Wednesday, June 30, 2010

La Posada/Sput's Place:

Last night, Dwayne, April, Mike and me (I) went to La Posada. April and I, along with my niece, Kristin, used to meet there for lunch quite a bit. And we love it.
Dwayne will go but he's not a big fan of their food and Mike doesn't like Mexican food (but we're slowly changing that). I had a birthday coupon and wanted to go so I dragged them along with us. Unfortunately, the food wasn't that good last night. Mike ordered steak so he was okay but the quality of the food just wasn't up to par.

After leaving La Posada, we decided to drive through Vichy and stop at Sput's Place, a local bar on highway 63. Our friends, Sput (Warren) and Kathy Rogers run the bar.
I'm sure they were surprised to see us as we don't go often and especially on a week night. Several of our friends were there so we had a nice evening visiting. Of course, I had my usual, Sun Drop. Such a big drinker!! LOL

We have gotten in such a habit of just staying home that a night out was fun. We need to do that more often.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wonderful Weekend:

I went to Lindsay and Derrick Otto's wedding in Brinktown. The wedding and exchange of vows was beautiful. I enjoyed the day visiting with friends and didn't go home until around 10:30 that night.

Lindsay and Derrick Otto:

Lindsay and Derrick:

Friends since Kindergarten, Lindsay and April:

April and Mike:

April and Me:

Connie and Baby Tyler:

I was so tired I skipped church. We went to Mom's for Sunday dinner. An old friend and pastor of the family, Le Roy Nixon was there for the afternoon. It was nice to see him again.
Sunday supper was nothing fancy as I was still tired from being in the heat the day before. We had scrambled eggs and biscuits, nourishing but far from being a "proper Sunday evening meal".

The weekend was very nice and I got to visit with people I hadn't seen in quite some time. I especially enjoyed getting to see April's childhood friend, Katie McKinney.

Katie moved from the area during their school years. It was great to see her again and remember days of dance recitals and time with her Mom, Teri, who passed away around eight years ago. Katie and her sister, Kelsie have done very well and both excelled in their grades at school. Their Mom would be so proud of them.
Katie and April:

I am grateful to be included in Lindsay and Derrick's wonderful day. Their love is very apparent to all and I wish them the best in life.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Recap:

My great nephew, Nathan came over for a visit. He swam in the pool and then we went to Rolla to guy groceries. It is very rare for Nathan and I to spend one on one time, I enjoyed our evening.
There was an auction across the road at my Uncle Merle Feeler's house. I had been looking forward to going to the auction for quite some time but I almost backed out as I didn't want to be out in the heat. I decided I'd better go or I would regret it. I drove down and parked above the house. I didn't stay long but before leaving I walked on over to grandma's house. The door was open so I went in and looked around. I have so many good memories of being at grandma's house and often I dream of being there and visiting with grandma.
Later in the day, April and I both swam in the pool. The day was so hot it felt good just relaxing on air mattresses.
We had a very good Father's Day. Chad had all of us (around 26 family members) at his house for barbecue. Todd grilled pork steaks and everyone brought in covered dishes.
Neither April or I brought a camera so I wasn't able to get pictures to post. I had planned on getting in the pool when we got home but it was so hot I just opted for the air conditioning.

We had a great day celebrating father's. The boys made Dwayne's day special as he didn't have to barbecue, just relax and enjoy the day. April always gets the most special cards and gifts. The older you get the more you appreciate the times spent with your parents. I am so grateful for my Dad and the many years of I've had with him. Love you, Dad!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Elrod Reunion:

Sunday afternoon was the annual Elrod Cousin Reunion at the city park in Belle. There was a large turnout for the reunion.
I enjoy my time with my "Elrod Family". I am closer to most of Dwayne's cousins than I am with my own. That seems strange because growing up I was surrounded by cousins on both sides of the family almost every weekend. We had great fun and adventures at my Grandma and Grandpa Feeler's. The closest cousins I have on my Mom's side are Aunt Ella Mae Allen's kids. We were together most weekends and would take turns spending a few days with each other over the summer. (I have to admit, though, I got homesick and sometimes went home before the end of the week) When they lived in St. James, we would do the chores around the house in the morning and then after lunch our day was free to go to the swimming pool in town. This was almost a two mile walk but so worth it after you got there. I am still in contact with the "Allen Cousins" but our lives seem to have taken us in different paths and towns that we don't get together much anymore. I miss that.
Now, back to my Elrod Family. They have always welcomed me with open arms and made me feel a part of the family and not just an "in-law". Never have I felt that love more than when my father-in-law passed away and the weeks leading up to his death. The aunts would call me periodically, not just to check on Grandpa Andy, but to inquire about my health and family. It meant so much to me when Grandpa died to have different ones in the family thank me for taking care of Grandpa. To me, it was not a chore as I loved my father-in-law very much and the many trips to Jefferson City to the doctor were a special time together. I miss him more than I can say.
Families: They come in all shapes and sizes. Being a blood relative doesn't make you any closer than family members acquired throughout life.
I am very grateful for my Elrod Family and the close bond we share.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Class of 75:

Dwayne and I hosted the 35th Class Reunion of Maries R-1 at our house on Saturday, the 12th.
For our 25th Class Reunion, we met at our house as it was a stopping off point between Vienna and Rolla. We had dinner at Zeno's in Rolla that evening. Most everyone came back to our house after the meal and had such a great time visiting they decided we would just barbecue at our house for the 30th Class Reunion.
The 30th Class Reunion was held at our house in July of 2005 and I think it must have been the hottest day of the year!! We had fans set up outside and battled the heat the best we could. This year the weather was perfect. We had a shower and high winds for about ten minutes but then it cleared up to be a wonderful evening.
One of the advantages of having an event at your house is you do jobs you've put off for quite sometime. In 2000, we put down new living room carpet and Pergo laminate flooring in the hall and kitchen/dining room. In 2005, Dwayne painted the living room and kitchen, put up new trim and installed a wooden ceiling in the hallway. (two stories high) This year we didn't do much to the house but spruced up the yard and Dwayne stained the back porch. One of the first questions asked by a classmate was what we did to the house this time. LOL I am glad everyone enjoyed their time at our house and look forward to getting together in another five years.
This is the smallest turnout we've ever had. With the reunion being held in June, some classmates had weddings to go to and Mick Byrd was singing at a winery in Holts Summit. We missed seeing everyone but enjoyed our time visiting and reminiscing about our school years. It seems we all had different memories of events and surprised that what we remembered someone else didn't. One of our classmates, Sam Reeves, remembered a song our School Superintendent (Jack Allen) used to sing about baloney and it went to the tune of Pop Goes The Weasel. I have a pretty good memory but didn't remember it at all. A few others vaguely remembered it. Sam really wanted the words to the song. I work for Jack Allen's nephews, Don and John Allen. I asked them yesterday about the song and they both started singing what they remembered of it. Don told me to call Dave Allen (Jack's son) to see if he had the words. I called and spoke with his wife, Ruth and she said they had just been looking at the song a few days ago and she would send me a copy. When I get it, I'll share the words for everyone.
We stayed up until almost 2 a.m. and I thought I would go right to sleep. Wrong!! 4 a.m. and I was still wide awake! Today, I'm tired, I guess it caught up with me.
I am grateful my classmates enjoyed coming to our house and having a good time.

First and possibly last:

Last Thursday night Dwayne grilled some salmon and talapia fish. We are not big fish eaters and this is the first time Dwayne has cooked fish. I can remember I tried frying fish the first year we were married and it didn't turn out too well. I baked trout one time and I really liked it but Dwayne didn't. I thought we should try to eat a little healthier and try fish at least one night a week. That thought may change to one night a year as we weren't that crazy about it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy.................

