Friday, June 27, 2014

Brother's Day:

Last night, Dwayne and I were sitting on the front porch before he had to leave to plant cane.
Todd came by and we visited awhile.  After Dwayne left, Chad stopped by.  Chad, Todd and
I stayed on the porch visiting well over an hour. I told them we've already had Mother's Day and Father's Day and now today was Brother's Day.  What a joy to have time to visit with my (our)
boys by myself.  I know they're young men now, but they will always be my boys.

I thank God for the fine young men they've become and how loving they still are towards their parents.  I am most grateful.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Weekly Visit:

Grandpa, Cash, Grandma

Trying to drink Grandma's Peach Tea


Whoa, he's trying to jump out of my arms

Taking a wagon ride.

I so enjoy these visits.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Holy Hatters Luncheon:

We have a group of ladies at church called The Holy Hatters.  They do fun projects and raise funds to donate to different charities. 
Today is my first time going.  Boy, do these ladies know how to have fun!!  And the Hawaiian Theme was carried out through all the decorations and food.  They worked hard to get this luncheon ready.  And I so appreciate the invitation and all the hard work they put forth.
Today's mission was to bring toiletries so send to the local women's shelter.  Most everyone brought shampoo, tooth paste, etc.  I think I must have only read the toilet part as I took toilet paper, paper towels and two bars of soap.  So, at least I passed the test for having soap.  lol
We played some funny games and Sheila Terry did an excellent job of planning and making the party fun.
I am grateful for this caring group of people in our church.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Update:

I had a visitation to go to in Rolla.  Brother Leroy Nixon, a preacher we had when we went to Spring Creek Baptist Church had passed away.  I was hoping to see several of the members that went to Spring Creek when we went there, but most of them had already left.  Did get to see a few.
Then the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart.  I've been buying my groceries locally but hadn't got around to it so went to Wal-Mart while I was in Rolla.  MISTAKE-I spent too much money!!  But I needed laundry detergent, dishwasher, toilet paper, etc that runs the bill up.  I was so hoping Dwayne would be home from the field to help me unload, but no such luck.  Oh well, I need the exercise. 
Lazed around for awhile and then did my household chores.  In the afternoon, I met a friend, Susan and we went over to our friend, Bobbie's house to see her little granddaughter.
Me, Susan and Baby Hazel

Charlie and Cori
The reversible quilt I made them.  Cardinals on one side and Mizzou on the other.
My brother-in-law, David also showed up to visit.  He needs our prayers as he's not been feeling well and lost twenty pounds.
We had a good visit.
Then home to water the garden and flowers.  It was so humid out.  There was a lot of thunder and a little bit of lightening, but we didn't get a much needed rain.  Cooked my chicken for Sunday dinner and made Chad's favorite dessert.
Went to church.  It was a bittersweet day as it was Pastor Rebecca's last day preaching.  I'm really going to miss her; she had really good sermons and was just a joy to be around.
Not long after I got home, April and Cash came over.  Mike was in the hay field.  I started putting my chicken pot pie together and Dwayne decided to help.  I love it he helps me now, but I could have done a much better job on the pot pie without him.  He talked me into dividing up into two pies as he didn't think it would all fit into one.  I think just one pie and a thicker broth mixture would have been better.  I can't complain, he did help.  lol
Todd came by a little later and got in some good uncle time. 
Uncle Todd and Cash
 Chad came by not much later.  He's usually running late so it was a nice surprise when him and Desmon got there early.  Cash loves Desmon and watches him constantly.  I thought I took a picture of Chad and Cash playing but it wasn't on my phone.  Both uncles got in a lot of time with their nephew.  A nice afternoon.
I am so grateful for these times with my family.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weekly Visit:

This is how we found Cash when we went over last night.  He just gets totally worn out from watching all the kids at Day Care playing.  He is so nosey; he has to watch everything.  lol

Cash was too busy giggling and being squirmy to get his picture taken.

