Monday, June 27, 2016

Wednesday Visit:

I have Wednesdays off.  While April is on maternity leave, she decided to come over to visit every Wednesday.  
Dad held Iva for an hour.  She was so good.

Just chillin'

Uncle Chad came by after work.  You can just look at him and see how worn out he looks.  He always works hard.

Cash playing with the tractors.

April stayed until Dwayne got home so he could see the kids.  Made for a great day.

I'm thankful for April and Mike's little family.

Friday, June 24, 2016


I'm grateful for my grandson.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend Update:

I was super draggy at work all day and extremely tired when I got home.  I started to fix supper but Dwayne didn't want what I was fixing.  So he made sloppy joes (or as Todd calls them neat judy's).  He did a great job and they were the best I've ever tasted.  (all after a total of four hours on the road and working eight hours!)  Chad came by for a visit.  He's not a big eater, but he ate two.  Always nice when any of the kids come by.
I had to pick up stain for our fence at Lowe's.  Customer service-good; waiting for someone to load-LOUSY.  I had to wait for at least twenty minutes.
I then went for my favorite trip to Wal-Marts.  They were very crowded.  While there, Todd called to see if we were going to be home, him and Michelle were bringing out lunch for Father's Day.  We had a great lunch and visit.  They weren't going to be able to make it to Dad's for Father's Day Dinner the next day.  They did go by and visit Dad.
I had been wanting lobster.  Sput's has steak n lobster special on Saturday night.  I substituded the steak for an extra lobster tail.  When they brought them out one lobster was white and the other one was pink.  It wasn't my imagination, the pink one just wasn't good.  Disappointed!
We were going to all get together at Dad's for Father's Day.  I thought it would be good for Dad if we all came to his house.  Got my covered dishes together and then went to Dad's.  Peeled potatoes for mashed potatoes and put a pot of corn on.  Then I dashed off to Rolla to pick up fried chicken from Lee's Chicken.  When I got back most everyone was there.  It was Iva's debut and everyone fought over who got to hold her next.  I don't know why I didn't take any pictures.  I only got one of my sister, Katie hold  her.
Aunt Katie and Iva

Dwayne and I had bought this cute little apricot colored lace dress when Iva was born.  Wish I would have taken a good picture of just her in the dress.  She looked so cute.  Cash did better around a crowd of people.  Usually he sticks to Pa and doesn't want anything to do with anyone else.  He calls my Dad, Pa Great.  He always goes up to him and gives a big hug on each shoulder and then a kiss.  He's done this for a long time.  When him and April come over, he always wants to go see Pa Great.
Poor Dwayne, what a Father's Day he had.  It was his choice though.  He got up early to wash and wax his truck.  Why, I don't know, he never does this.  He worked all day on the inside and out.  It looks very good but he was certainly tired.

I am so grateful to still have my Dad with us.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Grandma's Weekly Visit:

Wednesdays are my day off during the week.  I went to April's and we went to the Lake shopping.  Was it ever fun!!  We had a blast at the Carter's store buying little girl clothes.  We did the same thing after Cash was born too.  Loved buying baby girl outfits.  I might have gotten a little carried away.  We needed a break so stopped at Chili's for lunch.  Then more shopping.  We picked Cash up from Daycare on the way home.  At least this time he was happy to see me.  When we got home, we played games, tractors, etc.  He even sat in the rocking chair with me for quite awhile.  So I got the idea to get a picture of the three of us.

I almost look mad in the picture but I wasn't.  Just trying to get Cash to sit back and let April take our picture.  He doesn't like his picture taken anymore.I

Cash crying because he "needed" to go home with me.  Kind of broke my heart a little but I have to work the next day.  Made me happy as he usually wants Pa.  But Pa wasn't there, so I'm second choice.  lol

I am extremely grateful for these precious little grandbabies.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tess"s Graduation Party:

My great niece, Tess Elizabeth Feeler, graduate High School last month and Saturday was her party.  She is such a wonderful girl, inside and out.  (not to mention, beautiful)
We've been a part of her life since birth; often watching her and her sister, Kara.  April babysat quite a bit when Jamie was working.
                             Dad holding Iva before we left for the party.
One of my favorite pictures of Cash.  He has purple icing on his face.
Iva in the foreground.  Tess and Dad.


Great Aunt Judy holding Iva.

Tess's cake.

