Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tongue-Tied Thursday:

Since I don't have time to post today, I'll go with the flow of Tongue-Tied Thursday.
That's about the only explanation I have of me in the above picture.

Grateful for life and family.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I posted a couple weeks ago about Dwayne buying some cows. I wasn't too happy of a camper over that. Well, the birth of our new baby I named Bentley changed all that!!
I can't believe I'm so excited over a calf's birth.
I rode with Dwayne last night to Vichy to check the cows. Gertrude (the first cow bought) had just had a calf. It's a good thing we went over as the cow had tried crossing the small stream of water that flows into the lake and the calf couldn't get back up. Dwayne found it in the water and it had almost drowned. He got it up and took it to it's Momma. Me and Zach were so excited!! Zach kept saying, awe, awe and I was, too. I told Dwayne I was naming him Bentley after the little boy on Teen Mom. He's like, you don't name all the calves. I'm like, oh, yes I am going to. I kept on and on about how exciting it was to see the calf soon after it was born. He's like, you mean in all these years you've went with your dad to check cows and when we had them before, you've never seen a calf soon after it was born? I'm like, well, I guess I haven't, this is exciting.
Help, please: Momma cow looking at Dwayne as if to say, I can't hide him in the woods and get him to cross the water again......

On the way home, I was planning on names for the future cows and calves. Zach asks me if I'm writing a history or something. I replied, yes, the Elrod Cow Family Tree.
So far, we have Gertrude who begot Bentley.
The other cows names will be revealed as they have their babies.

I am grateful (and believe me so is Dwayne!!) that I have come around and am now happy to have cows again. I asked Dwayne when he was going to buy HIM some as these were mine.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Where does it go? I had planned on doing a recap of our weekend, but alas, no time.
Hopefully, tomorrow I can post of our day of molasses making on Saturday. It was a beautiful day.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Private Showing of The Help:

Last night April and I went to the movies to see The Help. The movie started at 7 p.m. and we pull in the lot at 6:45. There were only two cars parked in front. I am rarely early for a movie, let alone get front row parking, but this is ridiculous. We felt kind of stupid walking in yet and wondered if the theatre was even open, although the lights were on inside. I decided to take a short drive and we would come back closer to 7. Well, we come back at 6:58 and there is now three vehicles there. (apparently there were watching a different movie in the theatre)
We go in and wow, the service was wonderful!! No lines, got right in!! lol
We're thinking everyone must be late getting to the movies or something tonight. Go sit down and there is NO ONE in The Help, just us. Okay, that's a little odd but other people will be in a little bit. Never did, it was only us for the entire movie. The staff never even came in once for their usual look over to see that everything was okay. I jokingly told her April I wanted to surprise her and I reserved the whole movie just for us. She didn't buy that, don't know why. lol
It was a little eerie, I whispered to April (not like anyone was in there to hear me), "we could get mugged and raped in here and no one would even know it". I wasn't entirely joking with that statement, I watch CSI after all!!
The movie lasted two and a half hours. When we came out to the lobby, the lights were dimmed and there was not a soul in sight. There was a light on in the corner office so at least the manager was there. Go to the parking lot and my truck is the ONLY vehicle. Felt like twilight zone or something, Du Du Du Du.......
I took a picture just to prove it but April thought I was a dork so I didn't zoom in or anything.

I read the book first and the movie version is quite a bit different. I think that is normal as most books I've read that have been made into a movie differ quite a bit. But the movie was very good. (don't think I'll ever look at chocolate pie the same again...Gross!!)
We've come a long way since the 1960's. I don't think people now can relate to the way things were then.

I am grateful for the changes we've made in our country.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Molasses Time:

It's that time of year. Dwayne and the boys have been getting ready for molasses making at Mom and Dad's this weekend. I tried to take pictures yesterday of them stripping cane but my battery was dead on the camera. It is really a neat process to watch. The cane is extra tall and straight this year.
There is a lot of work involved, planting, cultivating, stripping the cane, cutting the cane, hauling it in. And that is all before you can even begin the day on Saturday of the cooking process.
My work isn't all that involved. Mom (even though 83) still does most of the preparing of the food, along with everyone bringing in dishes. I've bought the paper products, jars, etc. Tomorrow night will consist of making several side dishes and a couple of cakes.
An exciting time of year in our family. I'll post pictures next week of the whole process.

