went good.  I kind of have mixed feelings about it and I don't know why.

I am grateful for the times spent with family.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Weekly Visit:

Our weekly visit turned out to be an all day event.  April's babysitter was off for Veteran's Day.  Dwayne was also off, so we got to babysit.  
Dwayne and April used to have "chip n dip" breaks after the boys went to bed.  She was Cash's age.  As soon as the boys were asleep, she would want Thunder Cats on while her and Daddy have their chip n dip breaks.  She looked forward to this every night.
Now Cash is following in his Momma's footsteps as him and Grandpa enjoyed their break together.

April fixed lasagna the other night for Mike's birthday.  Cash helped her and enjoyed eating ahead of time.  Cute little helper

Mike's lasagna birthday cake.

I am grateful for Mike, April and Cash.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Blue Willow Dishes:

Dwayne inherited his Grandma Rea's blue willow dishes.  He doesn't like it when I use them.  Only on special occasions can I get them out.
Last night was a special occasion.  Who says you can't eat Taco Bell out of nice dishes.
Todd brought his friend, Michelle over for supper.  I didn't lay out any meat so Dwayne picked up the meal.
Although, we've know Michelle and her family for years, we hadn't spent much time together.  We had a pleasant evening visiting and watching TV.  Actually, Dwayne watched TV as the three of visited.  You can't miss an episode of NCIS! (which we watch two episodes per night.......)

I am grateful for heirlooms and a visit from Todd and Michelle.

Monday, November 9, 2015


On Wednesday, October 28th, I went home that morning to take a shower and my medicine.
While at home, I posted about the passing process of dying
Later that day at 2:35 p.m. Momma passed away.  We were all with her except Russ.  He had gone on an errand to Rolla.  Kate and Judy held her hands, I held her foot and Dad was laying by her.  My Dad has expressed she didn't suffer.  I saw it differently as she struggled with each breath she took until the end.  I would like to think she didn't suffer.
As odd as this sounds, it was a blessing.  After watching her like this for five days, we were ready for her suffering to end and to go on to her heavenly home.  There were no tears, we were all probably just in shock.  Kate called Hospice and they came out and took care of calling the coroner and funeral home.
Katie and I turned Mom onto her back and then we washed her body.  They say God gives you extra strength to get through and I can attest to that.  I have lived in fear the past year for this time.  If only I had trusted God.
Strength, a strong word.  God gave me a strength I didn't know I had.  How could I have possibly washed my own mother's body?  How could I have cared for her and cleaned her up during the week?
How could I endure this pain without crying?  So many questions and I remember a wise woman (Mom) who has always told me we can do what we have to do.  She has been a great role model and her many words of wisdom comes to mind each day.
After Mom passed away, family started dropping by.  We reminisced about our times with Mom and different stories of events and favorite times.  It was a good healing time with our family.
Thursday, we went to the funeral home and made arrangements.  This also was an easier process than I imagined.  Mom had told me she wanted a white casket with pink flowers.  Her casket was beautiful.
 Judy wasn't feeling well from her chemo pills and went on home.  Kate and I went to Vienna to order flowers from The Flower Basket.  Angie did an excellent job with the casket spray using pinks and purple.  Katie picked out the pictures to use and I went on home to rest as I was exhausted.
Friday left a day of grieving and catching up on rest.  Visited with Dad.  That evening Dwayne and I went to Randy's Road Kill and then back to Dad's.  More visiting with family and feeling the close bond we have.
Saturday night was visitation.  I can't even begin to count the number of people that came through the line.  Wonderful tribute for Mom.  Once again that word strength came into play.  How can you stand there for  hours and not shed a tear?
Sunday was the funeral.  The pastor did a good job of portraying Mom's personality.  The only regret I have about the funeral was Mom's song wasn't sang or read.  Judy couldn't do it as she was sick.  But I so wish I had known it wasn't going to be included I would have gladly read it to the crowd.
Mom had been working on a song for her funeral.  She had been in and out of the hospital and nursing home for months.  She would come up with a verse and then Katie would right it down.
They did this over the course of the past few months.  The song is called, Me and Jesus Have This All Worked Out.
After the cemetery and still no tears the word strength came into my mind and you can do what you have to do.  I'm not saying it was easy, but there was a peace and strength in my soul.
We went back to Dad's for a dinner.  My good friends, Susan, Peggy, Pat and Bobbi set up the food and had everything ready.  Can you believe on November 1st, we were able to set up and eat in the yard?  The weather was great.
I have a message on my answering machine from Mom a few weeks ago.  I am trying to save it and I play it periodically just to  hear her voice.
I know the grief is going to hit me but for now I can honestly say, I'm doing fine.

