Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lennaman Renuion:


My mother-in-law, Doris (Dodie) Elrod was a Lennaman.  When Dodie, her brother Frank and her sister Rita were alive we had a reunion every year at Meramac Springs.  It just didn't seem right after they passed away to not get together.  Dodie had another sister, Wilma who passed away years ago.  Most of the Lennaman's live in the Belleville, IL area.
We decided a few years ago to have the reunion again and have it at our lake at Vichy.  We always have it in August so it's rather hot.  Last year, we had it at our house and everyone enjoyed it.  So we are now the nominated hosts of this event every third Saturday in August.
Everyone had a good time visiting.

Lennaman Cousins

2nd and 3rd Generation of Lennaman's

Another set of 2nd and 3rd Generation, April and Iva

Dwayne didn't feel the best but he made it through the day.  Dwayne had been sick all week with pneumonia.  It's odd for Dwayne to not be working so you know he's pretty sick when he misses a little over a week of work.  He's doing better now.

I am thankful for the Lennaman Family.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Desmon O'Neil Workman
5th Grade

I am often referring to Desmon in my posts.  We think of him as a grandson.  He is the boy Chad had temporary custody of for a couple years while his Mom was getting her life in order.  Anna and Chad had never been boyfriend/girlfriend, just neighbors and friends.
I am so proud of Chad taking in this little boy (whose not so little anymore) and treated as if he was his own.  He still gets Desmon most weekends.
Desmon is a loving, caring and sentimental little guy.  But he has come so far.  Self confident, bright, a little mischievous but a bright fun loving boy.

I am so grateful for Desmon being in our lives.

(We also get him Christmas Eve and other holidays)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wednesday Visit:

Last one of our weekly visits by April and the kids.  She starts back to work Monday.  Cash and I had fun playing our usual games of hide 'n seek, walking around the yard, blowing bubbles, etc.  No wonder he's kind of a skinny kid, he never stops moving.
My Uncle Hubert passed away this week.  He was ninety-seven and lived a long and good life.  Cash and I went up to tell Dad when the funeral arrangements were.  He loves going to see Pa Great, but not for long and then he's ready to go.
Later in the afternoon Dad came down for a longer visit.

Such a precious picture.

Loving little boy.

I think these weekly visits during the day have made Cash and I closer.  He loves his grandpa dearly but doesn't have time for grandma when grandpa is around.  Now he even sits on my lap when grandpa is around.  Going to miss these times.

I am so blessed with my family so very grateful.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sunday Family Meal:

All the kids and my Dad were over for Sunday evening.  We had beef pot pie, boiled cabbage and sliced tomatoes.  Turned out pretty good.  We had hot fudge cake for dessert.  We had a great evening of visiting and passing Iva around.  It's a good thing she's good natured.

Michelle & Iva

My favorite picture

Not too happy to be going home.

I am grateful for these family visits.

Wednesday Visit:

April and the kids came over to spend the day.  April ran into Rolla to run a few errands and to bring back lunch.
My good friend, Susan came over to see Iva.  We had a nice visit.  Cash had to show off for her.
Cash was super excited when Grandpa got in from work.

I am grateful for these visits before April  has to go  back to work.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Iva's Christening:

Sunday, July 31st.
Not only was it Dwayne's birthday, but also Iva's Christening.  It was a beautiful service.  Afterwards, we had a barbecue dinner at April and Mike's.  The weather was nice, a little cool and then the rain.  Lots of rain.....  Didn't matter, we were in the garage.


Chad Elrod

Elizabeth Holtmeyer

The Holtmeyer's

The Elrod's

Michelle was there, just didn't get a picture of her.

We had a great day and I'm so thankful for a granddaughter to be blessed.