Thursday, August 30, 2012


The bridge on Highway A is now open!!  I am so excited!!  And I'm sure everyone else around me is too as I have whined and complained the whole two months it's been closed. Not bitterly whining, just stating how much I hate going around all the time.
I tried different routes only to go back to just taking the gravel road from Highway A to Highway 63 through what we call Wadlow Road.
I had just bought a new (to me) vehicle in June and did not want to drive it on gravel roads much.  I drove sooooo slooooooooowwwwwww the first day on the gravel I decided the next day I would go through Rolla.  Well, that didn't work out so well.  Highway 63 had road construction and I had to wait twenty-five minutes and to call into work and tell them I would be late.  I still decided to go home that way and lo and behold! Road construction again!!
So the next day I go back through the gravel-ugh!!  They were brush hogging the right of way and I had to wait, another call into work stating I was running late!!
I had to just admit to myself I was going to have to just tough it out and drive my vehicle on gravel roads everyday and a longer route......which I knew and know!!  I was just being a weeny!
We needed this new bridge so bad and although I complained about the inconvenience I knew I had to just shut up and put up!!  lol

But isn't that the way we are in life too?  The big picture!  We want instant gratification now and our answers from God when we want them and the fastest route, not realizing we have to maybe go through some rough roads, stumbling blocks or other obstacles along the way.  We often look for the short cut, ie something not good for us first.  And I did just that on Sunday, I took the road across the bridge going around equipment, yeah it was faster, but it was WRONG!  And my conscience knew it and I was glad it was shorter, but I did not really feel that good about what I did.

I am GRATEFUL the road is open and grateful I may have just learned a good lesson on patience and endurance.

"Friends are God's way of taking care of us."

and God knows when we need a friend to lean on.

I was having a low point last night and was feeling a little blue and teary eyed.

It was the beginning night of the county fair and I took the kids (great-nieces/nephews) over with me.
I had just got a sandwich and soda and headed off to sit on the bleachers in the customary spot I had always sat with Fay and Lorene Hutchison, my fair ma and pa.  (a friend's parents, Dwayne and I sat with them every year and Fay decided they were my "fair ma and pa".  Sharon and I have been talking about putting a plaque on the bleachers commemorating their spot.  Fay and Lorene have both passed away)
I was a little lost in my own thoughts with some disappointment/hurt I experienced that evening.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my dear friend, Patty wave at me.  I went on over to where she sat and spent the whole evening there visiting.  Patty is a great friend, great listener and just what I needed.  We have a history of our lives interweaving periodically.  I can't say enough about how amazing and strong this person is.  She has endured great tragedies in her life and still puts on a smile and brave front.  I admire her very much.  I know her heart hurts so much with her loss, the toll it takes on her emotional and physical health to put that smile on.
I am always there for her and she for me.  We can see automatically if one or the other of us is having a difficult day.  She saw it in my face as soon as she said hello and for that I am so grateful.  We don't have to discuss whatever is going on, we just know and are there for each other.

I am so grateful for friends and their part in our lives.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012


I haven't done a weekend post in quite some time.
One of those days at work when you think, "how many more years do I have to work" days.
Pretty much a relaxing morning of sleeping late, coffee and watching TV.  I needed this me time of doing nothing very much.
Dwayne came home from farm errands around noon.  He sold a few cows this week and had a seldom free weekend to just relax and hang around the house.
That evening we went to Labodie to Bill and Lynn's (Dwayne's cousin) house for a barbecue and delayed wedding reception.  It was great visiting with family we don't get to see that often.  Lynn plays the guitar and even got up and played a few songs with them. We had a very good time.
I went to church and also broke the law all in one morning.  I know, not very good, huh?
The bridge has been out for two months on our highway and we've had to go around through gravel roads.  I saw an opening where people had been driving around the barricade onto the bridge and across.  I cautiously decided to try it. 
When I got home, Dwayne and I loaded up some items for the wedding and headed over to St. Elizabeth.  April fixed dinner for us (million dollar spaghetti-very good).  Dwayne and Mike watched TV and April and I spent time going through wedding decorations. 
I decided we should take a walk on the track but it was much more humid out than I realized so one lap and I was ready to head back.
We took a longer route home as there was a gravel road I had always wanted to go on.  It was nice to see different country side.
We then went to visit Mom and Dad and home home to watch my Sunday night TV shows, Diva and Army Wives.