I am so grateful to have had my wonderful mother in my life and the love of our whole family.


We celebrated Dad's birthday at my nephew, Tony's house with a fish fry.  It was a great afternoon of visiting and celebrating another year with Dad.

I am grateful to still have my Dad with us.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dad's 91st Birthday:

Dad and Cash 2014.  Their shirts almost match.

So grateful to still have my Dad.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Passing:

My Mom is dying.  It's a slow process which we are dealing with every day since Saturday.  We are all camped out at Mom and Dad's.  Although, it is a very sad time in our life and a deep struggle, we have grown closer.  Family and friends stop by.  Nearly all the grandkids and great grandkids have been by.  We've laughed, we've sang, we've prayed and just bonded.  It's hard for Daddy to go in and sit with my Mom but he is very aware of each stage we're going through.  We've had good times along with the sadness.  My great niece, Tess, was saved Sunday night.  A very touching moment.  My nephew, Wayne, who doesn't go to church anymore sat and read the Bible aloud to Mom.  We each have our own spot in this grieving process.  I sleep with Momma at night, we take turns laying with her during the day.  Kate gives the medicine, Judy and I have our own roles.  Russ came up from Springfield yesterday to stay.  We're together for our great Mother who has always been there for each of us.  Although, this is very hard, I am extremely grateful we have this time together with Mom.  I know the grieving will come later as we're busy keeping Mom comfortable.  The times she stops breathing, you are ready for her to go and yet you want to hang on so tightly.  I am ready for Mom's passing.  She cannot respond to us, she can barely breathe and she's suffering.  Please pray for us.

I am so grateful for our family time with Mom and the extreme closeness and bonding we've experienced.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekend Update:

We went to Sput's to eat.  We always get really good food, but not this time.  The worst cheeseburger ever!  We always look forward to our evening out on Fridays but this Friday night didn't quite make it.
I had to work.  Dwayne cut sprouts and cleaned out the fence row.  I had fell down our stairs the previous Saturday and landed on my upper back on a step.  I've barely been able to move since then.  We both took a muscle relaxer and went to bed early.  (Exciting, aren't we?)  Dad had spent the night  and after watching Hee Haw and the Walton's he was also ready for bed.
I went to visit Mom at the nursing home.  These visits get harder each time.  Mom complains about everything and insist she is going to come home.  Dad can't take care of her anymore yet he also wants her home.  Alot of emotions right now with Mom and Dad, sadness; guilt; grief, angy, etc.  All we can do is pray for the situation we're in.  I know other families have gone through the same thing and they survived.  We will too.
Bought groceries and stopped at Taco Bell for our supper.  I just get so worn out I don't even want to cook supper.

I am grateful for our loving family and the bond we have with our parents.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wordless Wednesday:

From this
to this.........

Weekend Update:

Dwayne had to work late so I went on in to see Mom at the nursing home.  These visits are getting harder each time.  Brought sandwiches home for Dwayne.  Dad was there and spent the night.
I had to work until noon.  Worked around the house some but mostly just relaxed.  Dwayne and I cooked lobster for supper.  Our first time for lobster at home.  We did pretty good.  Watched TV and went to bed early.
Super tired so I didn't go to church.  (I know it's not a good excuse but that's what I did).
We ate lunch at the salebarn and then on over to St. Elizabeth for Cash's birthday party.
I've got tons of pictures to share.
                                                           Opening presents:
Grill from Uncle Todd

Weed-eater from Pa and N-Ma

         Cash and Elaina watching Chad put together scooter            

Scooter from Uncle Chad

Worn out after a long day
Celebrating again after everyone went home.

A happy birthday boy.

I am grateful for these days and especially the celebration of Cash's birth.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Update:

