Monday, September 27, 2010

Molasses Making/Family Reunions:

I have been so tired, I took the day off to rest. I did get some stuff done around the house and then went to Belle to get my hair cut. I always have a good time visiting with Trina.
Dwayne, Chad, Todd and Zach worked in the cane field and up at Mom and Dad's getting things ready to make molasses on Saturday. I fixed supper from them of ham n beans and fried potatoes. Seems to be an Elrod meal, as it was one of Grandpa Andy's favorites. Xander and I made his Pa Pa David a birthday cake. He was pretty excited to blow out the candles for his Pa Pa.
Dustin brought Xander down to spend the night as he had to work 12 hours the next day. I wasn't too sure how he would do as he doesn't know us that well. He didn't cry and just played with the toys. I think having Zach there helped, as he watched cartoons and played cars with him. It was so cute, after Zach went to bed, Xander got out an old cell phone and called his daddy. He told him he loved him and good night. Not long after that Xander was fast asleep.
I love to sleep late and I wasn't sure what time Xander was used to getting up but I thought it would be around six or so. To my surprise (pleasantly) he didn't get up until a little before ten o'clock. April and I were drinking our coffee when all of sudden we saw a little face peaking around the corner.
We went up to Mom's to help her get ready. Darned if she didn't have most of her cooking done already!! Turning 81 didn't slow her down. We combine the molasses making at Mom and Dad's with a reunion on my Mom's side of the family (Williams). We always refer to it as the cousin party. I didn't realize there was so many people there throughout the day but my cousin kept a list and there was a total of 91there. Mom fixes the main meat and everyone else brings a covered dish or two. Always plenty of good food to eat.
Saturday evening, Dwayne took the kids (and adults) on the annual hayride. I didn't go last year but I did this year for Xander. He seemed to have a good time. Phil and Carol stopped by just before we were taking off and had their grandson, Dacoda with them. They came along, also. Chad and Brad rode horses and Todd followed along at the rear to provide tail lights for traffic control. Dacoda and Xander wound up getting in the truck with Dwayne and Phil towards the end. Dwayne said Xander was on his lap looking out the window and fell asleep. He played all day long with the other kids at Mom and Dad's. They rode horses, went on a wagon ride, swung on the tire swing and him and Desmon played with cars and trucks. He put in a long day.
Dustin, Cody and his girlfriend came down later and picked him up.
I had really planned on going to church but I was so tired, I didn't attempt it.
We had a William's Reunion (same family as the day before, but an official reunion this time) at my cousin's in Rosati. They had the food catered from Missouri Hick at Cuba. The food was very good. Most of my cousins were there, some from other states. It was hard to believe the weather was so cold compared to the beautiful weather we had the day before.

I am so grateful my Dad is still with us for another year of "Feeler Molasses Making".

Monday, September 20, 2010


I just found a snack that I really, really, really like!!
Sweet & Salty Bugles, Chocolate Peanut Butter
I had stopped at the Quick Spot to pick up snacks for April and I to take to Zach and Ashlyne's games at St. Elizabeth tonight. Spent almost $9.00, just for snacks and sodas!!
The bugles were for tonight but I had to try them first. Big mistake!! I can't seem to quit eating them, I need to save some for April to try.

Birthday Weekend:

We actually started the birthday weekend on Thursday night, when our friends, Kenny and Shelly took Dwayne, me, April and Mike to the Vichy Wye to celebrate April's 25th Birthday and Nathan's 1st Birthday. We had a great time visiting and watching the cute expressions on Nathan's face as him and his big brother, Blake opened his presents.