SO grateful for my husband, brother-in-law, sons and nephews for carrying on the Arch Feeler tradition of making molasses.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anniversary Celebration:

Our favorite restaurant:

Our anniversary was on the 10th but we didn't have time to go out that weekend. We have been making Sybil's in St. James our annual "date" for our anniversary for the past few years. Their food is really good. We almost always order Fillet Mignon when we go. This time they outdid themselves, you could literally cut the steak with a fork. And the saying, it melts in your mouth, so true with this steak. Very good. Sybil's is not a restaurant we can afford to go to often. We decided Friday night we will try to make it a once a month event. We don't do anything as far as entertainment so this will be a nice treat.
A little surprised to walk up to the door and see this little creature welcoming us........By the time I got my camera out to capture, he was scurrying away.

Caught him hiding behind the chairs.
I'm from the country so seeing opossums is normal and no big deal. On the road that is, not at the door of a high rate restaurant.

Of course, before we could go to the restaurant we had to go by Vichy and see Dwayne's cattle he recently bought. We used to raise cattle but with Dwayne's heavy work schedule, we sold them several years ago. Dwayne loves to "farm" and mess with the cattle. I think he's a little nuts myself with the long hours he puts in plus a 2 hour drive each way to work five days a week and then to put the extra burden on himself. I had suggested (many times) he wait until closer to retirement to have cattle again. The past year he has been like a little kid wanting something he can't have. So, last week (with cattle prices so high...............) he jumped in again. And I'm glad he did. He is so happy with his new project, he's like a kid in a candy shop. So, below is a few of our new "kids".
Dwayne's new pride and joy:

I'm grateful we've been together thirty-four years (and for the most part.......) happy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gray skies are gonna clear up,

put on a happy face.
Okay, some days it doesn't take much to amuse me.
The sky has been dark and cloudy for a few days and today is so sunny and spring like, I wanted to take my desk and computer outside.
I looked out my window at work this morning and noticed several streaks in the sky from jets criss/crossing across our nation and thought, that looks so pretty, wish I could share it with people. Duh!! My camera is in my purse.
Walla!! Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Notice the moon in the picture below.

I am grateful for friendly skies in our country and the beautiful trail our jets leave.

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 1985:

Birth info wrote by April in scrapbook:

Surprise, it's a girl!!!
Mommy and baby coming home from the hospital: Outfit bought by Daddy.

Protective big brothers:Chad with the little sister he wanted: He had stated he already had a brother, he needed a sister.
Todd meeting little sister: Even though he claimed he wanted a little brother, he was and still is totally in awe of his little sister.
Daddy, with Chad's help giving first bath:

1st Birthday:
Twenty-six years ago I got the surprise of my life. Pregnant with my third child and back in the dark ages of no ultra-sounds unless absolutely necessary, we did not know the sex of our baby. My doctor's guess all along was another boy. Jeffrey Dwayne was due October 4th, 1985.
Well, little Miss April Lee surprised us two weeks early on September 19th, 1985. I don't have the picture at work with me of Dwayne and I holding her right after her birth, but we are smiling ear to ear and the picture of April looks like she was smiling also.
My children's birth is somewhat related to their tempramate. Chad was due December 12th and promptly arrived that day. Growing up, Chad was always right on schedule. Todd was due April 4th and did not arrive until April 17th, two weeks late. Growing up, he was usually late getting up, in no hurry, etc.
April was two weeks early. She has always wanted to be on time for everything, follow the rules (generally) and great organization skills.
I think in adult life the boys may have swapped a bit, as Chad is usually late for family dinners (although this year he was gone back to being very punctual) and Todd is always on time.
My pregnancy with April was very difficult. I wasn't sick so much, but had problems though out the pregnancy. My friends joked that now I knew what it was like to be pregnant as my pregnancies with the boys were so easy and no sickness. I pretty much felt great.
My labor with April was horrible (no epidurals, I was stupid with all three and went natural. Dumb!!) Labor started around 4 a.m. and we arrived at the hospital I think around 7 a.m. The day kept getting worse and worse. If I hadn't had her by that evening, we were going in for a c-section. I wanted a girl so bad but I remember by mid-afternoon thinking, I don't care what I have, please just make it go away. I was totally exhausted and didn't think I would ever make it to delivery. Finally, at 6:53 p.m., we welcomed a baby girl into the world. I don't know who was more surprised, Doctor John or Dwayne and I. We were elated!! The name, April Lee was picked out before we were even married.
Even after her birth, I thought I'm so tired, I will fall asleep the minute I get to a room. No!! I was so excited, I was calling everyone and at 1 a.m. the next morning I was still wide awake. The nurse decided I needed a sleeping pill and to get some much needed rest. My mouth hurt as I went to sleep from grinning so much.
We had always planned on four children, regardless of boys, girls, or both. So, even that day, we still planned on in a few years of having either Jeffrey Dwayne or Arin Rebecca. My body decided the third labor and delivery was just too much. A couple years later we learned a fourth pregnancy/delivery was just jeopardizing my health. Our family was complete with three children. God is in charge and his birth order of our children could not be more perfect.
While I was in the hospital, proud daddy went to Strawberry Patch (which was an expensive children's shop in Rolla at the time) and bought April's outfit to come home in. A beautiful lavender print dress set with shoes to match. That was Dwayne's job each birth to buy the outfit to come home in. He did a great job all three times.
Our baby girl has turned into a beautiful, (inside and out) young lady we are very proud of.

Our daughter, 26 years later:
Guess we'll keep her! lol

Happy Birthday, April Lee!!

I (and Dwayne) are very grateful for our daughter, our two precious sons and the life we have.

Friday, September 16, 2011

September Birthdays:

I had so planned to post pictures of some of our family birthdays this month, but it's now 4:45 p.m. and no time left. Somehow, work got in the way.......... lol
Hopefully, next week I can update and especially post about our annual Grandma-Maxine/Granddaughter-April's birthday dinner at our house.

So grateful to still have my Momma with us.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Desmon's Grandpa:

This little guy's grandpa, Brad had a heart attack on Monday of this week. He is doing better but his health in in jeopardy and he probably won't be able to work again. Brad is not only a neighbor but a good friend. If you need help with anything, Brad will be there. We went to school together and rode the same bus. Many hours of playing pitch on the way to and back from school. We had a rule that we didn't cheat. Brad loved to aggravate his sister, Pat (who was on my team) to no end. He would pretend to cheat just to make her mad. Lots of fun times on the bus and a good way to pass the time on the long ride. Brad is on the right in the picture below. To be honest, if I didn't know Brad, I would probably be scared of him. lol To look at him, he is a little scary looking. I've (and others) jokingly told him that and he thinks it's funny. I hope and pray for Brad's health to improve.

I am grateful for the friends in life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rainy Day:

Rainy weather makes me sleepy, especially today. Is anyone else having problems staying awake and being productive at work? I have been making myself finish each project today. As for starting new projects...........procrastination, it can always wait until tomorrow.

As for me, I could use a nap...... And at bedtime I will be wide awake.

Grateful for the rain, but ready for the sunshine.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today would have been my brother's birthday. I sometimes wonder what he would have been like, would we have been close, who would he look like, etc. But I don't dwell on it. I grew up knowing I had a brother with a heart condition and could not get better. A fact of life, sad but a knowledge that was the way it was, acceptance, because Mom and Dad accepted it. I have never heard any bitterness from Mom or Dad in the loss of Mark. I can't imagine the pain Mom and Dad went through caring for a baby knowing he would die. Two precious months they had with him, caring for him, feeding and cuddling him, all knowing there was nothing that could be done to heal him. A malformed heart in the year of 1953 was not fixable. What a long way medicine and technology has come since then.
I had a brother, he was loved. Along with his loss, I have learned how strong my parents are.
Happy Birthday, Mark, we love you.

Party Time:

Party Food!!