It's nice not to have leisure time we can go places and just visit.

I am grateful for the time spent with different family members over the weekend.

A little boy's grief:

This special little guy in our lives lost his Grandma Tina Friday night.  Sure hard for him to understand her death.

I pray for God's guidance in his life and grateful for the opportunity for our family to reach out to him.

Friday, August 24, 2012

September 10th:

35 Years on September 10
When we got married in 1975 time was just something that passed by day to day.
Spring forward 35 years and time seems to pass in year increments!  Five years, ten years - wham thirty-five years!!

I am grateful for my husband and the life we have together.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Farm & Fishing Set:

Desmon, smile...........

I bought this set last fall for Xander for Christmas.  I liked it so much I kept it and it stayed on the kitchen counter for at least a month.  Any time someone would walk by, the fish and deer would be moved around.  We all enjoyed it and Xander gets to play with it when he comes down.

Desmon's recent visit required a trip to the basement for "my toy".  lol  Hard to believe Des is now seven.  He brought a lot of joy into our lives.

I am grateful for visits from this little guy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sneak Peak:

These fabric roses are for a few projects I've been working on for the wedding.  It's been fun sewing and designing.   One of the ideas I came up with earlier in the summer I saw on pinterest yesterday.  Not quite the same but so similar.
Dwayne, Chad and Todd have also worked on a few projects.  I can't share those pictures yet but it reminded me of Bible School craft time.
Such a fun and exciting time in our lives preparing for April's wedding.  The boys seem just as excited as if they were working on their own celebrations.  I am very proud that all three kids are still close and dedicated to each other.

I am grateful for our time spent with our adult children.

Words to live by:

"Remove any of your fear with faith.
Trust the power of God to guide you"

I just read this on another blog this morning.  We (I) get so caught up in trying to figure everything out and telling/asking God what I think needs to be done.  Oh, yea of little faith, I need to remember to take my burdens to God and leave them there.  (easier said than done)

I am so grateful for life and the freedom we have in our country to believe and worship in God

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Visit to Great-Great Grandparents:

Last month Dwayne and I watched my great-niece, Kara's little boy, Parker Bradley for a few hours.
He kept us a little busy, he likes lots of attention.  His Momma spoils him just a little bit, but she said he is a baby such a short period of time she's going to hold him all she can.  He loves his Momma, when she starts talking his face lights up and he starts smiling.  She carries on a conversation with him all the time and he "baby talks" right back to her.  So cute!
We took him to visit Mom and Dad for awhile.  They had never got to hold him as there was always so many around when they would see him.

Dwayne and Parker

Mom and Parker
Dad and Parker

These little additions to the family are so special and cherished.

I am grateful for each one.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday at Elrodo Drive:

We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon at the house. The kids came over and Todd barbecued.  The weather was beautiful and a great day to be outside.

Dwayne relaxing instead of working all weekend.

Todd, my master barbecuer.


What are my guys looking at??????

 Mike riding a horse!  I'm not sure if Mike has ever rode a horse before.  It can be quite intimidating; I know as I rode Black Betty a few minutes before Mike did.  Betty is a tall horse and I haven't rode much at all in my adult years so she seemed even taller.  I was scared!  The horse did fine but nonetheless, I was scared of falling off and it was a long way to the ground.


"Hey, guys, I made it!!"

Not sure if the boys made a horse back rider out of Mike yet, but I'm sure in time he'll be out with them.  April-don't think so.  It's been so long since she's rode a horse she is scared of them.  (like her Momma)  Black Betty is a very gentle horse and the ride is smooth but I just couldn't let my guard down.  I thought about riding up to Mom and Dad's and surprising them that I was riding again but it seemed a little too far away.  Coming from me, who used to ride a horse all day with my friend, Sherie.

