Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Recap:

I think I'm really getting tired of my own company. Dwayne has been gone to deer camp for the past week and while I've enjoyed not cooking and cleaning, I am getting bored. You can only watch so much TV and read so many books before you start going stir crazy. I think I'm there.
Kate fixed an early Thanksgiving Dinner at 5 p.m. Only I thought it was at noon. I rushed around to bake my pie and get ready and got there closer to 12:30. I thought I was running super late-no, I was early!! Went back home and finished my book. Most of the family was there and we had a great meal. I stayed to help Kate clean up and MacKensie, Ashlyne and Liz put on a fashion show for us. They dressed in Kayla's old prom dresses and it was quite the show they put on. Elizabeth is such a little character and can make you laugh at her antics. Lizzy came home with me and spent the night.
Liz and I went to church and then to Mom's for Sunday dinner. This is the first dinner Mom has done for several months as we used to go every Sunday. After the first of the year I think we will take turns once a month to have dinner and give Mom a break. But what wonderful memories we've had through the years. Dad used to play Wa Hoo with the kids and after they got a pool the kids usually swam all afternoon.
I am trying to continue this tradition with my kids for a Sunday evening meal. Not too much luck on getting everyone there yet.
Thankful deer season is over and no one got hurt.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Katie, Connie, & Judy
Christmas 2007
Wow, what almost 12 years does to a person!! Wish I looked like that now!! Judy always says if you don't like your picture, wait a few years and look back on it and you'll think you looked good. LOL, so true!!
My sister Judy moved closer to home several years ago and our sisterly bond has grown since that time. I am happy to say that all three of us get along well together. Last night we had a "sister bonding time" along with April and MacKensie. Kate made soup for us and I provided the soda and popcorn for the movie, My Sister's Keeper. I usually cry at this type of movie but I didn't this time. It was a very touching story based on a true life experience. It's hard to imagine the pain they went through and what decisions each of us would face if we had to go through it ourselves.
We finished off the movie with dessert of Snickers Ice Cream Bars. April got us hooked on them. I'm not a Snickers candy bar person but I love the ice cream bars.
I love and cherish the times spent with my family.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Recap:

Dwayne was off to deer camp for the week and Mike was at his deer camp so April and I stayed home to watch a movie, The Ugly Truth. It was pretty good, not near as good as I thought it would be. I also watched Anna's little boy, Desmon for the night. We played with the little farm animals, feeding them hay, putting the "cows" back in when they knocked the fence down. He had two with horns he called his long horn steers and he had several he put in a pen as milk cows. I wondered how he knew they were milk cows, then he picked one up, turned it over and said yep this one has tits so it's a milk cow! Guess that answered my question. We had fun watching him and listening to all the cute sayings.
When Desmon woke up he said it's sunny out so we have to get up now. Chad came to pick him up and I made them chocolate chip pancakes, one of our favorites and most kids that come to visit. He didn't like the big cookies so Chad had to fix him a bowl of cereal. After they left I started getting ready to attend a baby shower and then to work at the Fall Supper at church. That didn't happen as I started throwing up.
Stayed home and felt sick all afternoon. Kate and MacKensie came down in the evening and we watched TV for awhile. An early night for me, went to bed as soon as they left.
April and I went to the lake shopping with Kate, Kensie and my niece, Tess Feeler. It poured down rain all day and we got soaked!! We did find some great buys, then ate at Vista Grande. Kate was going to fix supper for us when we got home but we were stuffed after eating Mexican. She jokingly told us she would give us a "rain check". Spent the rest of the evening watching TV and reading.
Overall, a great weekend.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Vernon Mark Feeler:

September 13, 1953 to November 12, 1953
Mark is my brother and only lived two short months. I cannot remember a time not knowing about Mark. There is no significant memory of Mom telling me about him, just always knowing I had a brother and he died. Until I was a mother myself I did not fully understand the extent of pain my parents suffered as a result of Mark's short life. Mark's heart was not formed correctly. Mom said when he was born, he was a plump baby and looked healthy. It wasn't until the next day they noticed he had a blue color and found out about his heart. I cannot imagine the pain Mom and Dad went through caring for this precious little baby knowing he was going to die. Fifty six years ago they didn't have the medical technology to treat him. For two months they cared for him and watched him slowly slipping away. During this time they nurtured the older kids, Wayne, Judy and Russ while diligently caring for and mourning the soon to be loss of Mark. I admire them very much. I have never heard them be bitter about Mark's death, just accepting. When Mom and Dad's house burned in 1990, Dwayne went in the burning house to Mom and Dad's bedroom to get Dad's guns. When he got to the bedroom he saw Mom's box of pictures inside the door. He grabbed them and was going to go back to get the guns. The fire was too far gone and he couldn't go back in. He made such a good choice of grabbing the box as it had all of the older pictures and Mark's Funeral Book listing all the neighbors that attended and several Sympathy Cards. That was a real treasure to Mom. We don't have any pictures of Mark as people didn't take many pictures then. I would love to have seen what Mark looked like.
I was the next child born and Mom and Dad were a little extra protective the first few years and always told me I was special. I was no more special than the other kids just a blessing to be healthy after losing Mark.
I am grateful for my Mom and Dad's love and respect them so much for not letting their child's death cloud the rest of their life or their childrens.