As usual, we went out to eat.  We tried a new Italian Restaurant in Rolla I had seen in the rural electric paper.  I think it would have been good if I hadn't ordered what was shown in the picture advertisement.  Cheese Tortellini with Italian Sausage.  I didn't like it.  The plate looked appetizing and I'm sure it was good, just not a good flavor combination for me.
We then went to visit Mom at the nursing  home.  She was in a good mood just not breathing very well.
Dwayne cut sprouts and cleaned up the cedar fence row by the  road.  I went to Rolla and did some shopping.  I hadn't been to that many stores by myself in quite some time.  Had to find Cash a birthday present.  He turns 2 on the 12th.
We spent the evening relaxing and watching TV.
As I was going to church, I hit a buzzard.  Yuck, what a nasty mess!!  I had blood and guts all over my windshield.  I almost threw up.  As I've gotten older, I have a weak stomach.  I cleaned up the kids vomit, poop, etc. when I was younger and never got sick or even almost.  Now, I gag and carry on looking at something gross or foul smelling.  Does this come with age?  I would have thought you would be more immune to these things.
Our new pastor is not an overly friendly person.  As I was leaving church she asked me how I liked my job.  I thought, oh, she does know who I am.  It made me feel better about her.  I would think a pastor would reach out on a weekly basis as you leave church and be more friendly.  I felt like a little kid with some praise, it made me feel special.  A kind word goes a long way.
I had to wash my car at the car wash.  It was pretty gross with the guts stringing as I sprayed.  It was all on my windshield a a little on the hood.
Stopped at G & W and then home to start supper.  I try to have the kids over every other Sunday for supper.  We had beef pot pie this time.  April brought a cake for us to try.  It was chocolate with a new icing of maple sugar with tiny bacon crumbs.  It was actually good and you didn't taste the bacon.  April said it was listed as a trial.  I guess we'll see how many times people go back and buy.
Of course, we had a good time playing with Cash.  I had to walk around outside with him and play ball.  We pretty much spoil him.
After the kids left, we watched TV and went to bed early.  I was so tired, you would have thought I cooked for a hundred rather than the six of us.

I am grateful for the visits with the kids.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekly Visit:

Playing Peek a Boo

Grateful for the visits with this little guy.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Update:

Mom could tell she was getting pneumonia again and was having a hard time breathing.  The nursing  home wouldn't let her go to the hospital.  Judy had to call them and insist they take her by ambulance.  After work, Dad and I went up.  Mom was very sick and could barely take in a deep  breath.  They ran several tests on her.  The admitting doctor said they found a lump in the right lobe  of her lung.  He said it could be bacterial or the possibility of lung cancer.  That's a scary thought as my sister, Judy has lung cancer.  (Fortunately it was not cancer)  The lump could also be causing her shortness of breath.  He did say she had a bad case of pneumonia along with the congestive heart failure.  Dad and I stayed until they assigned her a room.  Sure didn't take me long to fall asleep after I got home.
I worked from noon until five.  When Dwayne got home, we went to see Mom.  She wasn't not breathing well at all and her lungs sounded all crackly. She could only breathe sitting up and leaning on the bedside table.  Very disturbing, I was afraid she wouldn't make it through the night.  My cousins came to visit so Dwayne and I went to Apple Bees and then to Wal-Mart.  Dwayne was shocked at the total.  I told him I am every week.
We then went back to the hospital.  I planned on spending the night.  The later it got, the more tired I was.  Mom insisted I go on home and get some rest.  I don't know if I'm having a flare-up or what but I get extremely tired and have to rest.  Another night of falling asleep quick.
April and Cash came over for the day.  In the afternoon, we went to a friend, Carol Bailey's Mom Sivilla's 90th birthday.  The party was at Broadway Baptist Church.  It was good to see people I used to go to church with.
We then went to Kelsey's baby shower.  Kelsey and April have been friends since birth.  It's amazing they both have families now.  I had made Kelsey a quilt and she also got four others.  The baby won't lack for warmth.

We went on into Rolla to see Mom.  Cash wanted to walk around awhile.  This gave April a chance to have some one on one time with Grandma.  We  went down the hall to the floor to ceiling windows.  Cash loved watching the trucks on the interstate.  Of course the cars are trucks too.  He will argue with you over it.  I decided it was time to go back and Cash wasn't ready to go.  He pointed his little finger at me and said, no, no, no.  It really was cute.  I know it's not something we want him to be doing but it was cute at the time.
Luckily, Cash got to see Grandpa when he got home.   Dwayne took him for a ride in both trucks.  Grandpa spoils him tremendously.
April's car was having problems with the radiator and fan so she left it and took my car.  Works perfect as I now work at Weidinger's and go visit on Wednesdays.  She sent a message today she likes mine better than hers.  Too bad.  lol
After April left, I fell asleep on the couch.  Dwayne woke me up to go on to bed.  He fixed himself a sandwich for supper.
I didn't go to church as April's car wasn't running very good.  I spent the day cleaning as I've not kept up very good lately.  Dwayne did some outside work.  After supper, we watched TV and then an early night.
Katie called around noon and the right side of Mom's lung collapsed.  They were going to take her into surgery and insert a tube.  Hard to concentrate at work with Mom not doing well.

