Friday, May 31, 2013


Dwayne has been working in Cape Girardeau for the past several months.  We were so disappointed after being told he would be working in Fort Leonard Wood, only about thirty-five miles from home to being so far away.  He has been staying in Cape during the week and coming home on weekends.
Yesterday, he was told he would be moved to Fort Leonard Wood!!!  What a joy!!  He hasn't got to work close to home in several years (10 or more).  The main benefit will be more sleep, less driving, etc.  But when you like to farm and work with cattle in your spare time, this will help him tremendously.
I'm not used to Dwayne getting home until around nine o'clock on Thursday evenings.  Zach and Nathan had come over to "hang out" as they termed getting to come over.  (I'm a fifty-six year old lady and the kids want to come hang out with me?  That's fine with me, I like company and great nieces and nephews are welcome anytime).
Dwayne surprised us by pulling in the driveway around five-thirty.  Then we got the good news of the job transfer and we were all excited.  Dwayne took us to Road Kill Grill to celebrate.  This is an out of the way to most people, but close to our house for living in the country barbecue place.  They have good food, clean atmosphere and animals to watch outside the window.  Zach had never been there before so he was pretty excited.

I am most grateful my prayers have been answered for Dwayne working closer to home.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jeanne Cooper:

I watched the tribute on Jeanne Cooper, better known as Katherine Chancellor on Y & R last night.
Each tribute mentioned how special Jeanne made them feel and were all astonished that the other cast members felt the same way.  It so reminded me of my Grandma, as she made each grandchild feel as if they were the most important.  Listening to so many of Jeanne's attributes, the kindness, generosity, treating people with dignity-all could have also been said of Grandma. (minus the language they mentioned Jeanne used, my Grandma never cussed)
I found a poem I wrote a few years ago about my Grandma and Grandpa and thought I would share.

             In Loving Memory of Grandma and Grandpa Feeler
                                        Eliza Rebecca (Ballance) Feeler
                                        4/04/1894 - 1/21/1987
                                        Arch Feeler, Sr.                     
                                        1/24/1982 - 4/19/1974
                                                         (my birthday)

                                           a kind word, a smile
                                           a twinkle in her eye
                                         You always felt loved
                                       when Grandma was near-by.

                                                 funny, clever
                                             mischievous ways
                                         always something to say.
                                                Give him a fiddle
                                         and a song he would sing
                                     the music and joy he put forth
                                         sure made the walls ring.
                                       they made quite a pair.

                                              Grandma and Grandpa,
                                             were definitely first rate
                                          That's why we called them
                                        Grandma and Grandpa Great.

I am grateful for the legacy of my grandparent's love.

Wordless Wednesday:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Our summer schedule at work is every other Friday afternoon off.  My Fridays coincide with April's Friday afternoons off so we went to the lake shopping.  We had a great afternoon. I only bought one little shirt and one size 0 pair of baby boy shoes.  Pretty good, I think.  lol
After I left April's, I went on over to the lake where the guys were finishing setting everything up for the weekend.  Little Nathan was so glad to see me.  I told him I had missed him and he says, "I Know!"  Blake is getting older and a little more reserved at hugs, but he was the same way when he was younger.

I took Mom and Dad to several cemeteries and then home to fix my covered dishes for the fish fry.
Ashlyne and Tess came over and they are such a big help on getting the car loaded.  Debbie brought Kadence and Desmon down to go over with us.
Dacoda & Phil

Graceson, Frankie's little boy

Braxten & Chansyn
Andy's little boy and girl

Busy morning of food preparation to take for the pig roast.  Debbie came and picked Kadence and Desmon up as they had plans for the day.  Once again, Ashlyne and Tess were real troopers at loading everything for me.
The pig roast turned out really great and we had a beautiful weekend for it.
Me, Nathan & Chansyn
Chad, Kenny, Zach, Todd, Dwayne
Zach, Todd, Dustin & Dwayne
About half of the kids that were there

I think the pig tasted better this year than it ever has, really good.  We all had a good time visiting, playing washers, the kids blowing bubble, egg races and just an overall great weekend.

I am grateful for my father-in-law leaving his lake to us and the opportunity to carry on the tradition of the annual pig roast.  Such fond memories throughout the years.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Pre-Pig Roast Weekend:

Phil & Dwayne
Zach and my goofy Todd
Tim and Zach             
Fishing for catfish

Kacie and Chad
We have participated in the Tallahassee Pig Roast since 1976.  Unfortunately, most of the original crew has passed away.  The couple weeks leading up to the pig roast is spent cleaning and getting everything ready.  The weekend before the pig roast is spent trying to catch enough fish for the Saturday night annual fish fry.  Everyone has such a good time.
Yesterday was my father-in-law's birthday.  Miss him so much.  We had to move the pig roast from the creek in 2007.  Andy asked Dwayne what he thought about having the pig roast over at his lake.  Dwayne and the boys thought it was a good idea.  Sadly, Grandpa Andy didn't get to live long enough to see the First Elrod Lake Pig Roast, he passed away January 9th of 2007.  But, we're keeping the tradition alive and passing down the ritual of fish frying, hog killing and scalding, the Elrod way of wrapping the hog for the pig roast and then on Sunday, the much anticipated eating of the roasted hog.  So, so good!!
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing weekend of fun with good friends.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trio of Workers:


Chad and Todd came over to mow the lawn for me last night.  With the two mowers going, they made a long tedious job go pretty fast.  Zach came over to put mulch around the flower beds.
Everything is so pretty and green this year versus last year's dry weather starting in April.
Fixing supper was a small price to pay for getting such good help.  And always a funny
story to be heard by Todd.  He always keeps us entertained.

I am grateful for my(our) sons and a terrific great nephew.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My baby is having a baby.  A natural occurrence but sometimes hard to wrap your mind around.
We are almost to the twenty week mark and all seems to be going well.
This is such an exciting time in our lives.  We love children and have wanted grand kids for years.
Will this baby be spoiled?  Yep, afraid so!!  lol  But I am a stickler for kids being made to mind and not get into stuff.  I've been that way with my kids, the nieces, nephews and the great nieces and nephews.  My niece, Lizzy told me recently when she has kids she's going to be strict like me.  Uh, gee, am I that strict?  Apparently not so much as they all want to come over all the time.  I will love this baby tremendously and I may eat my words and let it get into things.  But I don't think so.  We shall see.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a grandma.  Other than having my children, having grandchildren is my second biggest dream in life.

Monday, May 20, 2013


Dwayne is working four ten hour days and off on Friday.  Unfortunately, he has not been feeling well and spent the morning at the doctor's office.  His blood pressure is running high (and he's already on bp medicine) and he may have broken his wrist-about three weeks ago but he's just now going to the doctor with it.
Dwayne wanted pizza for supper so I picked up one at Quik Spot on the way home.  We ate on the front porch and it was a beautiful evening out.  Lizzy called to see if her and Nathan could come over and wait for their Mom to pick them up at nine.  Nathan went to the basement to watch TV and Liz and I went through some of the baby items I have at the house.  I had bought a crib bumper set for April if it's a girl and April thought it looked too girly.  Lizzy thought the same thing.  So, I guess if it's a girl, I will have a girly crib set.  That's okay, I love it and think it's exceptionally pretty.
Zach came over and spent the night.  We had missed him, hadn't seen him in several weeks.
Dwayne fixed us breakfast and then him and Zach went to the lake to clean up and get ready for our pig roast on Memorial Day.
I had a graduation party to go to for my cousin's daughter, Samantha.  I must be getting older as I was thinking-hey, it's not been that long since Sam was born!!  I got to visit with aunts and uncle and a couple of cousins I hadn't seen in years.  I was hoping my cousin, Beverly would be there but she was helping an elderly neighbor of hers on Saturday.
Left there and went to a double birthday party at the lake.  Dusin's little boy, Xander had turned six on the sixteenth and Andy's girlfriend's little boy had just turned two.  I had a good time and held Andy's baby Braxton for quite awhile.  He's such a good baby and just jabbers and laughs at himself all the time.
Dwayne fixed kabobs and they were very good along with all the other dishes people brought.  A nice relaxing afternoon.
That evening, Dwayne, Zach and I went to Sput's for a fish fry.  Our friends, Mike and Susan came over and we visited quite awhile.  I saw several friends I hadn't seen in quite some time.  Dwayne and Zach left to go fish for cat fish and I stayed for awhile.  A very good time.
Zach and I left for church.  I started to not feel very well on the way over.  After I dropped Zach off I turned around and went home.  I slept for a couple of hours.  (and no, I did not drink the night before.  My drink of choice is Sun Drop).  Dwayne and I were really tired and lazy.  We spent the afternoon watching movies.  We had planned to work in the yard but that didn't happen.  We needed to go buy groceries and we went to Wal-Mart.  Seemed like we were zombies walking through the store as we were both so tired.  Went thought the drive-thru at Wendy's and got a sandwich.  This is unusual as Dwayne doesn't like drive-thrus, he'd rather go in.  Goes to show how tired he was.
We planned on going to bed early but we started watching a movie and seven and thought it would go off at nine.  Nope, it was a four hour movie and didn't get over until eleven o'clock!!  Poor Dwayne, he had to get up at two thirty to leave for work.  We will both be glad when this job ends and he can work closer to home.  He works so hard.
Overall, this was a nice weekend.

I am grateful for times spent with family and friends.  Please pray for my husband to get to feeling better. 

Friday, May 17, 2013


I wanted to post today but couldn't think of anything to talk about.  (Unusual for me...........)

I hope everyone has a nice end to their work week and a great weekend with this beautiful weather we are having.

I am grateful for the change in the weather and the sun shining.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013