The past weekend was the most relaxing and enjoyable we've had in quite some time.
Chad came over mid morning Saturday to help Dwayne with the cows.  They didn't have to spend the whole day working and came back in around one.  April had come over to visit and we had a bit of family time, minus Todd who was fishing.  It's unplanned days of just hanging out and not doing much that seem to mean the most.
Saturday evening, Dwayne and I went out to eat at Matt's Steakhouse with our good friends, Mike and Susan.  We then went to Sput's for awhile and sat on the deck.  We didn't know any of the people so didn't stay long.  As hot as it's been this summer, it was surprising that we got cold sitting outside.
Finished off the weekend by going to visit Mom and Dad, then stopping by my nephew's to see my sister who was visiting, plus the great nieces and nephews.

I am so grateful for my family and the times we have together.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dwayne's Birthday:

Dwayne and I both turned the double fives this year.
We always celebrate Dwayne's birthday with lasagna and delicious cake.
I think if I fixed anything different he would be pretty disappointed.
Annual delicious cake, Dwayne's favorite.

When I was younger and even just a few years ago I didn't really appreciate time as I do this year.  Momma's health has been so precarious this year that earlier this summer I was beginning to doubt her ever being able to go anywhere again.
In July she had two hospital stays of having fluid drained due to congestive heart failure.  She was then able to get up and walk around some and just looked so much better.  She was released from the hospital on Saturday evening, July 28th.
That Sunday I asked if her and Dad would like to come down for supper Tuesday night for Dwayne's birthday and to visit the kids.  I cannot believe the joy I felt at having my Mom and Dad be able to get out and come down for supper.  I think each one of us felt the specialness of the visit.


I know we all felt the message as Momma said the blessing before the meal.  What a great evening.

As a lyric to a song goes, "There will be times like this, you're gonna miss it, they'll be times like this........."  It may not go exactly as that but that's the part I pick up on.  Yes, there will be times I'm going to miss this, but I am so thankful I have times like these as cherished memories.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Another hospital visit:

Another capitvating moment.

We had yet another hospital visit yesterday.  This one was scheduled and really had a pretty good outcome.
Mom's cardiologist wanted her to come down last week for an exam to see why her heart function dropped so rapidly from March's echo to her to the 20-25% in July.  He then scheduled her for an angio-cath on the 9th.
Judy, Dad, Mom and I took off at 4 a.m. yesterday.  I despise getting up early and my family always thinks I will be late, etc.  I CAN get up early, I just don't like to.
Dr. Roselman did a very thorough testing of the heart valve, pumping mechanism, function level and for any blockage.  Luckily, the by-pass from years ago looks good as well as the stint from 2007.  But her heart rate is very sporadic and she is in atrial-fib, which we already knew but did not know it was that bad.  He is upping her medicine to try to get the heart rate stabilized and that will also help with the congestive heart failue.  She can  regain most of her heart function with the help of this medicine if we can get the heart back in rhythm but if not they will schedule a cardio shock September 14th to shock the system back into a normal rhythm.  Sounds serious (which it is) but there is hope for her to get somewhat better.  Good news!!

Who is the patient here?

lol   I was so tired and they had just got Mom up to sit in a chair for awhile.  There was only two chairs in the room so I sat on the bed and then I thought, "I think I'll just lay on the edge for awhile".
Judy thought that was a good idea so she took the other side.  We then got tickled, a family trait of hysterical laughter soon followed.  I think we were all tired as Dad started laughing, too.
I had him capture how helpful his daughter's were.
When we saw the pictures we couldn't believe how fat the hospital bed made us!!  So we had him retake the picture and showed him how to do it without his finger over the lens......  lol

I tried the trick Lizzy told me to do of putting my hand under my face to hide the double chin.  Uh, might have hid the chin but sure didn't do anything to help the arm!!  lol
Gotta love what I always thought was a myth, "middle age spread" that goes with getting older.
(Actually, I hate it with a passion!!)

It was a long day but with a pretty good outcome.

I am grateful for my family and the sense of humor my Momma has passed on to each of us.  You can find good in every situation and a little laughter thrown in always helps.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kaden Michael:

Kaden, "relaxing" by laying on a footstool with his legs extended in mid air to a tin toy can.