April and the kids came over in the morning before the party.  It wasn't too long until Grandpa Dwayne came in from cleaning out the fence row.  Got to get time in with the babies (and April  lol).
I went to church and Dwayne worked on putting in new fence so we can move cows.
Todd and Michelle
  Late in the afternoon, a four wheeler showed up at the house.  Couldn't figure who it could be.  It was Michelle.  Her and Todd had been out riding when Dwayne called Todd to come help.  She also had watermelon slices for us to eat.  What a treat and it wasn't that hot on the front porch.  We decided to ride up and see how they were doing.  They were done and it was time to move the cattle.  Chad came by to help too.  Michelle and I were on our spots along the road ready to go.  BUT not all the cattle came in, a couple had young calves and were out in the woods.  Sooo, we didn't get the cattle moved after all.  We really need to get this done as we're almost out of pasture.
Todd and Michelle came on to the house.  I threw some hamburger, only had two tortillas, refried beans, tomatoes and green chili peppers together and made a casserole with shredded cheese throughout..  Wasn't bad for a thrown together meal with no recipe.  Along with a salad and we had supper in under thirty minutes.  We had a good visit and I'm always happy whenever one of the kids are there.

I am grateful for out family and the get-togathers we have.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cinnamon Rolls:

April had asked about a month before the baby was born if I would make her cinnamon rolls after the baby got here.  (I actually do pretty good on my cinnamon rolls if I do say so myself  lol)  I was off work yesterday, so I made a batch and took them to April.  I pigged out and ate two.
Cash was at Day Care so I got some one on one time with Iva.  I might possibly be spoiling her.........
Proud Grandma and Iva

Cash loves Mike's Uncle Junior.  He takes him to feed the baby turkeys, gator rides, etc.  Junior had been picking up Cash in the mornings this week and bringing him home.  When he was dropping Cash off  he said he was heading over to Randy's.  Naturally, Cash wanted to go.  Cash stayed to play with Elaina.  Elizabeth brought him and the other kids over later.  Cash hadn't even aknowleged that I was there.  He wanted to go back with them and April said only if he gave Grandma a kiss.  I got a quick kiss before he left again.  I jhad envisioned him running in and saying, Grandma and come running to give me a hug.  No such luck. Now if I was Grandpa, it would be a much different story.
I figured since I couldn't spoil Cash any, I would go ahead and get some more spoiling time in with Iva.  She's such a pretty little baby.
Iva Lorraine

I am so grateful for each day of life and the chance to be a Grandma.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


As I already posted, I've been buying baby clothes for years.  Here is an outfit I've had a couple years.


This sleeper is one April had as a baby.  I loved it then and I still do.
I think April is having fun playing dress up.  I didn't realize we both had gone so overboard on buying baby girls clothes when April was pregnant with Cash.  When she got the tub out Sunday, it was full.  Not all new, we hit up a fantastic resale shop in Manchester.

I'm grateful for baby Iva.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Iva Lorraine Holtmeyer

Miss Iva Lorraine Holtmeyer, born June 3rd, 9:31 p.m. 8 lb 7 oz,  20 1/4 inches.
Iva is my Mom's middle name and Lorraine is for Mike's grandma who also passed away last year.  When I received the text and picture while I was in the waiting room, I cried.  Although, I thought it was a girl, I just couldn't believe it.  I was so so happy.  She's a chunky little thing.  I didn't drive home until eleven at night so I was a little tired but made it okay.

Saturday:  Time for Grandpa to come see his new baby girl.  Just a little bit proud.

Uncle Todd and Iva.  Todd and Michelle came up to visit.  Uncle Todd held her forever, didn't think he'd ever give her

Baby girl getting ready to come home from the  hospital in the same outfit April wore home years ago.  Almost made me tear up again.  Such a pretty girl.

Grandpa had to sit with Cash while he ate his supper.
But Cash was also a Grandma's boy this weekend.  We played with toys, played hide n seek upstairs and alot of other things.  Got in some hugs too.
Cash playing with the back machine my Dad bought for us.
Around nine, Cash started getting tired. He had me lie on the couch and he on the other end.  In no time he was asleep.  He slept for twelve hours.  Tired little boy

Sunday:   We ate at the new Mexican Restaurant in Vienna.  Cash had to cut his chips with a knife and fork before he would dip them in the sauce.
Iva loves the baby swing.

Cash and baby sister.

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful to God I am for blessing us with a granddaughter.  I've been collecting clothes ever since my Great Niece Ashlyne was born and she's eighteen!  Alot are yellowed or out of style.  lol
I am so grateful for our family and the newest addition.