TGIF!!! Thank goodness for the end of the work week!! This week had been extra long and stressful at work.
I picked Zach up at basketball practice and he spent the weekend with us.
Dwayne and Zach got up early to start stripping cane for the molasses making next weekend. Zach loves helping his Uncle Dwayne and I think Dwayne misses our boys being that age and going with him to the fields. When Zach was around four, he would ask Uncle Dwayne if he had any man's work to do. It was so cute and we used to always refer to any work involved with Zach around as man's work.
I spent the day cleaning to get ready for the birthday dinner on Sunday. I washed my much needed washing-windows. I'm not very good at washing windows but they looked better than before I started.
Later in the day I went to Rolla to buy April's birthday present at Penney's. Then I went to the Lion's Club park to the McCormack Family Reunion. It was nice to see friends I hadn't seen in quite some time.
After the fun, I did the much dreaded grocery shopping at Wal-Mart's! It seems such a chore to buy groceries, load groceries, unload groceries, put away groceries.......
Dwayne had called and said they needed something to eat so I pulled through Wendy's and got him, Todd and Zach some sandwiches. I had just finished putting away the groceries when Zach called and asked where I was, they were waiting in the field for the sandwiches. I assumed they were at the Emge Place stripping cane so off I do down there. Desmon was standing by the road at his house so I picked him up to go with me to see Mister Dwayne. I get to the field (the one I got stuck in a couple weeks ago) and cannot find them. I call Dwayne and he says they're on the other side of the field. I told him I had been on that side and didn't see them and didn't want to pull in any further as I didn't want to get stuck again. Then he goes, "Where Are You?" I'm like, the cane field, duh! Well, duh! They were at the can field across from Mom and Dad's. Mixed signals!!
Desmon and I stopped to see Chad for a few minutes and then I took him home with the promise that Chad (Chadley) would bring him to our house the next day for April's party. By that time it was dark and Dwayne, Todd and Zach were at the house.
While they watched TV, I baked April's birthday cake and chocolate chip brownies.
Even though I'm much younger than my Mom, I can't seem to go to church and get Sunday dinner ready the way she has all through the years (and still does). I stayed home from church and April and Mike went.
Dwayne had got up early to put two turkeys on to smoke in the smoker. I spent the morning cooking and getting ready for everyone to get there. We had a wonderful day, not as many of the family came that I was hoping for, but none-the-less, we had a great day.
It has been a tradition since April was born one day later than my Mom's birthday to celebrate together at our house with a big dinner. Mom turned 81 on the 18th and April turned 25 on the 19th.
Chad and Todd both adore their sister and Todd always finds a special sister card for her. Chad is more apt to pick her up and turn her upside down! He didn't do that this year, probably didn't think about it or he would have. He did remember to buy her a gift this year. He's more like Dwayne on remembering (which translates to NOT REMEMBERING) birthdays, holidays, etc. Todd always remembers and puts a lot of thought into the cards he buys. April, well what can I say? She's a girl and there is just something about the female that ALWAYS remembers birthdays, anniversary's, etc. I think God must have put in an extra molecule or something in females that remember and have more maternal instincts. lol
Todd stayed all day and Chad came back later for supper. We had a nice family day with all of our children present.

I am so grateful to still have my Mom with me and I love her very much. Family-the most important part of your life.

Friday, September 17, 2010

September 17, 1988:

Kyle Christopher Brouk
9/17/1988 - 2/05/1998

I remember twenty-two years ago today, my friend Susan Jo had her little boy, Kyle Christopher Brouk.
We were building our house at the time and my other friend, Susan and I were wallpapering my bathroom when Chris called to tell us of Kyle's birth.  (Wallpapering involved two little girls April and Kelsey hanging on our legs and being in the way.  How we ever got anything done, I don't have a clue).
Kyle was a beautiful baby and much loved by his sister, Adrian. Kyle held a special place in the heart of his parents, family and friends. Kyle was a great child, very inquisitive and outgoing. 

Kyle was murdered along with his Mom, Susan and sister, Adrian in February 1998.  It is still so hard to believe. I think God has put me in a protective shell of some sort as I still to this day cannot think or dwell on the horrible tragedy that came to our small community.  I am a dweller, and I will worry and think a situation to pieces.  I feel guilty that I don't dwell on this tragedy but am ever so grateful that I can think of Susan, Adrian and Kyle the way they were and basically "bury" any feelings related to their death and the trials of the murderers. My friend's family has endured so much tragedy in their lives and I pray for them daily. What a burden of sorrow they bare.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Birthdays:

I am so far behind on birthdays. I need to start fresh in 2011.

September 13, 1955 Vernon Mark Feeler
My brother only lived two short months and died of a heart condition.

September 11, 2008 Happy Birthday to my great-nephew: Bradley James Feeler
and to his cousin today, September 16, 2008, Kaden Michael Feeler Ashby

September 16, we won't mention what year she was born..........
My cousin, Martha Mae Allen or Martha Mae-Belle as my Dad likes to call her.

September 7, 1974 My nephew, Rodney Steven Bexten

September 2, 1970 My oldest brother's son, Wayne Edward Feeler, Jr.

Many more birthdays to come in September.

Neat Judy aka Sloppy Joe Recipe:

I used to buy sloppy joe seasoning packets or Manwhich when making Sloppy Joes.
For the last few years I have been using a recipe from the Mother's Day Kindergarten Cookbook that April gave me in 1992. The recipe is easy and I have the ingredients on hand.

Sloppy Joes
1 pound lean ground beef
1/2 cup chopped green pepper
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 cup ketchup
1/4 cup water
2 tsp. Wylers beef bouillon or 2 beef flavored bouillon cubes
2 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. mustard
In skillet, brown meat with peppers and onions.
Season to taste with salt and pepper. Drain fat,
add remaining ingredients, bring to a boil Reduce heat,
cover and simmer 15 to 20 minutes.