I am grateful for family and friends. (and grandson  lol)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mom and April's Birthday:

I've been working on a baby quilt for Kelsey, my friend Susan's daughter.  I've had nothing but problems.  My sewing machine quit working, Mom's quit working so finally I thought, just go by a cheap sewing machine so you quit having to rip out seams.  Wish I would have done that sooner.
I worked on the baby quilt all day.
April and Cash came over in the afternoon.  Cash was wound up.  We had alot of fun playing.
April was going to All Girls Prom at Vienna that night.  I can't believe she is now 30.  I am very proud of her.  She has turned into wonderful young woman and a great mother.
Cash squealed when Dwayne got home; he was so happy to see his grandpa.  Dwayne took him for a four wheeler ride up to Grandpa Great's and over to see Troy.  He almost fell asleep on the ride.
We then went down to Chad's for Dwayne to help him move shelves into his work van.  Cash got to sit with Grandpa on the gravel drive.  He thought he was something.  But when it comes to getting tired, Grandpa won't do.  He has to have Grandma.  I love rocking him to sleep.  I don't know why I look so bad (and mad, but I wasn't) in this picture.  Maybe it came from being extremely tired.

I had everything ready to make potato salad for Mom and April's birthday dinner.  Cash wanted Grandma so Dwayne made the salad for me.  He helps me so much anymore, I don't know what I'd do without him.
Unfortunately, Mom wasn't able to get out of the nursing home for dinner.  She had fluid building up around her heart again.  First time in 29 years Mom and April haven't shared a birthday dinner.
Several of us took Mom a cake and went to the nursing home for a small party.

April's 30th, Mom's 86th Birthday

Bittersweet times.  Mom was very accepting of not being able to come out for the day.  Probably more so than me.
When I got home, the company was all gone and Dwayne had cleaned the kitchen up for me.  What a guy!  I took a short nap and then we just watched TV the rest of the evening.

I am grateful for another year with Mom and for my family.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mom's Birthday:

Happy Birthday to my Mom who is 86 years old today.

I'm so grateful to still have Mom with us.

Weekly Visit:

Picking flowers for Mommy

Trying to hide a flower in his shirt

So enjoy these visits.  I am grateful to be a grandmother.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mom and Dad:

This is the first year Mom and Dad have missed the Vienna parade.   Our family gets together on the southwest corner of the courthouse square.  Sure did miss this this year.
2014 Parade

Cash has changed alot in the past year.  They seem to grow up so fast.

I'm grateful for these memories with my parents.

Labor Day Weekend:

I had a rough day helping Dad with Mom and was pretty much exhausted.  We always go out to eat on Friday nights, but Dwayne was tired as well so we just stayed home.
Fair Parade Day.  We always go to the the fair.  This year, we didn't go at all.  We don't have any small kids and the entertainment isn't so great.
But the parade, that's a different story.  We will always go to the parade.  As you can tell from the pictures below, we had a great time.

My nephew, Tyler and his little boy, Liam

Chad and Desmon
April and Cash came home with us for the afternoon.  We went to the Salebarn Cafe but it was packed and no place to sit so we went on over to the Vichy Wye Cafe.  They remodeled last year and it looks totally different from when I worked there in the seventies.  It had a sagging ceiling then and I don't know how they went this long without fixing it.  When I worked there, we had a pool table in the middle of the room.  If you weren't busy, you could play pool.  I got quite good at it.  Not so much anymore.  After a busy day, Cash was worn out.
We had a great afternoon with April and Cash.
I actually went to church.  Helped with Mom and then got called out about one a.m. to come up and help out.  Long night.
I was tired from spending the night with Mom and I slept a good portion of the day.  We ran into town and got a sandwich and that was the extent of our Labor Day.

I'm grateful for times like these.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weekly Visit:

Cash loves to line his toys up in a straight line.  He is such a neat kid.  He puts his toys up every night without being told.  We were reading books and he would get two at a time off the shelf and put them back and then get two more out.  He even puts his dirty clothes in the hamper.  Now if he'll continue this pattern throughout life.
Grandpa didn't get to come this time, as he's working nights.

Grateful for this time together.

Weekend of August 29/30th:

We ate at Road Kill Grill just a few miles from our house.  They have good barbecue (and no road kill  lol).
Back home to watching TV.  Such exciting lives.
Dwayne spent the day shuffling canoes around for our float trip the next day.  I was at Mom and Dad's helping out.  Mom is not doing too well and filling up on fluid again.
We went on what my brother-in-law, David, calls "old hippie float trip".  lol  I love the river.  I have more respect for the water since my brother, Wayne drowned last year.  I'm way more cautious.
Chad and Todd a few of their friends also joined us.  (don't think David liked that too well......)
I can't believe I got to go the river two weeks in a row.  When the kids were small, we bought a boat.
We spent at least one day per weekend on the river.  Such fun memories.  Now we don't have a boat, so float trips is our only way of being on the river.
I found out on last year's float, it's much harder getting back in the canoe in the water.  It was so embarrassing!  Phil and Dwayne both had to pick me up and put me back in.  I felt like a huge beached whale.  This year I only swam when we were pulled up to a gravel bar.
The weather was cooler and it was a great day to be on the river.  Beautiful scenery.
The trip home was a little risky as we had all the canoes on our trailer (Chad, Todd's, etc.)  As the boys didn't have vehicles at our pull out point, we had to overload our vehicles.  Todd and Tim sat in the back of the truck.  I was so nervous going down the road.  And to think we used to ride in the back all the time.  David also drove a group to our house.
It was a very relaxing time spent visiting friend and enjoying God's nature.

