Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Passing:

My Mom is dying.  It's a slow process which we are dealing with every day since Saturday.  We are all camped out at Mom and Dad's.  Although, it is a very sad time in our life and a deep struggle, we have grown closer.  Family and friends stop by.  Nearly all the grandkids and great grandkids have been by.  We've laughed, we've sang, we've prayed and just bonded.  It's hard for Daddy to go in and sit with my Mom but he is very aware of each stage we're going through.  We've had good times along with the sadness.  My great niece, Tess, was saved Sunday night.  A very touching moment.  My nephew, Wayne, who doesn't go to church anymore sat and read the Bible aloud to Mom.  We each have our own spot in this grieving process.  I sleep with Momma at night, we take turns laying with her during the day.  Kate gives the medicine, Judy and I have our own roles.  Russ came up from Springfield yesterday to stay.  We're together for our great Mother who has always been there for each of us.  Although, this is very hard, I am extremely grateful we have this time together with Mom.  I know the grieving will come later as we're busy keeping Mom comfortable.  The times she stops breathing, you are ready for her to go and yet you want to hang on so tightly.  I am ready for Mom's passing.  She cannot respond to us, she can barely breathe and she's suffering.  Please pray for us.

I am so grateful for our family time with Mom and the extreme closeness and bonding we've experienced.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekend Update:

We went to Sput's to eat.  We always get really good food, but not this time.  The worst cheeseburger ever!  We always look forward to our evening out on Fridays but this Friday night didn't quite make it.
I had to work.  Dwayne cut sprouts and cleaned out the fence row.  I had fell down our stairs the previous Saturday and landed on my upper back on a step.  I've barely been able to move since then.  We both took a muscle relaxer and went to bed early.  (Exciting, aren't we?)  Dad had spent the night  and after watching Hee Haw and the Walton's he was also ready for bed.
I went to visit Mom at the nursing home.  These visits get harder each time.  Mom complains about everything and insist she is going to come home.  Dad can't take care of her anymore yet he also wants her home.  Alot of emotions right now with Mom and Dad, sadness; guilt; grief, angy, etc.  All we can do is pray for the situation we're in.  I know other families have gone through the same thing and they survived.  We will too.
Bought groceries and stopped at Taco Bell for our supper.  I just get so worn out I don't even want to cook supper.

I am grateful for our loving family and the bond we have with our parents.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wordless Wednesday:

From this
to this.........

Weekend Update:

Dwayne had to work late so I went on in to see Mom at the nursing home.  These visits are getting harder each time.  Brought sandwiches home for Dwayne.  Dad was there and spent the night.
I had to work until noon.  Worked around the house some but mostly just relaxed.  Dwayne and I cooked lobster for supper.  Our first time for lobster at home.  We did pretty good.  Watched TV and went to bed early.
Super tired so I didn't go to church.  (I know it's not a good excuse but that's what I did).
We ate lunch at the salebarn and then on over to St. Elizabeth for Cash's birthday party.
I've got tons of pictures to share.
                                                           Opening presents:
Grill from Uncle Todd

Weed-eater from Pa and N-Ma

         Cash and Elaina watching Chad put together scooter            

Scooter from Uncle Chad

Worn out after a long day
Celebrating again after everyone went home.

A happy birthday boy.

I am grateful for these days and especially the celebration of Cash's birth.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Update:

As usual, we went out to eat.  We tried a new Italian Restaurant in Rolla I had seen in the rural electric paper.  I think it would have been good if I hadn't ordered what was shown in the picture advertisement.  Cheese Tortellini with Italian Sausage.  I didn't like it.  The plate looked appetizing and I'm sure it was good, just not a good flavor combination for me.
We then went to visit Mom at the nursing  home.  She was in a good mood just not breathing very well.
Dwayne cut sprouts and cleaned up the cedar fence row by the  road.  I went to Rolla and did some shopping.  I hadn't been to that many stores by myself in quite some time.  Had to find Cash a birthday present.  He turns 2 on the 12th.
We spent the evening relaxing and watching TV.
As I was going to church, I hit a buzzard.  Yuck, what a nasty mess!!  I had blood and guts all over my windshield.  I almost threw up.  As I've gotten older, I have a weak stomach.  I cleaned up the kids vomit, poop, etc. when I was younger and never got sick or even almost.  Now, I gag and carry on looking at something gross or foul smelling.  Does this come with age?  I would have thought you would be more immune to these things.
Our new pastor is not an overly friendly person.  As I was leaving church she asked me how I liked my job.  I thought, oh, she does know who I am.  It made me feel better about her.  I would think a pastor would reach out on a weekly basis as you leave church and be more friendly.  I felt like a little kid with some praise, it made me feel special.  A kind word goes a long way.
I had to wash my car at the car wash.  It was pretty gross with the guts stringing as I sprayed.  It was all on my windshield a a little on the hood.
Stopped at G & W and then home to start supper.  I try to have the kids over every other Sunday for supper.  We had beef pot pie this time.  April brought a cake for us to try.  It was chocolate with a new icing of maple sugar with tiny bacon crumbs.  It was actually good and you didn't taste the bacon.  April said it was listed as a trial.  I guess we'll see how many times people go back and buy.
Of course, we had a good time playing with Cash.  I had to walk around outside with him and play ball.  We pretty much spoil him.
After the kids left, we watched TV and went to bed early.  I was so tired, you would have thought I cooked for a hundred rather than the six of us.

I am grateful for the visits with the kids.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Weekly Visit:

Playing Peek a Boo

Grateful for the visits with this little guy.