Deer Season:

I've mentioned before how much Chad likes to ride horses. How many people actually ride a horse to their tree stand? Appie was decked out in his "hunting gear" so he wouldn't be mistaken for a deer. Couldn't resist taking a ride with Chad near the house.
Praying for all deer hunters to have a safe week deer hunting.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Recap:

I had all of my work done so John told me to go ahead and leave early. It was such a beautiful day I took a short drive around the countryside. After supper Mom and I went to a bridal shower at Spring Creek Baptist Church. We used to go to church there and it was so nice visiting with friends we hadn't seen in a long time. Ashley received a wide variety of gifts and a handmade cedar chest from her uncle. We had a great time.
The day was so beautiful I didn't know what I wanted to do first. I was like a kid in a candy shop, too many choices. I washed windows for awhile, picked up items out of the yard to put in the garage, but mainly I just wondered around doing nothing. Kenny, Shelley, Blake and Nathan came in the afternoon for April to take pictures. We enjoyed the kids and the big kid that Dwayne is played in the leaves with Blake. I will have to post a picture when I get it. Blake kept wanting to build a house with a window out of the leaves. We couldn't figure out how to do that but that's what he was trying to do. So cute!

Went to church, we had a large crowd in attendance. I picked up lunch from the grocery store and we ate on the porch. Not many days you can eat outside in November. We had my Dad's birthday party at Broadway Baptist Church in the afternoon. Dad had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends. A few people brought old pictures to share. Lloyd Terry came and brought Mom and Dad straw hats. Lloyd and Dad had quite a time telling stories. They were still at it after everyone left.
Fixed chili and grilled cheese for supper. There was only me, Dwayne and April to eat. I had fixed a custard pie for dessert. Chad loves custard pie and has ate a whole pie before. Since he didn't show up we almost finished it off. I'll have to bake another one tonight for him.
I am so grateful to still have my parents and in relatively good health. I cherish the memories more each day.

Friday, November 6, 2009

85th Birthday:

Happy Birthday, Dad:

Today is my dad's 85th birthday. How to describe my dad-well he is a character that's for sure. Dad is a very optimistic person and looks for the good in people. Family History-now that's a topic he can talk about for hours. He can find a link back to most anyone. Mom has often joked that she wished he could recite the bible the way he can the history book.
I have been very blessed with the parents I have. Dad is a role model to his kids and grand kids. He takes great pleasure in the great grandchildren who live close by. His face lights up when talking about his family. It is with great pride I wish my dad a wonderful birthday.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Girl:

April had the day off and stopped by work to see me. I love all three of my children, but there is a special bond with a daughter. I thank God every day for blessing Dwayne and I with two wonderful sons and a daughter.

Weekend Update:

Dwayne spent the night at deer camp so I spent a relaxing evening watching TV and reading.
Halloween Night:
Dwayne greeting the trick or treaters at the door with his mask.

Nathan the Indian:

Liz the Candy Corn Girl:

Ashlyne & Zach:

Blake the Cowboy:

Blake the Cowboy attacking the Monster:

"Blake the Ghost" attacking Dwayne the Monster:

Little Pumpkin Nathan:

I don't know who looks more forward to Halloween, Dwayne or the neighbors. Every year Dwayne dresses up to scare and greet the kids. Sometimes he is a scarecrow sitting on the porch swing and comes to life as the kids come up the steps. One time he came out of a chair in the yard. I think he's scared more parents than kids. This year he was a snake monster with huge plastic feet and hands.

Me and this guy went to church and then ate at the Farmer's Cafe. There were several there from church and we joked it must be Methodist Sunday. We then went for a drive and to St. James to visit Dwayne's Aunt Jessie and Uncle Warren. What a wonderful afternoon visiting and looking at pictures. We then went to Rolla and bought groceries. I didn't do a family meal this Sunday so we just watched TV and snacked.
A very relaxing weekend.