I am grateful for good friends and time spent together.

Weekly Visit:

A couple weeks ago, I picked up Cash from Susie at Day Care as April had an appointment that evening.
Nothing doing but we had to go on our walk around town.  April and Mike live very close to the street.  They had been having problems with Cash darting out to the street.  I was afraid it was from me and Dwayne taking him on walks each time we visit.  I wouldn't let him walk across the street, I carried him until we got to a sidewalk.  He wasn't too happy about it but it was much safer.
We walked to the bank parking lot where he had fun playing with random rocks he found.  So many toys and rocks can be substitued for trucks and cars.
He happily walked back home and reached for me to carry him across the street.
I enjoyed my time with Cash as Grandpa usually hogs him.  lol

I am so grateful for this little boy in our lives.

Lennaman Reunion:

Saturday, August 22, 2015
Lennaman Reunion

When Dwayne's Grandma Rea was alive, I arranged a family reunion so we could all get together.
Somehow, I inherited this yearly event planning.
We started out at Meramac Springs every year.  This continued for several years.  After Rea, Dodie and Rita had all passed away, we didn't get together.
About five years ago, I decided the cousins still needed to get together.  We had the reunion over at the lake in Vichy.   Late August gets super hot; even with fans we were miserable.  This year we decided to have it at our house.  We had a good turnout and everyone enjoyed visiting and getting reacquainted.

Frankie's kids:
Carter, Graceson and Carly

Dwayne, David, Chad, Uncle Walter, Andy and Mark
Lennaman Cousins
                                                  Dwayne, Connie, April and Cash

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

This year was a first for us.  We had a cousin float trip on the Gasconade River.  This was so much fun, we decided to do it again next year.

I am so grateful for my connection to the Lennaman's through my mother-in-law, Dodie.  She would so enjoy this tradition being carried on.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weekend Update:

We started the evening by picking up Dwayne's truck from the body shop.  He had a minor dent in the tail gate and it wouldn't open.  Also, got it detailed.  Looks almost new.  Sure it won't look that way long.
We ate supper at the Eagles.  The food was good and we ran into several people we knew.  Nice evening.
I used to work as a bookkeeper for Donnie Stratman at Stratman Trucking.  Donnie and I were also classmates.  His youngest daughter, Jennifer was getting married.   Jennifer and Erica used to come by the office after school until time to go home.  Jennifer's wedding was beautiful.  I sat with a couple classmates and our sponsors sat in front of us.  We joked we were the 1975 section. 
I then went to visit Mom and Dad.  They were having a good day.
April and I went shopping at the lake.  Cash was with us and did quite well.  He was a little goof ball at lunch but other than that, he was a good boy and great shopper.  We found some good deals and had a great time.  We don't have a lot of money for these shopping trips but we go and have time together and enjoy the day.
Dwayne had been putting up the hay the last couple of days.  He was a little bummed that he had to buy parts for the hay bine.  Thus, the joys of small time farming.

I am grateful for times like these.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekly Visit:

We had such a great visit with Cash last Wednesday.  It was such a nice evening out.  We watched Cash play and have fun.  After his wagon ride around town with Grandpa, I got his riding toy out of the garage.  Of course, he took me to the garage and showed me where it was.  He had such fun and the same was said for the rest of us.  Up the sidewalk, roll backwards, up the sidewalk, roll backwards...........over and over again.  Then he went up the steeper driveway and started to roll backwards.  Way too fast!  I was afraid he would tip over as the toy started to tip.  April must have thought the same thing as she came running.  Luckily, I got to him and kept him from tipping over.  He thought it was fun.  That option wasn't allowed after this.  Back to the sidewalk.
Cash riding toy up the sidewalk and then roll backwards.
After we went inside, Cash had to have us sit at his table with him.  Only we're too big to actually sit on the bench.  They certainly don't make Little Tykes tables like they used to.
He adores his Grandpa.

  We have such fun with this little guy.  So very grateful to be a grandparent.