Busy is the best way to describe my life this past week.
Friday evening was pretty relaxing. Dwayne didn't go to the field and we had time to eat, sit on the porch and just talk without having to hurry and do other chores around the house or field work.
April and I went to Jefferson City to do some shopping. Me for an outfit for my 35th Class Reunion coming up and April, as always, was looking for shirts! LOL She loves to buy shirts and for once she didn't spend money as she couldn't find any shirts she liked. Better luck next time, April.
On our way home we decided to drive on in to Rolla and do some shopping and to buy groceries. It's the first time April has been home on a Saturday night in quite some time.
April and I went to worship service at church and then to buy gas for the lawn mower. As you've previously read, I DO NOT pump gas, so she had to open the tailgate, get the gas can and fill it up 'cause I sure wasn't going to do it!!
We had dinner at Mom's. It amazes me that at age 80, going on 81 in the near future that she fixes a huge meal before she goes to church and has most everything done before we get there. We were a small group as Judy and Joe were sick, Kate was out of town and most of the kids had events to go to. None the less, we had a great dinner and we all fit around one table. Been awhile since that's happened.
The rest of the day was uneventful and I didn't fix supper that night. Poor Dwayne, the kids weren't there for Sunday evening supper so I didn't fix him anything, either.

Work this week has been very busy. We have a project I've been working on and the day seems almost done before I know it. Today is kind of a catch up day.

My classmates will be at our house on Saturday, June 12th for our 35th Class Reunion.
We have had the past two reunions at my house and everyone had such a good time we just leave it as being there again. I am glad my fellow friends and classmates enjoy being at our house.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Zachariah Troy-Elliott Rowe:

Baby Zach:

First Birth Viewing for Aunt Connie:

Todd, Daddy Troy, April, Grandma Judy, Ashlyne and Grandpa Joe's arm:

Proud Great Aunt Connie:

Messy Zach eating on the back deck:


Troy & Zach:

Zach with Mardi Gras beads with Chad at Chad's Birthday:

You are not to have a favorite among kids, but if I did have a favorite great nephew, Zach would rate way up there!! He is a really sweet little guy.

Zach's birth is the first experience I've had on the other side. Kelly, his Mom let me witness the birth of Zach. What a miracle!! And I actually think it's harder not being the one in labor, you worry over the mother and want to help take away the pain. This was hard on me being with Kelly, I can only imagine how hard it would be to one day witness my own grandchild being born. (Hopefully, I WILL get a grandchild someday!! Do you get my sarcasm here? They say all good things for those who wait, but I keep waiting and waiting and waiting.............) I may not be a grandmother yet, but I have so enjoyed all of my great nieces and nephews. Thank you to the grandparents for letting me have a role in their lives. It is not to say I didn't enjoy my own nieces and nephews for I did, especially the older ones as Dwayne and I (in our dating years) would take them to the movies, swimming, or just to hang around with us. The other ones came along at about the same times as my own children so I enjoyed them but not as much one on one time.

Now, back to Zachariah Troy-Elliott Rowe!! With a name like that, he has much to live up to. Zach was a very good baby, which was such a relief after his sister, Ashlyne. Ashlyne was the first baby in the family for many years and we all spoiled her. Ashlyne was loved by all and therefore she was used to getting a lot of attention. (still does even to this day) We love her and couldn't imagine her being any other way. Zach is just a more mellow, easy going child. He loves to spend time with his Uncle Dwayne and is a very good worker. He has helped Dwayne with numerous chores, stacking brush, helping in the cane field, and doing "man jobs". When he was smaller, he would always ask Dwayne if he had any man jobs to do.
Zach has very sensitive and has a tender heart. His feelings get hurt easily, but a kind word quickly mends the hurt.

I am very grateful to Zach's parents for letting me witness his birth. It is a precious memory.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend:

I took the day off as we were having our chimney repaired. That evening, my great niece, Tess came down to spend the weekend. We went to Vienna with Judy to watch Zach and Ashlyne play ball. Ashlyne came home with us.
April went to Vichy to be the "pig shooter". This is almost a sacred rite of who gets to shoot the pig each year. April was supposed to shoot it last year but big brother Todd thought April was scared so he took the gun from her. He's never heard the last of it from everyone so April got to do the honor again this year, only for real. Blake also helped with his "pig shooter gun".