My great nephew Kaden visited one evening a few weeks ago.  Last winter April picked him up in Rolla and brought him to the house.  He loved it and has repeatedly asked his Mom when April was going to pick him again. If April would visit Kristin and the kids during her lunch hour, Kaden was sure she was going to take him in her car to Aunt Connie's.  Kaden is quite a talker and I think the trip from Rolla to our house was very entertaining for April.
Kaden has changed so much over the past few months.  He has always been a high maintenance child, needed constant attention and always into everything!!  He is much calmer, has excellent manners and behaved very well.
I have a wooden man on my back porch my Grandpa made for me.  He cut it out with a chainsaw and it's quite primitive looking.  It has also scared many a person upon seeing it to the side of the porch.
April called me to the kitchen window to watch Kaden on the back porch.  He had walked up to the man and shook his hand.  Then he was standing there carrying on a conversation with the man.  It was very cute watching him.
One incident of the evening was quite funny, only I didn't see the humor at the time.  Kaden was wanting to do something and I told him no.  He is very persistent and kept asking.  I am not one to give in with a child asking over and over again.  I told him, "When Nonnie says No, she means NO!"
I repeated this answer to him again after his repeated questioning.  He then looks at me with his hand on his hip and says, "Well, when I say yes I mean Yes!!"  Uh! He had me there!!
I did not give in and went on cleaning the kitchen and then it hit me what he said!  I couldn't quit laughing at the little stinker.
We had an entertaining evening and look forward to the next visit.

I am grateful for all of my family and the little off-springs that come along.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Updates on Mom:


You can still see the light and humor in my Momma's face!

 I'm sure everyone is wondering about my Mom since I haven't updated in so long.
So much has happended since my last blog, it's hard to remember it all.  Mom had a few rough weeks after surgery.  She continued to fall quite a bit and seemed to just be going downhill overall.
Dad took such good care of her and saw to her every need.  Growing up, Dad never helped around the house so seeing him in a new role was surprising.
I would go by and see them everyday, either before or after work.  It was so disheartening as Momma just wasn't Momma.  She only wanted to lay in bed and then if she did get up she needed help.  I really doubted Mom getting back to somewhat normal.  During May and June she had what seems like several visits to the ER, one hospital stay in Jefferson City where she was on morphine for a few days for the back pain.  Overall, not a good time for us.  We all knew the doctor had Mom on Percocet for over a year and felt it was way too much for her to take.  We respect our Mom and Dad and do not try to make decisions for them.  Finally, when the doctor insisted Mom come home on a morphine pump her and Dad decided this wasn't the route they wanted to take.  She would have wound up in a nursing home in no time as it was getting harder and harder on Mom for each movement she took. 
Mom started seeing a different doctor and started to improve.  She still wasn't getting out of bed much and it was so hard seeing Mom like that.
I can't remember the exact timing of each episode but around the second week of July she was admitted into the Rolla hospital under a doctor's care that would consult with Mom's cardiologist in Sprinfield.  She has been under Dr. Rosselman's care since her by-pass surgery in 1997.
We had know for several years Mom had congestive heart failure.  She had so much fluid built up in her body she couldn't hardly breathe.  They wanted to drain the fluid off her lung but had to wait until her blood wasn't quite so thin.  It was four days before they were able to drain her right lung.  They removed a liter of fluid and we were amazed at the difference in how Mom looked.  She went home the next day on a Saturday.  But by the following Monday she was having trouble breathing again.
Back to hospital.  They inserted a port the next day and started removing the fluid.  There was almost a full liter in the first hour.  She stayed in the hospital for six days with fluid being drained the whole time.
Without all the extra medicine she didn't need and the fluid build-up from the heart failure, she was like a different person.  Mom was back!!

The puffiness in her face is gone.  It had been there for so long, we got used to it.

Me and My Momma!!

This picture is so happy and yet so sad to look at.  You can see the worry in Dad's face.

Getting ready to go home one evening.  I have never seen my Mom and Dad not kiss each other by no matter if it's a trip to the field, town or especially a hospital stay.

The past few months have been hard.  I didn't even feel like sharing my thoughts or feelings.
Hopefully, I'm back to normal-whatever that is.  My family would say I've never been normal. lol

I am so grateful for my family, their love and our continued time.