Grandpa always takes him on a walk (or two, sometimes three) when we go over.  I think Gramps is kinda pushing him at trying to walk here.  Don't worry, he doesn't make Cash walk, just a few steps on the home stretch.
 April sent this picture over Tuesday night.
Our goofy little grandson
I am grateful for these visits.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekend Update:

I was just too tired to cook and neither Dwayne nor I felt up to going out to eat.  Dwayne said we should just go to a drive-thru if I would drive.  He had worked all day and then put in a couple hours on fence work.  We went to Arby's and I was so surprised at how much it cost.  We didn't even get fries, just three regular roast beef, small soda, large soda and then I added the 1.99 special of pretzel bites.  (I don't recommend them...)  Came to almost $16.00.  We could have gone to the local café here in town and got the specials and it wouldn't have been much higher if any at all.  Oh, well, we got out of the house, got our meal and then sat at Kroger's and watched the traffic go by.  It was interesting to see that the teens still "cruise the strip" as we did when we were younger.  They even did the almost same route when my Mom and Dad were dating. 
I was a typical or in my case maybe non-typical farm wife.  Got up, did the housework and then fixed steak dinner and a pie for Dwayne and Todd.  They were building fence on the new place we just bought.  Not used to fixing dinner in the middle of the day anymore.  After cleaning the kitchen, I mowed the yard until I ran out of gas.  We have a pretty big yard plus we mow up and down the drive and at the end of the road.  Dwayne made sure I ran out of gas without doing the whole thing.  He thinks the reason I had a flare-up and bed rest a couple weeks ago was because I mowed the whole thing in one day.  I disagree with him.  I only sit on the lawn mower and it's kind of relaxing just driving around.  But he's looking out for me and that is good.
By evening I was getting a little bored so I drove down the road where they were working on the fence.  Todd had already left as he had Mason Lodge Saturday night.  I "helped" Dwayne with the last three strands of barbwire on two different rows until about 8:30 p.m.  All I did was hand him the rings for the wire and offer moral support.  It was kinda fun. Better than just watching TV all the time.
I overslept and missed church.  Made my dishes to take to Mom's and washed the front porch.  April, Mike and Cash came by the house.  We got in some time with them before the mob of kids at Grandma Great's got hold of Cash.  He's the only baby right now so he gets a lot of attention.  Of course, his uncles, Chad and Todd have him their fare share.
There wasn't as many as usual, but we still had a good time.
Glad to still have my pops around!!
Me and my Dad!!
I'm so grateful for my Dad and all the years we've had together.  Daddy will be ninety in November of this year.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Weekly Visit:

April and Cash

Grandpa, Grandma and Cash

Cash wasn't feeling well last night and seemed to be extra clingy to his Momma.  He's cutting more teeth so he was a little fussy.  But we were still able to get good play time in and Grandpa took him for a couple different walks around outside.
When April was a baby, she would always play with my hair when she ate and as she got older it became her security blanket.  If she got her feelings hurt or in trouble, she would come and hold onto my hair.  Sometimes she would come and hold my hair for no reason.  (Don't worry, she has outgrown that habit.  lol)  It's so cute to see Cash doing the same thing.  April said when she wakes Cash up in the mornings, the first thing he does is hold onto her hair.  When he wasn't feeling well last night, he laid back in April's arms and grabbed her hair to hold.  He doesn't pull, just holds onto it.  I find it interesting he has the same trait as his Momma did.

I am grateful for these weekly visits.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekend Update:

So much rain!!  I was going to go to two separate auctions Saturday but it started raining so hard I decided to just stay home.  Dwayne had to work in St. Louis.  He got in around five and had to leave again at 11:30 p.m.   Not much time to rest in between times of work.  Don't know how he does it.