April shooting the pig:

Dwayne and Blake lowering the pig to be scalded:
How many people does it take to scald a hog?
Dwayne and Blake taking the scalded pig across the field to the lake:
Dwayne, Blake, Dacoda and Zach:
Dwayne, Blake, Baby Nathan and Zach:
My favorite picture, Dwayne, Blake and Nathan:

After shooting the pig, April brought this little guy home with her.
We played with baby Nathan for awhile then Tess, Ashlyne and I went to Rolla to buy groceries for the Pig Roast. We then went and put flowers on our friends' graves at the Macedonia Cemetery. A bittersweet time.
We then went on to our lake in Vichy for the Pig Roast. I dropped the girls off there and went on home to make my dishes for the fish fry that night and the pig roast the next day.
April, Nathan and I went over to the lake for the Saturday evening annual fish fry.
As always, we had plenty of food and visiting with friends and family. Ashlyne went home with her Mom and Tess, Zach and Blake came home with me. Zach was filthy from camping, fishing and riding horses. I made him take a shower and I asked Blake if he was ready for me to give him a bath. It was so cute, he smelled of his arm (dirty from playing all day) and said, no, I don't smell so I don't need a bath. I was tired so I didn't push it. We couldn't find "his car sleeping bag" so I convinced him to sleep on a blanket. Took some convincing but he finally gave in after just staring at me with his "Blake look".
I had to go the Davis Church for the memorial service. I'm secretary for the Davis Cemetery so I really needed to make an appearance. It is a great service with the community coming out for the one day service and basket dinner. There is singing and for the worship service, Marvin Dablemont did the preaching. I didn't stay for the service as I needed to get home and finish up my food and go on over to Vichy.
The pig roast started in 1976 as the Deerhunter's Pig Roast of Tallahachie. (by Spring Creek) The founders were the parents of us and our friends. I am sad to say Loyd Workman and Jeff Hooker are the only ones left of the originals. It has been held at Spring Creek until 2007 when we started having it at our lake in Vichy. Dwayne's dad, Andy had planned the new location and was excited about it being on his land. Andy passed away January 9th of 2007 and didn't get to see the first pig roast at his land and of many more to come. It is so hard to attend these events without remembering the ones gone.

The Pig:
Taking the pig off the grill:
Notice the girl on the right in the blue shirt as I will mention her again later:
The Elrod's: Chad, Dustin, Todd, Dwayne, Andy and Cody:
April and Mike:

The kids playing on the rope swings:

Much Fun:

Blake swinging so high:

Fun for all ages:
Zach, Chad and Nathan:
First time on a horse in YEARS:
Uh, Chad, the reins are a little long:
Getting ready for the takeoff:
Off we go:
Yep, I'm actually doing this........
This is how we all felt at the end of the day:

The weather was perfect. We had a little shower mid-afternoon but it soon quit.
Dwayne's cousin, Mark Carroll, his friend Susie, his son Blaine and his girlfriend Julie, came out from IL for the weekend. We always have a good time around them.
Blaine's girlfriend was a surprise for all of us with her eating the cooked eyes from the pig!! She said they tasted like morel mushrooms!! We were all shocked, to say the least. I gagged just hearing about it. She also tried the brain and tongue!! Julie is a very nice young lady and we were all shocked to see her try eating the eyeballs!! I asked Mark if she thought just because we lived in the country we ate things like that. He didn't have a clue as to why she did it. I'm sure this story will be told year after year.
Dwayne went back over for the cleanup and I stayed home and relaxed.

I am so grateful my family has continued the Deer Hunter's Pig Roast. Kids, big and old have a great time. We have some that play games, some that visit, some fish, etc.
Just a good old fashioned good time.