Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Update;

One of the joys of staying at home is the ability to visit family and friends.  Thursday, I went to visit my good friend, Susan.
Friday, my cousin, Ron York and his wife Martha, came to visit Mom and Dad.  They live in Oregon.  We have visited back and forth with them throughout the years.  Ron brought lunch and we had a good afternoon of visiting.
Pretty much a boring winter day.  We spent the day doing absolutely nothing but watching TV.  This is good for Dwayne as he works hard all week and is on the road for 3 1/2 to 4 hours a day.  Now that I'm staying at home, a long day of being cooped up on a Saturday is pretty boring.
After my morning coffee break, I put a chicken on to cook as I was making chicken pot pie for supper.  Went to church; had a good sermon.  Nancy Ragan and I were the ushers for the month of February.  Ushers at our church also includes passing the offering plate.  I kind of like being an usher as you get to see more people.  I think it is to be a solemn activity but I can't help but smile and whisper hi to people along the way.
The kids came over for the afternoon to watch the races.  It was exciting to see a young newcomer win the race.
Cash is in the phase of hiding under furniture.  He loved playing under the kitchen table.  April said when she was vacuuming Saturday, Cash pulled out the bar stools and hid behind them.  For some reason, he is now afraid of the vacuum.  But when she shampooed the carpet, he was just fine.  The shampooer is much louder than the vacuum.

I love the Sundays when we all get together for a meal and visit.  I want it to be a tradition the same as my mom and mother-in-law did for years.  I wish my cooking skills were the same as when the kids were growing up.  Now I find it hard to put together a meal.  Must be getting lazy.  lol

I am grateful for our family time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finally, I am back to blogging.

A lot has happened since I blogged last.
Tuesday, December 14th we received new Black Gold jackets at work.  We thought it was a pre-Christmas gift. (Little did we know!!)
 Wednesday, December 15th I was called into the office and told they had sold the business and Friday would be my last day.  What?  Two day notice!  What a shock!  Silly me, I said I can work to the end of the year to get the taxes done.  I was taught when you start a job, you finish it.  But no, Friday was to be my last day.  I felt bad about the taxes and work that need finished.  It took me a couple days to think, "Connie, it's not your responsibility anymore, don't worry about it".
I took losing my job in stride, upset but not overly so.  Until yesterday!  Now I feel great sorrow as I loved my job and the pay and benefits were good.  Now, I am thinking of all I lost.  I always was a slow learner!  lol

I have missed blogging.  I had to get a new computer for home and hook up to the internet.  Needless to say that was a long process with a few hitches along the way.  At least now, I'm up and running.

I always thought things happen for a reason, but I haven't found a glimmer of hope in my situation yet.

I need to get caught up on blogging my life after unemployment.  Lots of family time and good memories.  Speaking of good times, my dad just called and invited me up for lunch.  Spontaneity, haven't had that in a long time.

So grateful for all I have and a loving family.