Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekly Visits:

We've got off base on our Wednesday visits.  Last week was a Thursday.  This week a Tuesday.
Dwayne always takes a picture of him falling asleep while I'm giving him a bottle.
This was an exceptionally good visit. Cash was in rare form; jabbering, squealing, hollering and just all around being happy.  None of his crankiness this night.  We really enjoyed the evening.
We had a pleasant ride over; the sunset was beautiful.
Cash was a little fussy but not bad.  Him and Grandpa had quite the talking going on.  Dwayne would ramble off some jibberish and Cash would try to match it.  He watches your mouth as it moves and then tries to get his mouth to move the same way.  We found he is also very tender hearted; you can hurt his feelings in the blink of an eye and you don't even know what you did.  He acts like you broke  his heart and then after the crying, the lip comes out.  His little pout is so cute.  We may not think that in a few years.

(I just love how Cash's head disguises my double chin!!)
We had a good visit with April and Mike and of course our sympathy is with Mike and his family during this difficult time in their lives.  Mike's Uncle Johnny died in a house fire last week and his funeral is tomorrow.
I am grateful for my family and the blessing we are to each other.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014


We went to a close family friend and neighbor my whole life, Maxine Workman's visitation and Eastern Star Service.  Maxine was loved by many which was evident by the crown and the tremendous amount of flowers sent.
We then went to Sput's for supper and home to watch a movie.
I am so not a morning person, I was so glad I made my covered dishes the night before.  We headed into Vienna as Dwayne had some errands to run before we went to the funeral.  Once again, there was a big crowd in attendance.  Pastor Rebecca did a good job on the service.  We then followed the funeral procession out to the Davis Cemetery out by our house.  A somber service was held there and then we all headed back to the church for a meal.  The ladies outdid themselves; we had enough food to feed an army.  After visiting with family and friends we headed home.
After feeding the cows Dwayne and Zach spent the evening relaxing and watching TV.  I went to Wal-Mart to buy a few things, especially a new coffee pot as mine has been overheating.  It even steamed my cabinets up to where I'm not sure I can get the finish back to normal.  I took a loonnnng winter nap and woke up in time to watch TV for a couple hours and then back to bed.
Zach and I were the first ones up so we helped ourselves to cinnamon rolls and coffee.  As if that wasn't enough to eat, when Dwayne got up he fixed us a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast.  We sure got our fill of good food over that weekend.
I went to church and Dwayne and Zach did some much needed chores around the house.
After church, I started in on a baby quilt I had started.  After ripping out a few seams...........UGH! I was able to get it sewn together.  Now all I need to do is snip the edges, which is quite a tedious job.
Watched a little TV with Dwayne and called it an early night.

I am grateful for the opportunity to honor Maxine at her funeral and for the monotonous days of just doing mundane chores around the house.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekend Recap:

