Monday, October 29, 2012


Dwayne went with me to buy groceries as I'm still not suppose to lift over ten pounds until my six weeks are up.  I do most everything with my arm without thinking but do try to limit the weight as I don't want to pull anything loose.
People are amazed at how well I'm doing, they think I didn't even get the surgery done.  The Physical Therapist said I'm about six weeks ahead of schedule on movement.  I contribute my success to the surgeon, Dr. Galbreth and also the chair they sent out for me to use.  I faithfully used it for one hour at a time three times a day.  It increased the motion by five degrees at each setting.  Other than the emotional upheaval it caused to my system, I hardly notice I had surgery.
I've been pretty antsy lately and can't seem to just at home.  Drove to the field where Dwayne was working but went to the wrong one, had to call Chad to see where he was.  Went and visited him for a few minutes then headed back home.  As I was pulling in the driveway, I thought-hey go visit your new neighbors.  They have to be lonely as her husband is in Saudi Arabia right now.  I got there as they were getting ready to eat lunch and she invited me to stay and eat a German meal with them.  I felt like I was intruding but she said no, they were happy to have company.  It was a pleasant visit getting to know Nadine and her four children.  I hope to have many more visits with them.
I went home and got ready to go to my cousin's for a baby shower.  Stopped and picked up Mom and off we went.  They have a new double wide and we had never seen it before.  It is huge! 30x70  It has a nice layout to it tons of room.  Seems kind of odd to go from a small trailer while raising kids to a huge home with four bedrooms after they're grown, but it makes for a lot of room when they all come home to visit.  Mindy received many nice gifts.  There was a six month old baby there that was the most pleasant little guy.  He's very small for his age and crawls everywhere.  He crawled over to Mom and let her rock and cuddle him for quite awhile.
After I got home, Dwayne wasn't there yet.  Usually I like being home by myself but for some reason I don't like to right now.  So back in the car I got and went down to visit my neighbors, Charles and Bev.  We had a nice visit and they seem to be doing so much better.
Dwayne pulled in the driveway right after I did.  We had supper of ham 'n beans and fried potatoes, one of Dwayne's favorites.
I then boiled a chicken for my dinner the next day, cleaned the kitchen and spent the rest of the evening reading a book.
I went to church and Dwayne finished up in the field.  I then fixed our meal for the kids coming over.
We had a chicken Mexican dish, corn, salad, crescent rolls and homemade cinnamon rolls.  I love it when all the kids can be there.  I had wanted to play cards but it was so nice out I suggested we take a drive down to Nagagomi to show Mike the Gasconade River as he'd never been that way.  I miss taking our boat out as we did most weekends when the kids were growing up.  I tried to talk Dwayne into getting another boat but he's not too interested.
We then stopped to visit with Mom and Dad.  Mom was hoping Mike had some corn cobs for her to make corn cob jelly with.  They didn't save any this year but he's checking into getting some for her.
We then headed home and April and I cleaned the kitchen then it was time for them to go on home.
I love our times spent together.

I am grateful for the visits with family, friends and neighbors.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012


Saturday we had a Feeler Family Reunion in Rolla.  Nice to catch up with family you don't see but maybe once a year.  There wasn't a very big turnout this year.

Sunday I went to church and then Dwayne and I headed to Vichy for an auction.  The Mitchell's live next door to my in-law's house.  They were selling all the household items and the house.   I still get a little tired easy since I had my shoulder surgery so we left mid-afternoon. We then headed over to Mike & Susan's for awhile to visit Carrie and the kids.  Evan and Avery call Dwayne the cowboy and are always excited to see him and try to steal his hat.  Susan said at April's wedding they couldn't find the cowboy and the other cowboys.  (Dwayne is the cowboy and Chad and Todd are the other ones.  lol)  Dwayne didn't have his hat on in the church so they didn't recognize him.  Ellie is now two and turning into quite the little girly girl.
We headed home to unload Dwayne's "finds" at the auction.  We had debated over taking the car or his truck and somehow we went out he front door and took the car.  Bummer!!  As Dwayne bought stove pipe, misc. items for deer camp, etc.  Just a couple months ago I wouldn't have let him load that in my new Edge.  I guess the new is wearing off a little.
We then headed into town to grab a sandwich and gas for the tractor and lawn mower.  Finished off the evening watching TV and a short visit from Judy, Nathan and Lizzy.

I am glad to be at work today and a little more back into a routine.  This surgery has done a number on my emotions.  Has anyone else gone through something similar following a surgery?  I've had major adrenal surgery in the past and didn't experience all of this anxiety and turmoil but this one sure has done it.

I am grateful for life and my family

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nonna Shirt/Cousin Party:

I had lost my "Nonna" shirt Blake and Nathan got me for Christmas last year.  I searched everywhere, even wondered if I had left it at April's.  A couple weeks ago I was cleaning my closet and getting Dwayne's winter shirts down and there it was with them!  I'm not sure if I put it there or it just got mixed up with the clothes.  Whatever, I was glad to have found it.
I wore it to Mom's on the 29th of September to our "Cousin Party".  Kind of bittersweet this year as usually the cousin party is at the same time as Molasses Makin and the cane dried up this year and the guys weren't able to make molasses.  We still had a good time and there were plenty of little boys there this year.
We had kept Blake and Nathan overnight and after Dwayne making our chocolate chip pancakes, the boys went with him to Chad's to pick up the flatbed trailer to take to Mom's for the dinner.  I made blackberry cobbler and headed on up.

Quite a crew playing on the tractor.  Blake, Lizzy holding Kaden, Gavin and Desmon.
The kids took turns on the swing, playing on the tractor and just good old fashioned fun.
Zach & Kaden

Dwayne & Kaleb
Kaleb loves his Uncle Dwayne and reaches for him every times he goes by.
We also celebrated Kaleb's 1st Birthday a little early, his birthday was October 3rd.
Dwayne always takes the kids on a hayride in the evening.  We were able to to leave early this year as they didn't have to clean up after molasses, so we left around five.
Our friend, Carol brought her grandson Dacoda over to ride too.  Chad, Dustin, Michael, Wayne, Tess,  and Ashlyne all rode horse.
Kayla's kids got to take a turn on the horses for awhile.
Chad and Mariah
                          Chad and Brighton

We had a fun weekend and I am grateful for time spent with family.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mom & Dad's new calf:

Mom's cow had a calf late in August.  Such a spunky little thing.  Dwayne called them when he got home from work and found it.  He asked Mom if she wanted to come down and see her new granddaughter.  Poor Mom, he had her going for a minute as no one in the family is expecting a baby.
I'm not sure if Mom has named him.  I tried naming our cows and calves last year but that didn't last long.  I couldn't keep track of who was who.

I'm grateful for my family

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I'm back:

I'm back on the mend.  The surgery went very well.  The repair was to my torn bicep muscel and rotator cuff. They also removed a nodule/cyst from my shoulder which luckily turned out to be benign. 
The healing process is going pretty good.  I went back to the doctor yesterday to get the stitches removed and set up for physical therapy.  The type of chair they brought out to the house has helped with the range of motion.  I use it for an hour three times a day.
I came back to work Tuesday for a few hours each day.  Kind of nice to get out of the house.

I am grateful the surgery went so well.