Friday, January 14, 2011


I can't believe another whole week has passed and I am just now have time to blog!!
On to the leg story.........
I went to the doctor on Monday, 3rd and he thought I might have a blood clot so he sent me to a cardiologist. Luckily, there was not a blood clot but they had to do an ultra sound to make sure. Apparently, I have a Baker's Cyst behind my right knee and it had partially ruptured and that is what happened when I fell. The fluid leaked into the muscle and tissue in the calf of my leg and caused bruising and swelling. Not a bad thing to have, just not sure when it will completely go away or whatever. As of yesterday, I can now walk without a limp!!
Now, on to last weekend.
Dwayne and I head over to St. Elizabeth to help April and Mike on the house. Everything is coming together so well. It is a very cute house and with April's decorating it looks great. She has a real talent there.
I got up to go to church but didn't feel good and my leg was hurting again so I went back to bed. I DEFINITELY want to go to church this week, I've missed way too much this winter.
At noon, we headed up to Mom and Dad's for Sunday dinner. Wayne's 63rd birthday was on Saturday, the 8th and Kate's 42nd birthday was on Sunday, the 9th. Mom fixed pork loin, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, salad, home made rolls, apple pie, banana bread. She's eighty-one years old and still does huge family meals!! What a Momma! We had a great afternoon.
Spent the rest of the day relaxing.

I am most grateful for my parents and the love they have for each of us.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Weekend:

A whole week has passed and I haven't had time to blog until now. Still not sure I have the time, but I'm taking it.
Friday New Year's Eve:
Dwayne and a guy he works with went over to April and Mike's to paint. I was going to fix lasagne and go over later. We had a storm and the electric went off. So, I pack up everything to fix lasagne with and head over to St. Elizabeth. Dwayne, John, April and Mike were busy painting and doing odd jobs. We had lasagne mid- afternoon along with salad, corn and french bread. It turned out pretty good if I say so myself...
We went home and watched TV. We were in bed by 8:30 and I was almost asleep when my Mom called to tell me of the tornado that touched down earlier and all of the damage it had done. A friend of mine, Ethel Price died along with her good friend who was visiting. Other neighbors, Faye and Charles Grisham lost their home and their son's. They were very lucky as their homes were demolished and they barely escaped without injury. It was hard to sleep sound, I kept waking up off and on thinking about Ethel.
Todd came over and rode with me to April's. Todd painted doors and helped to paint the spare bedroom. April fixed chili and grilled cheese for lunch. It was very good. Later in the day, I decide to paint the utility room. I'm painting away and all of a sudden, I buckle and completly go down (along with scraping the wall of fresh paint with my body). I didn't know what happened, it felt like something hit me in the back of the leg below my knee. I couldn't put any weight on my right leg and it hurt alot. I had Todd drive my truck home and I rode with Dwayne. I tried the heating pad on my leg and that helped. Then Dwayne tried rubbing my leg as I thought I must have pulled a muscle or just had a really bad charlie horse that wouldn't go away. I slept good, as long as I didn't move my leg, it didn't hurt.
Well, that's it for now as John just said to shut our computers down, we're going home. So until next week.................