Valentine's Day after 36 years of marriage was spent apart.  lol  Actually, we celebrated the night before.  We thought we would beat the crowd on Valentine's Day, the joke was on us.  As we were waiting for our table several other couples waiting said they had the same idea.  Huge crowd!
But we did spend the evening apart.  Dwayne with Chad, Todd, and Tim playing poker and me at home watching chic flicks.  A good time was had by all!!
We bought a John Deere tractor (used, of course).  I knew Dwayne had an ulterior motive when he agreed so quick to me going to Alaska.  lol  No, really he didn't care at all.  His Mom always went on trips with his Dad so he thinks nothing of it.  Plus, I've had a really bad year health wise and he's happy I'm feeling better and glad I got the chance of a lifetime to go to Alaska.
We saw Todd Schoene in town and he told us Maxine Workman was worse and they were taking her to the hospital in an hour.  We decided to go by and visit.  I'm so glad we did as she passed away on Monday.  Even as sick as she was, she was still the gracious Maxine smiling and saying how glad she was to see us.  I feel the worst for Pat as she gave up her life (willingly and as gracious as her Mom would be) to come home and care for her Mom the past few years.  Pat never complained and it was round the clock care she gave Maxine.  No one could have done a better job.  Pat is having a hard time dealing with the events leading up to Maxine's death.  I won't go into detail but the medical field did not do their job.  If they had found that her hip was broke when she was there on last Tuesday, maybe they could have done something and she wouldn't have been in so much pain the last five days.  It broke Pat's heart to hear her Mom screaming and there was nothing she could do about it.
Saturday night:  Oh, what should I say about Saturday night?  We had four visitors, Zach, Nathan, Lizzy and Gunner.  We played cards and played cards........  The rest of the time was spent with Gunner putting on shows and keeping us entertained.
Anytime the kids stay over (and also the tradition when our kids were growing up) I fix chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  This time it was a treat for me, too as Dwayne fixed them.  After cleaning up the kitchen, we left for church. Zach stayed to help Uncle Dwayne cut a load of wood. Gunner was not too happy about it.  He tried every trick in the book and then some to get out of it.  He did not smile any on the way to church or during church.  He did participate when he went up front for the children's sermon.  I embarrassed the kids during Joy and Concern Time by getting up and saying I was joyful for my great niece and great nephews coming to church with me.  I even said their names.  Later during the sermon when Lizzy and Nathan started picking back and forth with each other and hitting, I informed them I was going to get up and say I had a concern with Lizzy and Nathan not behaving.  They looked at me and said, "Oh, we promise to be good, please don't embarrass us again!"  And they did behave.
After church, we stopped by the house to get their stuff and my covered dishes to take to Mom's for Sunday dinner.  Can you believe my 84 year old Mom still has Sunday dinners?  Not every Sunday like before but once a month.  She provides the meat and potatoes and we all bring in dishes.  We had a great day; we hadn't all been together for awhile.
Lizzy, Nathan and Desmon came back to the house and then my niece, Kayla and her kids, Mariah and Brighton came down.  Desmon  had fun playing with the kids.  (Gail, your foose ball table sure got a workout).  Kayla stayed a couple hours and we had a good visit.  Was so nice as she's lived away from here for several years and just moved back about a year and a half ago.  And now they're getting ready to move to Florida.  Not that they really want to move but Anthony got a big job promotion and it's too good an opportunity to pass up.  Will be a nice place to plan a vacation in the future.  Tony came and picked his kids up and then the house got quiet; which was kind of nice after the noisy evening the night before and then the afternoon of kids running in the house.  But I love it!  That's the way it was when I was growing up.  We always had company on Sundays.
Desmon had a meltdown after everyone left.  I think he was just nervous if his Mom would pick him up at Chad's at eleven or leave him overnight.  The poor little guy, he just needs consistency in his life.  Zach drove and we took Desmon to Chad's and then dropped Zach off.  The rest of the evening was spent relaxing.
I woke up sick.  I tried to get up and get ready for work but I just couldn't do it.
If I thought I was sick Monday; that was nothing compared to Tuesday.  I couldn't hardly get out of bed.  The bed, bathroom and sleep was my whole day.
I felt better and went in to work.  I only lasted until one o'clock.  By then I started getting a cold.  I could barely talk.  Got some Mucinex D and that seems to be helping.
Feel really good today but still can't hardly talk.  Some people would say that's a good thing.  lol
But the work day has been crappy.  My computer and printer are messed up.  The computer guy worked on them almost all day.  Since I couldn't do my work, I went into town and visited with Pat.  She's doing pretty good but still needs our prayers.  She's still pretty angry at the care Maxine got at the hospital.  Maxine did not deserve treatment like that.
Also, my son-in-law, Mike's Uncle Johnny died during the night in a house fire.  His brother, Steve is a volunteer fireman and he was there when they found him.   Steve is kind of sensitive and I know that image will stay with him forever.  I ask for prayers for Steve and the whole Holtmeyer family.
Tonight:  I think instead of a cold, I just have a lot of sinus drainage because I don't seem to have any cold symptoms other than my throat being clogged up.  Soooo, we're going to see the baby tonight.  We missed our Wednesday night visit as I wasn't well.  We sure do look forward to our weekly visits and I think Cash is starting to recognize his Grandpa Dwayne. (and a lot of people have commented they think Cash looks like Dwayne).  I will just have to wait for the next one to be Grandma's.