Sunday, I went to church and then to Versailles for the visitation for one of my co-worker's dad.  Alan's dad died in a tragic lawn mower accident last week.  Very sad incident.
I went through the old part of Tuscumbia on the way home.  Growing up that was our big trip a couple times a year to go visit Grandma Edna.  The big kids would always go uptown to the store but I was too little.  Grandma Edna always kept a candy dish on the coffee table with miniature candy bars in it.  It just fascinated me to see those little candy cars.
Across the street from Grandma's was a big hill that was kept mowed real nice.  We would go to the top of the hill (it's not quite as big now as I remember it....) and roll down the hill.  So much fun!!
As I drove thru the part where Grandma lived and on down to where the store was I was so dismayed to see how run down it was.  The steps that went up the hill to town have long ago crumbled away.  It would be so beautiful if the old stores and steps were restored.  I know it would cost too much money but it was sure beautiful in it's day.  Brought back a lot of good memories.

I then drove thru St. Elizabeth to visit with April, Mike and Cash.  Mike said April was putting Cash to sleep.  I tiptoed back to his room and peeked in.  April was changing him and when Cash saw me his face lit up.  I walked over to the changing table and he reached out to me.  Melted my heart.
Cash and Grandma

Went home and Dwayne fixed supper.  After working all night and part of the day!!  I told him I would fix something but he insisted he wanted bacon and eggs.  I don't think he likes the way I cook them, don't know why as I've done it for years.  Anyway it was certainly nice to have supper cooked and brought to me on a tray to the living room.  Guess after almost thirty-seven years, I'll keep him.  lol

I am grateful for my kids, grandson and my loving husband.

Last Week's Weekly Visit:

Grandma, Grandpa and Cash

Since today is our weekly visit with the kids, I thought I'd better get caught up and post last week's picture.
Cash is a character and has such personality.  Dwayne took him for a walk and he had quite the time moving  his head back and forth to see everything.  Second time around the block, he fell asleep.
We have such fun with this baby.

I am grateful for the life I've been given.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Friends Day Out:

Friday, the 23rd I got to have lunch with two of my co-workers from years ago at Head Start.
Barb aka Barbara Darleen when she's misbehaving lives in Cuba and doesn't drive anymore.
I went and picked Barb up and then we went to Rolla to surprise another co-worker, Anita at her Salon.  And surprise her we did!  She just kept repeating, "I just can't believe it".  All three of us had lunch at the Benton Square.  It's an old school that has now become a restaurant, salon and flower shop.  The décor is really nice.
After lunch, Barb and I went shopping and then back to Cuba.  We had the best time laughing and remembering our working days together.  Barb is pretty tall and I'm not quite 5'.  When they first transferred Barb to Rolla I was scared to death.  And her words to them were, "I'm not working with that little piss aunt".  It's a wonder we became such good friends, but we had such a good time everyday.  Barb told me I needed to start speaking up for myself.  I would always let people walk all over me.  Barb made me mad one day and I spoke up.  Thought I'd better say something so she wouldn't walk over me.  She just laughed and said, "Connie Rebecca, when I taught you to speak up for yourself, I wasn't meaning to me!"  So it became a running joke that if Barb was being too rude or outrageous (as only Barb can do....), I would just say, "Barbara Darleen" and then we'd both crack up laughing.  I guess you just had to be there.
When we would go overnight meetings she acted like I couldn't take care of myself.  We roomed with another co-work from St. James who is also tall.  I felt like a little kid when I walked with them.  If I got just a few feet away, Barb would yell at me and said she just couldn't take me anywhere.  Her, Jan and I had such good trips; so much fun!!

I am grateful for my friendship with Barb and Anita.  Even if we haven't seen each other in years, we just pick up right where we left off.


Lizzy and Tony Rowe
So proud of my great niece, Lizzy.  I went to her awards assembly on the last day of school and she did great.  She received Honorable Mention from the American Legion, Citizenship Award plus three others for class awards.
Hard to believe she will be in Jr. High next year.
I am very grateful for this burst of energy niece of mine.