Saturday, February 27, 2016


I most enjoy when we have family over.  Sunday evening was our family meal.  Chad, Todd, Michelle and Dad were there for lasagna.  April and Mike couldn't make it as they had a Nascar party to go to.  Sure missed them.
Lizzy was over one night this week for our TV shows.  Love this child but she is growing up.  I can't believe how tall she is.  She's always acted like a little grownup.  I think she was born talking.

Dwayne and I went to eat at Alex Pizza Saturday night.  I had the best chicken Alfredo I've ever had.  (not like I have ate it all my life, just the past few years.  I always ordered steak or hamburger everywhere I went).  If you happen to be in Rolla, try Alex Pizza.  Along with pizza, they have numerous items on their menu.

I am grateful for times like these.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Evening of TV.  Fridays, Dwayne has been too tired to go out.
Katie, Dad and I went to Cuba to order a tombstone for Mom's grave.  It was bitterly cold out.  Dad showed us the parts he wanted and told me and Kate to pick out what we though best.  Dad then went to the warmth of the office.  We stuck it out though; but the warmth in the office sure did feel good.
Mom loved dogwoods and we ordered one with a dogwood engraved on the stone.  He showed us a sketch and it really looked good.  We ate at Country Bob's in St. James.  If you've never ate there, I highly recommend it.  You get very large portions.
On home to a lazy day of watching TV.  We tried to get a reservation at Sybil's but they were already booked solid even on Sunday.  Dwayne decided we'd eat breakfast out
We went to Tater Patch in Rolla for breakfast.  Another restaurant I highly recommend.  I've never had lunch or dinner there, only breakfast and it is very good.  I had snowed overnight and was freezing rain on our way to Rolla.  Thankfully, when we left it wasn't snowing or raining.
It was such a boring day at home Dwayne said, let's go to April's.  She had a few packages that had been delivered to our house so it was a good excuse.  Cash was so HAPPY to see his PaPa.  They are quite the pair.  We had a pleasant afternoon and then on home.  I almost forgot to mention Todd and Michelle left a very nice Valentine's card in the mailbox and a sweet text from Todd.  (Even though he has Michelle, he's still a Momma's boy.  lol)  I also received a nice text from Chad wishing us a Happy Valentine's Day.  So wonderful to hear from all three kids.

Grandma, Cash and PaPa

I am grateful for my family and our close bond.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Grief and the answering machine:

I've done pretty good since Momma died, better than I expected.  There are days it gets to you pretty bad.
I've had a message from Mom on my answering machine since last summer.  I'm always careful to not delete it.  It's nice to just press a button and hear Momma's voice.  Last night, I accidentally erased it.  I was so stunned it happened.  I cried like a baby and cried some more.  It was like my link to Mom and I had lost that.  I know we're linked through our Christian faith and heaven,(and God) but this was a tangible message.  Now I really feel lost and sad.  I know the grief will fade but I was a mess.
Dwayne is so understanding.  He is there anytime I need him.  This time I just needed to be alone and think of Mom.  Dwayne would check on me from time to time.
I am so grateful we got to have Momma with us as long as we did.  She suffered alot the past year and when she passed away, it was a relief not to see her suffer.  But I sure do miss  her.
Dad is doing good.  He gets out and goes somewhere about every day.  He calls me, Judy and Kate every evening to check on us.  I'm  thankful he's doing as well as he is.

I am grateful for my Mother and the close bond we shared.  I shall always miss her, some days more than others.  But I do feel God has given me an extra strength through Mom's death.  I have done really well and I know I'll continue with God's help.

Weekend Update:

We stayed home and had leftovers.  We usually go out on Friday nights but Sput has a special on Saturday nights of steak and lobster for only $16.  We both love lobster.
I cleaned my cabinets and was surprised how much gunk was built up.  I know I'm guilty but Dwayne is also.  He never washes his hands when preparing food. (Don't worry, he washes them before he starts).  So needless to say, starchy potatoes leave gunk, ketchup, etc.  Even the microwave and refrigerator handles.  I shouldn't complain, he does help me in the kitchen. (but he could be less messy....)  After cleaning. I went up to visit Dad.
After making plans for Saturday night, Katie texts she's having Kensie's birthday party that night.  I took a card and money up for her.  Kate had the house decorated nice for the party.
We went to Sput's and had a great meal of steak and lobster.  Very good.  Then on home for TV.  That's our weekend excitement, a night out eating and then TV.
I went to church and then stopped to get the ingredients for the taco dip Dwayne wanted for Super Bowl.  Chad and Desmon came up early.  Chad said Desmon had been missing me.  He must have as spent at least two hours with me upstairs.  We think of him as our own family member, love that kid.
Dwayne had several show up for the annual Super Bowl Party and playing poker.  Todd and Michelle were there, but Michelle wasn't feeling well so they left early.
Lizzie and Nathan came over and we played Liverpool Rummy.  Lots of fun.

I am grateful for our close knit family.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weekend Update:

Our next door neighbor, Jim Peterman passed away and his visitation was Friday evening.  We went to the visitation.  There were quite a few there.  It's a sad time, but you run into friends and family you haven't seen in awhile.  That is quite a legacy of death to bring so many friends and family in.
We ate at Road Kill on the way home.
Yay!!  April and I finally got to go to Springfield shopping.  We've been trying this since early December.  I was sick the first two weeks, then April got sick.  After Christmas it snowed and then another weekend I was sick again.  We thought we'd never get to go.  We had a good time and I only bought some little girl socks.  Now if I knew the gender, it would have been a different story.  Dwayne watched Cash and they had quite the good time.  Feeding cows, 4 wheeler rides, riding in the farm truck and no telling what all else.
We had our family supper.  Mike couldn't be with us but we were all there plus Desmon and Dad.  We had ribs, all the fixins and cinnamon rolls for dessert.
Cash showing Grandpa his computer.  Love the expression on Dad's face.

I am grateful for my family and the time we spend together.