There has been so many deaths in our neighborhood the past few weeks.  People, take the time to tell your loved ones you love them, even a sibling you might not be getting along well with.  There isn't always a tomorrow and it's much better to live with a little discomfort at the time than living with regret after they're gone.

I am so grateful for my family and friends and all that God has given to me.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weekly Visit:

We went over to St. E for our weekly visit with Cash.  We had him all to ourselves as April and Mike went to the lake grocery shopping.  His hair is going bald, but just in patches.  Here a bald spot, there a bald spot, eieiooooooo...........   Okay, I'm in a dorky mood today, just my goofy humorous side coming out.  lol
Cash, jabbering away at Grandpa.  He had a different jabber this week.
Sounded Japanese or something.  lol
Don't know what the deal is with my camera doing double pictures.  Grandpa seems to like taking our pictures when Cash is sleeping.
Another double picture, looks like I cut Cash off in the first.
He was in his GT Sports Car Walker we got him for Christmas.
He likes it pretty good.  His little short legs are finally long
enough for him to stand on them and push himself up.  He
doesn't have the hang of trying to walk in yet, but his little
short legs barely touch the floor.
I had a rotten day at work yesterday so a pleasant evening made the day all better.
I am grateful for our weekly time spent with Cash.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Family means so much.  My Feeler cousins from near and far would be at Grandma and Grandpa Feeler's on weekends.  Since we lived so close, I was able to visit with all of them fairly often.
My cousin, Ron Lewis passed away last week and his funeral was yesterday.  The funeral home was packed and not near all the cousins were there.  The funeral was at 2 p.m.  I got there at 1:30 and there was only two parking spaces left.  Family-you just pick right up from the last time you saw them, no feeling uncomfortable or trying to think of something to say.  Although, it was a sad occasion, the family get together at Aunt Fern's afterwards was a joyous time.  Lots of visiting and catching up.  Aunt Fern and family had to feel all the love and support.

I am very grateful for my Feeler family and our bond that continues throughout the years.

Monday, February 10, 2014


I had the afternoon off.  Just piddled around the house and then went to visit Mom and Dad.
As I was pulling in the drive; Dwayne was getting ready to leave to feed the cattle.  I rode along.  The cows were sure glad to see us and especially Dwayne breaking the ice.  We then went to Sput's for supper.
Another day of just goofing off, did a few chores around the house then headed to a funeral for a young girl who tragically passed away.  Sad day.
I then went to Wal-Mart and just browsed.  I haven't done that in quite some time, just taking my time looking around.  Usually, I'm in a hurry to get the groceries bought and get out of there.
Dwayne was working in St. Louis and was supposed to get off around noon.  I fixed a nice supper and then he calls to say he has to work late and then start early on Sunday morning, so he was just spending the night.   That's okay, I had a nice supper!!  Chad came by to fill the furnace up for me and also ate.  Nice visit.
Went to church and then home to start the evening meal.  The kids were all coming over.  Dwayne was home already when I got there.  He was super worn out.  April and Cash came over mid-afternoon.  Mike had to bowl, so wasn't able to make it. We had fun playing with Cash.  He now tries to give kisses.  If you kiss him, he turns his head towards your mouth and just starts moving his mouth back and forth.  So sweet!  Chad and Todd came over and each uncle had a grand ole time playing with Cash.  He won't be spoiled or anything.  lol
We had a meal of roast beef and all the great side dishes along with chocolate pie for dessert.
We visited awhile but then April and Cash headed home as the roads were getting slick over their way.  Chad and Todd decided to head out too.  They have so far to drive.....  lol

I am grateful for my family and the chance to all get together for a good old fashioned meal.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Visit with Cash:

Our Wednesday visit with the kids turned into a Thursday this week.
Cash was in a fine mood; jabbering, hollering and trying to give kisses.
He's finally growing out of the colic phase. (Thank goodness!)
But his Daddy doesn't like the word colic so we don't mention it around him.  I don't know what he thinks colic means but apparently it's something really bad.  Which actually, when you're going through it it is bad.
Cash had his hat on like Grandpa but I didn't set the lighting so you can't really see it.
Grandpa loved it though.
Horrible picture!!  Please ignore my double chin.......
Cash cuddled up on my shoulder and went to sleep.
We love these weekly visits.  It's surprising how much he change in one short week.
I am grateful our weekly visits with Cash.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cousin Ron:

My cousin Ron Lewis passed away yesterday.  He had been in bad health for quite some time.
Ron is the third grandchild to pass away.  First was my brother, Mark when he was two months old from a deformed heart and then a few years ago, my cousin Jerry Feeler passed away.  Jerry was quite the character.  She is fondly missed.
Ron is Aunt Fern's oldest child.  He stayed with us Summers while growing up.  Ron and my brother Russell would get the giggles and keep us all up.  I've never know anyone who could giggle as much as Ron.  Lots of memories.
When Ron was a baby, he ran a high fever of 106.  It was so high, it popped one of his eyes out.  He has always  had a glass eye since.  Can you imagine being a new Mother and your poor little baby is so sick and then for his eye to pop out.  My Aunt Fern is an amazing woman.  She always has a positive attitude and something nice to say.  But loosing her firstborn is really hard on her.  Still she came to the door with a smile on her face.
Cousin Ron Lewis with his niece, Tammi
Aunt Fern, Ron's Mom
Grandma, Me, Dad, Chad and Todd
(look at that mop of hair Todd had)
My Grandma, what a lady.  She lost her son, Gail when he was fifty-four to a heart attack.  She was so strong even though it was very hard on her.  When I think back on it, I'm amazed that she was able to come to my wedding.  Uncle Gail died on September 4th, his funeral was September 7th and our wedding was September 10th.  That had to take a lot of strength to feel like coming to my wedding.  I'm so glad she was there.  Aunt Fern is a lot like Grandma and last night I noticed more of a resemblance to Grandma as Aunt Fern gets older.
We are grieving the loss of Ron, but our family is close and will pull together through this.  I am grateful for my Feeler Family.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday's Child:

Our little Cash can go from happy to a pout in the blink of an eye.  And go right back to being happy again.
Happy, stuck in TV watching Mickey Mouse
On to a pout, but isn't that the cutest little pout you've ever seen?

I am so grateful for this little guy; it's truly wonderful being a grandparent.

Monday, February 3, 2014

My Little Buddy:

Monster Jam:

We met up with Kenny and Shelley and a friend of theirs to head to St. Louis.  First stop was the Big Foot Store.  It was closed!  Others were stopping too as it seemed a natural stop before heading to Monster Jam.
Blake and Desmon in front of Big Foot

We then headed to the Science Center.  The kids had a good time exploring all the exhibits.
                    Nathan and Shelley in one of the capsules.

We ate at Texas Roadhouse and then headed into the crowded city for Monster Jam.  The kids did very good at sticking close to us so none of  us would get lost.

Nathan, Blake, Desmon and Dwayne
Nathan, a very excited Blake and Desmon
Zombie, very cool truck with extended arms.

We had a wonderful time.  As we were leaving, Kenny's friend bought all the kids cotton candy and a Gravedigger hat.  Very nice of him.  
We hadn't gone very far before Desmon was asleep.  It was a nice drive home.

With my wonderful lupus, I get worn out easily.  Dwayne fixed breakfast and then left to take Desmon home and to get a load of wood.  I tried watching TV but kept falling asleep, so I went back to bed and slept 'til 12:30.  My Mom says not to worry about it, my body needs the extra sleep.  We are to listen to our Mother's.  lol
Dwayne, Chad, Todd, Tim, Wally, Ramey and Chris all watched the Super Bowl in the basement along with playing cards.  I had bought hot wings for them but spicy food makes Chad sick so I friend me and him some chicken breasts.  They each brought a snack or food dish so they had plenty.
I watched TV upstairs and visited downstairs occasionally.  They seemed to have a good time.

It was nice to get out and do something different this weekend. It was fun watching Desmon have such a good time.

I am grateful for times such as these.