Recipe submitted by Dustin Juergens

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Neat Judy's:

I'm fixing sloppy joes for supper tonight but in my family, they're called Neat Judy's.
When Todd was young and I said I was fixing sloppy joes for supper, he started crying. (He did that a lot!!lol) He said, My Uncle Joe is not sloppy!! Therefore, we now have Neat Judy's.
I took the day off from work. Originally, Dwayne and I had planned to go for a drive to celebrate our anniversary and spend the night somewhere. He couldn't get off work so April and I celebrated by having lunch at Benton Square in Rolla.
I can remember from my childhood some of my friends at church went to Benton Elementary and some went to Pershing. The old school building was remodeled with a restaurant and shops. The decor reminds me of watching old Hollywood movies. The food was very good.

After dropping April off back at work, I did some shopping and ran a few errands.
We stayed home Friday evening and planned on going to Sybil's on Saturday night.
Dwayne worked in the field and I basically did nothing. Getting pretty good at that!! lol
We went to Sybil's in St. James for dinner. The food is always excellent, the steaks you can cut with a fork. Very good!! We saw my boss John and his wife, Sheila there along with Sheila's mother.

After eating, we stopped at a friend's bar, Sput's Place, on the way home. Several of our friends were there, also. The band sang a song and dedicated it to me and Dwayne for thirty-three years of marriage. We slow danced to the song and we thought it would never get over! I can't believe my legs were sore from dancing ONE slow dance!! I'd better get back on that treadmill!
Dwayne and I went to church and then to Mom's for Sunday dinner. I can't believe my Mom!! She is almost 81 and still cooks a Sunday meal before going to church!! Mom and Dad were still at church when we got there and Mom had chicken n dumplings, vegetables, cake, peaches, bread pudding and jars of canned pickles all ready!! Chad and Todd were both there and it was a great afternoon visiting. Desmon came with Chad and he wanted to go home with me, but I was so tired I didn't let him. I hate to disappoint a kid but I was exhausted. For some stupid reason, I didn't go to sleep until around five in the morning. I guess too much excitement!! I mean we did actually go out to eat and then went to a bar and didn't get home until around 12:30 a.m. (and no, I didn't drink, I had two Sun Drops)
After leaving Mom and Dad's, I slept for almost three hours, got up, watched TV and then back to bed at ten.

As with all marriages, we've had our share of ups and downs, but I am so grateful that Dwayne and I have made a commitment to marriage and making a home for our children.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 10, 1977:

Friday will mark thirty-three years of marriage. It is hard to believe I've been out of Mom and Dad's house much longer than my twenty years of life at home. Time certainly has a way of passing by quickly.
I have the day scheduled off work. I plan to celebrate by sleeping late, going to Rolla and taking April out to lunch and a little shopping. As for the evening, I'm not sure. I've been waiting for Dwayne to mention going out but I am not going to remind him this year. The EAR's birthday party is at five o'clock and she's expecting us there, so as of right now, that is the plan for Friday night. We will probably go out to eat Saturday and Sybil's in St. James or Gordo's in Rolla.

I am grateful that Dwayne and I have stayed together and provided a loving home for our children. Growing up, my greatest desire was to be a mother. I fulfilled that dream and now as most of my classmates are looking forward to retiring, I am looking forward to my work years as I spent the earlier years as a stay at home Mom. I am so fortunate that Dwayne provided an income that enabled me to stay home with the kids. I cherish those memories.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8, 2001:

Today is the EAR's 9th birthday. I'm sure you all remember me blogging earlier in the year about the EAR. (If not, it was on July 8, 2010)
Elizabeth, there are just no words to describe her!! You would just have to meet her and be around her for awhile to totally enjoy this child!! She is something else!
And I mean that in a very good way, she is total joy. I don't think I've ever met a happier child. (In all fairness, she does have a tiny temper that shows up occasionally, but I think we all do). If you ever need an entertainer, let me know and I'll hire her out. lol
Truly, this little girl lights up our life.

Labor Day Weekend:

Dwayne and I went to the fair and brought Ashlyne, Zach and Gracie with us. They were quite the chatter boxes on the way over but was too tired on the way home to make much noise.
We sat with Kenny, Shelley and the boys to watch the tractor/truck pull. We had a good time visiting with them. April and Mike sat with us for awhile and Blake sure enjoys "his April".

Dwayne and I went to the parade. For the past several years we have sat on the southwest corner of the courthouse square. All of my family meets there to watch the parade. It is a good time together. I really miss Andy and Dodie being there with us. My favorite float this year is below.

