Wednesday, November 27, 2013



I watched Cash yesterday for April while she went to the dentist.  We had a fun afternoon.  He seems so smart for his age.  I was changing his diaper and he turns his head towards the wall and then starts smiling.  I think he saw his Mommy in the picture on the wall.  He certainly watches her when she's around.
Grandpa came home mid-afternoon and got to get some spoiling time in.  He loves (as it seems almost all babies do) to watch the ceiling fan. 
He's been experiencing some cranky times with his little tummy being upset.  April picked up  some Gripe Water and it helped after the first dose.  I remember my Great-Niece, Kara saying last year with her baby it was a life saver.  Sure glad Cash feels better.

We've waited years for a grand baby and are certainly enjoying our time with him.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Very Busy Weekend:

Lizzy came over to watch TV and she kept me entertained, as usual.  lol

Chad brought Desmon over for the day so he could go deer hunting.  Dwayne came in from hunting for awhile as April was bringing Cash over for a few hours.
                  Dwayne and Desmon watching cartoons:

April brought Cash over so she could go get her hair done.  This brought several visitors to the house to see Cash.
Grandpa Great and Cash:
Ashlyne and Cash:
Aunt Judy wrestling with Desmon:
April and Cash napping:
Desmon taking pictures-caught us being lazy:
Desmon took a picture of April and Mike on the
cover of  their wedding album.  He said I
had to include it. 

Mom and Dad came down to see the baby and stayed quite awhile.   Then Judy, Ashlyne and Lizzy came over.  Desmon loved playing with the baby before we got company but after the company came he got jealous or something as he was a little rambunctious and I had to reprimand him often.  Overall, the morning of company was very enjoyable as we don't get company often anymore.
After everyone left, Desmon was just fine.  He went back to playing around Cash and giving him attention the same as earlier.  I guess everyone interfered with his time with Cash.
April stayed for awhile in the afternoon and we had a good visit.  She left before Chad got there to pick Desmon up.
After a full day, I enjoyed the evening relaxing and watching TV.

The day started off with Dwayne and Todd coming by to get stocked up on groceries for deer camp and to fill the wood furnace up for me.  Todd even said he loved me as they were leaving.  This is rare for Todd and just made my day.
I went to church; we had a very good service.  I then stopped and bought groceries.
Mid-afternoon, I went to Vichy for a Memorial Service for a friend, Cheryl Tipton, who passed away from lupus.  Cheri has had some rough years.  It was a very emotional service.  It was nice to see friends I hadn't seen in years.
I then went to Rolla to J.C.Penney's to buy a purse.  I have needed one (yes, needed not just wanted) for quite some time.   I bought a nice purse but I'm going to take it back after work today.  It's just too big.
I stopped at Hallmark to buy a card for my Aunt Geri Williams who was in the hospital.  I was close to where my nephew, R.J. lives and as I pulled out of the parking lot, I thought since he is on your mind so much you should just go see him.   I'm so glad I did.  He's doing so much better and we had a wonderful visit.  I plan on doing that more often.  Life is just too short for family not to get together more often.
I left there and headed to the hospital to see Aunt Geri.  To my surprise, she had been dismissed that morning.  I decided to go visit her but didn't know her house number.  I called Mom to get it but she couldn't find her phone book.  Now what?  I then called Judy and she looked it up.  My night vision isn't the greatest but I did manage to find her house number (as I was at the end of Harvey Lane and was turning around in a driveway-happened to be hers).  I had a good visit with Aunt Geri, my cousin Glenda and her husband Eddie and his Mom.  We reminisced about a lot of our childhood memories and times spent together.
After a full day away from home, I watched a little TV and headed to bed.

I am grateful for my family and friends and the time spent together.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Paydown Access:



Opening weekend of deer season each year, our church sponsors a Fall Supper which consists of turkey/dressing, sausage, mashed potatoes/gravy, corn and all the rest of the fixin's.   Lizzy has been going to help each year in the pie room.
Last year we started a tradition of driving down Paydown Road to the river.  This is a loonngggg gravel road with much to see.  We enjoy the drive and getting to see the river.  The river is so clear and peaceful.
After our drive, we went to church to work our shift in the pie room.  I shouldn't call it work as we have such fun.  There is much laughter and just good natured joking going on.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work in the pie room with such a great group of ladies and having my great niece, Elizabeth Ann Rowe aka EAR with me each year.

Cash Michael:



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cash's Cake:

Baby Jeans:

Cash and his too big jeans:
About fifteen years ago, I purchased these cute baby jeans with fringe on the sides in anticipation of a future grandchild.  Well, I got the grandchild-fifteen years later...........
I just had to try the jeans on him.  April said they were still yet too big for him, but I just had to see for myself.  Guess what?  They're too big for him!!  Go figure!
Even after he grows more, I don't think they will fit him very well.  They are made wide from the waist down.  BUT, they are very cute and I think April will humor me by putting them on him when he's older.

Lizzy and Cash.
We had a great time visiting with April and Cash over the weekend.
I am grateful for the times spent with my grandson.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cash's Christening:

Sunday, November 10, 2013 we celebrated Cash's birth by having his Christening on his Daddy's birthday.   What better way to celebrate two life events than together.
Mike's sister, Lisa, was the Godmother.  The Godfather was a harder decision to make.  April is close to both of her brothers and to choose between the two was almost more than she could bear.  Finally, she had to draw names. (She tried to get Father to let her have both but he said no).  Todd was the winner.
Following the Christening, we had a huge family meal at April and Mike's house.  We spent the afternoon visiting.
Mike, April & Cash
Mike, April & Cash
The Godfather, Todd, Mike, April & Cash
Mike, April, Cash and the Godmother, Lisa
Mike, April, Cash & Lisa
Mike, April, Cash, Lisa and Fr. Ben
Mike, April, Cash & Fr. Ben
Todd, Mike, April, Cash, Lisa & Fr. Ben
Todd, Fr. Ben, April, Cash & Lisa
Todd, Mike, Lisa, Cash & Fr. Ben
Todd, Mike, April, Cash & Fr. Ben
Todd, Mike, April, Cash & Lisa
Mike, Fr. Ben, Cash & April
Mike, Fr. Ben & Cash
Grandpa & Grandma Feeler, April, Cash, Mike and Grandma Lorraine
Grandpa & Grandma Feeler, April, Cash, Mike and Grandma Lorraine
Grandpa Feeler, April and Cash
otherwise known as:
Mr. Perfect, Miss Perfect and Baby Perfect
Mr. Perfect, Miss Perfect and Baby Perfect
(inside family joke)
Grandpa Dwayne, Grandma Connie, April, Cash, Mike, Grandma Laverne, Grandpa Frank
Grandpa Dwayne, Grandma Connie, April, Cash, Mike, Grandma Laverne, Grandpa Frank
Grandpa Dwayne, Grandma Connie, April, Cash, Mike, Grandma Laverne, Grandpa Frank
Godfather Todd, April, Cash, Mike and Godmother Lisa
Godfather Todd, April, Cash, Mike and Godmother Lisa
Uncle Todd, April, Cash, Mike and Uncle Chad
Uncle Randy, April, Cash, Uncle Steven, Mike and Aunt Lisa
Grandma Great and Cash
April, Cash and Mike
Christening Cake
Uncle Todd (Godfather) and Cash
Grandpa Great and Cash
I am very grateful for all of my family and the way the two families
 blended together for a time of visiting and celebrating.