Thursday, May 25, 2017

Weekend Update:

We stayed home as Dwayne was getting stuff (limb trimmer, weed eater, lawn mower, tractor, brush hog, etc) ready to go for Saturday.
We have a big pig roast every Memorial Weekend.  This tradition started forty years ago with my Father-In-Law and a bunch of his kids.  You never get out of going-you have to.  But who's arguing; it's fun, you get to visit friends and family you haven't seen in awhile, good food and games.
The location we had the pig roast was canceled after 2006.  Andy (my Father-In-Law) asked Dwayne about having it at his lake the next year.  Unfortunately, Andy passed away January 9th, 2007.  We inherited the land and lake and David got the house.  Dwayne said we should go ahead and take up the tradition of the pig roast, so here's to year number ten at the lake.
The weekend before is clean up.  The guys go in to clean and it looks like a park when they're finished.
I stayed at home to work on a small teddy bear bench April had when she was small.  I'm refinishing it for Iva's first birthday.  This is the first time I've distressed a piece of furniture.  Not sure if I like it.
Jasa and Dwayne.  Jasa is the daughter of our friends, Phil and Carol.  We received some sad news over the weekend that our dear friend, Phil has throat and lung cancer.  We're praying for a good outcome.
I went to church.  To be honest, I don't get much out of it anymore.  Our pastor is not very good.  I have tried and tried to have an open mind and accept her, but it's just not happening.  I don't want to switch churches as I feel it's not good to church hop.  I just keep praying for the situation.
After church, I went by Dad's and was going to take him out to eat at The Vichy Wye.  Dad was very sick.  He'd been up most of the night.  I stayed for awhile and then went to Vichy where they were cleaning up.  I wish I would have taken some pictures of the guys working so hard.  There was three lawn mowers going at once.  I then went to Todd and Michelle's and visited awhile, then back to check on Dad.  He's still sick and has been all week.  Judy took him to the doctor and they didn't even listen to his heart.  It was apparent he was dehydrated but the doctor told him he just had a virus and left the room.  Does he think that because my Dad is ninety-two, he doesn't require care?  Judy was very aggravated.
We went to the cemeteries and put out flowers.  I know our loved ones aren't there, but there is still a connection and a sense of reverence when we go.  Sure do miss our parents and friends.

Overall, it was a busy weekend.  I am grateful for friends and family that help and share their friendship.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Little Helper:

Cash helping Susie make brownies.
Feeding Iva while April cooks.

Cash loves to help.  When he's at the house, he always wants to help me cook.  He helps April out quite a bit.  He's always picking up toys, "helping" to fold laundry, throwing trash away, unloading the dishwasher (he does mine, also) and now wanting to feed Iva.  And of course, we all know how much he likes to help Papa with the cows or anything outside.

I am so grateful for this little boy that calls me Nana.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Weekend Update:

I saw on Facebook advertisements for a new restaurant, Sydney's in Rolla.  I had been wanting to try it.  I didn't much care for it.  Dwayne ordered the Prime Rib and his was good.  I do have to say the french fries were very good.
Dwayne had a very unsuccessful day of working on tractors.  I cleaned around the house and cleaned my cabinets.  They certainly need it.
Dad came down to visit.  Quiet evening.
Sunday, Mother's Day:
Instead of cooking, I ordered pizzas from Penelope's in Rolla.  Dwayne went to pick them up.  The kids and Dad came down.  We had a good time visiting on the front porch.
April, Chad and Todd (and ME!!)
April and Iva.  Love this picture
April, Iva, Dad & Me.

Iva & Me.
Iva, Me and Cash. 
Cash loves to line up his trucks.

 After the kids left, we went and visited Aunt Jessie and Uncle Warren Licklider.  Got caught up on all the family news and had a good visit.
On the way home, we stopped by Todd and Michelle's camper.  Carl and Melba (Michelle's parents) were there also.  Always good visiting with them.
 Todd and Michelle are selling their place and going to live on their new land in the camper while they build.  They put their house on the market seven days ago and already have a contract on it.
They've been doing some work on the camper and it's looking real nice.
On my way home from work, my nephew, Wayne called and invited us to a fish fry. We had fish, potatoes and fish tacos.  They were really good and it was nice not to cook.  We had a good time visiting.

I am most grateful for my kids on Mother's Day.  They made me feel very special.  Family is so important.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Update:

We didn't do anything as Dwayne was sick with a cold.
I went to St. Elizabeth to meet April for a shopping trip to Lake of the Ozarks.  We had a great day shopping.  I can spend on the kids but I find I just won't buy for myself.
We ate lunch at a Mexican Restaurant across from the Outlet Mall.  Very good.
We then went at picked up the kids at Mike's Mom, Laverne's house.
We had to go through all our goodies.  I found Cash and Iva cute outfits.
Cash came home with me for the night.  I had to stop in Vienna on the way home.  Cash was sleeping so soundly, I hated to wake him up.  But when he found out Bug Juice was in the store, he woke right up. Grandpa was blading the road so Cash got a tractor ride.  We then had to go see Chad..
Cash gets to "drive" Grandpa's truck on Chad's road. You can't tell in the picture but he's grinning real big.  He gets such a kick out of driving.
Chad loves Chad's go cart.  But it doesn't run, so Chad has to push him.  About to wear Uncle Chad out.
 Todd and Michelle were home on our way down to Chad's but weren't on our way out so we didn't get to see them. We came home and then they had to go four wheeling.  This little boy enjoys it so much.
We watched cartoons the rest of the night.
Grandpa and Cash had to go to Vienna to get gas for the tractor.  This always includes Bug Juice and chips.  They played outside for awhile and went on a four wheeler ride.  I stayed in to fix supper for the kids.  I made a caramel apple pie for dessert.  Michelle said it was her new favorite.  Dad also comes down for supper when I have the kids over.  We tried sitting on the front porch but the pollen was so bad all of us was having allergy problems.  My porches are yellow from all the pollen.  We've washed them off twice but it comes right back.
Iva and Cash playing.  He's so good with her.  She is a sassy little thing and sometimes doesn't play nice.  But we sure do love her.

I am grateful for the great weather and the times we all get together.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Long Week:

Not much to report for the weekend other than we got stuck at the lake.  David called around six p.m. (twice) saying the water was raising and the dam was going to wash out.  Uh, not much we can do in the pouring rain!  We drove over and Todd, Michelle and Tim met us there.  Todd got in with us and we drove on down.  They went to look at the dam, water was going through both pipes so all was okay.  If it got up more, it could go over the dam some but we couldn't do anything in the pouring rain and being dark out.  We then go to leave and we get stuck.   I mean really stuck, all the way to the axle.
We got more than eight inches of rain over the weekend.  Many roads were closed due to the flooding and in some places, the whole bridges washed away.  So many people lost their homes.  Very sad.
I couldn't get to work Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday, I spring-cleaned my bedroom and washed windows and curtains.  Always make me feed good when I get this done.  Now for the rest of the house.

Wednesday, I went into the flower shop to work.  Always enjoy my time there.
It rained agaom Wedmesday and Thursday.  Thursday, back at work. Chad met me on his way home from work.  He wanted us to meet him and a friend at Sput's.  We couldn't go as Dwayne was sick with a cold.
Dad came down each day, sometimes even two or three times.  He gets so lonely.  But he never complains.  I cherish these times.  Usually, he brings some flowers he picked out of Mom' flower bed.

I am grateful for each day.