Friends enjoying the day:
Decision time with orders:
April opening gifts from Beth, housewarming and early birthday:
Beth must have said something pretty funny:

April hosted a Jordan Essentials Spa Party on Sunday afternoon. Mike's sister, Lisa was the consultant. Along with sampling the different lotions we were also pampered with soaking our feet in a Dead Sea Salt bath. It's surprising the amount of dead skin on your feet! (and mine definitely needed it!!)
My boss's wife, Sheila and I were the "oldies" there along with April's friends. The young and the old, I think we all had a good time.

I am grateful for a loving daughter that includes her old Momma at functions in her life.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Anniversary Flowers

Flowers sent by Dwayne:
Window Sill:
(Tried them in the window first, the sun seemed too bright there)

Dwayne always sends me flowers for our anniversary and most years it is roses. I told him a couple years ago that a cheaper bouquet would be just as nice. In the past the roses are almost always yellow. I love yellow roses but I'm not sure if it's because my Grandma liked yellow roses best or if they are my favorite. Dwayne has gotten me some apricot colored roses that were just as pretty if not more so than the yellow. But I hang on to the yellow as that's what Grandma liked.

We haven't gone out to eat for our anniversary yet. Saturday had too many other events going on. I think I hear Sybil's in St. James calling our names for a Friday night dinner................

Thank you Dwayne for the life you've provided and the opportunity to stay home with the kids while they were growing up.

Rod's Promotion:

My godson and nephew, Rod with me in front of the capitol:

Mom, Rod and Dad: (Very proud grandparents)

Dad standing along with all veterans being honored at ceremony:


Rod and group:

Rod, Me, Mom and Dad:

Rod, Mom and Dad:

This picture of Mom leaning against Rod was special to her. She said it reminded her of all the times Rod sat on her lap and leaned against her as she rocked him when he was little.
Rod, Mom and Dad visiting while Dwayne went to get the truck:

Saturday, the 10th was mine and Dwayne's 34th Anniversary. We celebrated the day by taking Mom and Dad to Jefferson City for the graduation ceremony of my nephew, Rod. He was being promoted in the National Guard. The ceremony was held in the rotunda at the state capitol. I've never been to a military event before. It was very humbling and even more meaningful with the tribute to our country and military personnel being honored the day before the anniversary of 9/11.
There was also a classmate of April's, Nick Davis, graduating that day. We visited with him and his family. Another family from St. James was in the row ahead of us. Mom and Dad knew them. As they say, "it's a small world".
Mom and Dad loved getting to see Rod again. Marilyn and Eddie took us all out to eat at Ryan's. It was a great day of visiting and reminiscing.
I came home and took a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg nap. I think I slept too much, felt like I was in a coma the rest of the evening. lol
Saturday night, Dwayne went to the Masonic Lodge in Vichy. Todd, Dustin and Tim were joining. I think Todd wanted to join as it meant so much to Grandpa Andy. Times like these are bittersweet.

I am grateful for time spent with family and the anniversary of 34 years of marriage.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome Back:

As I pulled into the parking lot this morning, I saw a sign on the building. I couldn't see too well what it said. So, I get out and look. What? Me, I get a front row close to the door parking spot!! Yay!!!!!!!

But my sense of elation soon evaporated as I am the ONLY bookkeeper!! lol It's kind of like Grandpa Andy always telling April she was his favorite granddaughter. She would, say, "Grandpa, I am the only granddaughter so I have to be the favorite!"
To which Grandpa would reply, "Well you could be the worst granddaughter". lol
So, I guess I could be either the best or worst, depends on the day or week. lol
Actually, we play pranks on each other at the work place quite often, but this is a prank done well. (To my way of thinking.....)

I had been out a couple days for some medical tests and it was a nice welcome back.

I am also going to try to be "welcomed back" on my blogging. Life and work has been very hectic the past month. As you can probably tell by my lack of posting. Once in the whole month of August!! Come on, Connie, you can do better than that!!

I have a lot of catching up to do and many family and friend activities to post. Hopefully, next week I can get back on schedule.

I am forever grateful for my family, friends and my co-workers.
Have a fun and safe weekend, everyone.