Saturday evening was Dwayne's 35th Class Reunion. The reunion was held at a barn between Belle and Bland. The owner's made the loft into a nice site to rent out for different events. They also had a band playing. Almost made us feel younger again, sitting around a campfire listening to music.

Belle High School Class of 75:

April and I went to church and then to Mom's for Sunday dinner. My niece, Kayla was down from Illinois with her family. It was a wonderful time visiting with everyone. We sat out on the porch most of the afternoon. I was glad Kayla was down, we hadn't seen her in awhile and the kids change so fast. Mariah and Brighton have both grown up so much since we last saw them. They are very cute (and well-behaved) children.
I didn't get any pictures of Kayla's kids but Mom had a camera and we got one with B Brighton in the corner of the picture.
Judy, Mom, Dad, Me, Wayne, Judy and Brighton at the table:

April, Ashlyne, Me and Dad:

Me and My Momma:

Dwayne then went to the Emge Place (our other land) to brush hog. He had been wanting me to come down and see the field. I took Ashlyne, Zach and Nathan home, and since it wasn't much farther, I went on down the hill to the land. When I pulled into the field, there was a huge mud hole and I didn't want to go to the left of it (the most obvious and logical way to go) as my truck would have gotten very muddy, so I thought I would veer to the right of the mud hole. After all, I could see that Dwayne had brush hogged that lower portion of the field. Wrong way to go as you can see below. The mud hole was hidden underneath the grass. I know it looks obvious in the picture but before I drove through it all you could see was the grass. I had on white pants and heels!! Just the outfit to wear when you get stuck!! I had to crawl out the passenger side of the truck and then walk down the field to where Dwayne was brush hogging. He kind of figured something was up when he saw me sitting in his truck and no other vehicle around. I found the adventure funny and laughed about it; guess it's better to laugh than cry. I think Dwayne thought I would be upset and crying, but I found the whole thing humorous. Dwayne had top tow my truck out of the mud backwards. Needless to say, "Little Chubby" (as Elizabeth named my truck) was very muddy!!

What a beautiful day!! And since it was Labor Day, I labored. First time this year I have done any physical labor on the yard. I weeded flower beds and helped April take down the pool. We had a good day working in the yard.
I then went to Rolla to buy groceries, wash Little Chubby(she still has pieces of grass and mud stuck to the fenderwell and underneath) and pick up a pizza at Pizza Hut. Finished up the evening visiting with Todd, April and Mike.

We received the results of my Dad's heart tests and he may need to have a pace maker put it. I know this is a common procedure but Dad's heart is pretty fragile and the surgeon told us last Spring he couldn't do anymore for Dad. I think he meant stints, so I hope and pray that when Dad goes to the cardiologist in Springfield next week, we get good news.

I am so grateful for my family and the wonderful times we have together.

A Happier September 7th:

Rod, Ian and Kieran:
I left yesterday's post on somber note. Today, I want to recognize the 7th of September as a joyous occassion.
My nephew, Rod was born September 7th, 1974. Hard to believe he is now thirty-six years old!! I still think of him as the funny little boy carrying any toy that resembled a microphone and yelling, "Bob Barker, Come on Down!!"" Rod was such a little character, always kept us entertained.
I wish a Happy Birthday to you, Rod.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 1977:

I will blog about my weekend later, but first I want to remember my Uncle Gale Feeler as his funeral was thirty-three years ago today.
Uncle Gale had a heart attack on Labor Day weekend 1977 at the Gasconade River. Our good friend, Bob Prigge(deceased 4/11/1979) found Uncle Gale floating in the river from an apparent heart attack.
I spent a lot of time at Uncle Gale and Aunt Betty's growing up, visiting with cousins, Jerry and Debbie. His death was a complete shock to everyone and especially with the way he died. In hindsight, it is fitting that he die at the place he loved to be. They had a log cabin on the river and spent much time there.
I remember the day of the funeral as it was only three days before my wedding. Dwayne and I were married on the 10th and my aunts, uncles and grandma were at the wedding. After having kids of my own, I am amazed at the strength my Grandma had by coming to the wedding so soon after losing her son. I am grateful Grandma made my day special by being there.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ronnie Ford Trucks:

Last week when I picked Desmon up at his house to play with Blake he was saying that Ramey, Todd, Mister Dwayne and Miss Connie all have Ronnie Ford trucks. Isn't that right Miss Connie? I thought it was cute as Ramey bought his Ford truck from Ronnie Ford and the rest of us drive Ford trucks, so in his mind, they were all Ronnie Ford trucks. Makes sense to me.

After reading April's post, I need to update my story of Desmon. I forgot that he calls me Mister Connie instead of Miss Connie. It is so cute to hear him say, "Mister Connie", can't believe I forgot to use it.