Friday, January 29, 2016


Wednesday, April had her doctor's appointment in Columba.  The babysitter was sick so we took Cash with us.  He did not like being in a dark room while April was getting her ultrasound, so I took him out to the hallway.  One of the nurses gave him stickers as he was being such a good boy.
April had called her sister-in-law, Ashley to see if she could watch Cash.  On the way to Ashley's, Cash kept saying, no Ashley.  When I pulled in her drive he really started crying.  I went around to get him out of the car seat and he was crying a lot and said, I can't, I can't.  I couldn't stand it so I took him on home with me.  I could have left him there and I'm sure he wouldn't have cried very long, but when he kept saying, I can't, I can't and putting his hand over the car seat belts, I melted.  We had a good day.  When PaPa is around I don't get to be around him that much.  We went up to see Grandpa Great and he started jig dancing as Grandpa does that with him all the time.  He then took a two hour nap.  He had fun putting my socks and shoes on.  The socks  went over his knees but he didn't care.  Look out when PaPa got home.  He started  laughing and shouting Pa over and over.  He certainly loves his PaPa.  April came to pick him up after work and had supper with us.
Putting Grandma's shoes and socks on.

Playing with the tablet.

I am grateful for time spent with Cash.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Michelle & Todd:

Michelle & Todd

Aren't they just the happiest couple.  It makes my heart smile to see my son so happy.
Todd and Michelle came over last nigh to get some of Todd's paperwork.  I told Michelle, here you inherited all this.  I gave her Todd's Resumes and tax information.  Now I don't have to do it anymore!  lol
We were visiting when Dad made his nightly call.  He decided to come on down and visit, too.
What a night of stories!    It was nice to have company during the week.  When the kids were growing up, we always had company.  It seems like people don't get out and visit anymore.

So grateful for times like these.

Monday, January 25, 2016


We've not done much exciting.  Every other Sunday supper with the kids and Dad comes down.
April and Mike had us over for barbecue one night.
I've been forgetting to take my phone in to take pictures.  Cash is so much fun.  When I'm at their house, I have to go in his bedroom with him to play.  Yesterday, we pretended we were taking naps. He loves his PaPa and PaPa's trucks.  Over a month ago Chad had borrowed Dwayne's farm truck.  Cash was so upset Chad had PaPa's truck.  He tells Chad about it each time he sees him and tells all of us Chad no PaPa's truck.  Todd and Michelle went to April's a couple weeks ago and he was telling Todd about it.  PaPa's truck should be in the shed (garage) and no Chad have it.  The little stinker doesn't forget anything.
Dad is doing real good.  He calls every evening to see about my day.  He also calls Judy and Kate every evening.  He gets out and goes places during the day.  He's doing much better than I thought he would.
I  was sick again last week, missed three days work.  It's a wonder they keep me on as much work I've missed.  I see an ENT Wednesday. so hopefully she can help me.
Todd and Michelle are busy making wedding plans.  They are both so happy.  Looking forward to having her for a daughter-in-law.  Todd has always kind of been a Momma's boy. so this Momma was a little sad at first.  Dumb, huh?  He is thirty-four after all.
Chad has been busy working and doing side jobs we don't get to see him as much.  He's putting in bamboo flooring in his house.  It looks really good.  Both Chad and Todd are good at carpentry.

That's about all that's been happening at our house.
I am so grateful for my kids, son-in-law and soon to be daughter-in-law.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sunday Night:

We had our family dinner Sunday evening.  Dad came down too.  We had such a good time laughing and visiting while we were eating.  Love these times.
April and I are having fun talking over wedding plans with Michelle.  It's still hard to believe my baby boy is getting married.  He will be 34 when he gets married and then turns 35 the next day.  So happy for them.
Overall just a fun evening of visiting.

Notice Grandpa is stuck in TV.

Cash had to get his own dip this time.

I am so grateful for my kids and the special bond they all share.

New Year's Weekend:

We were in bed by ten o'clock New Year's Eve.  I had fixed shrimp Alfredo and steak for supper.
New Year's day we spent watching movies.
 Starting to get bored.  So glad April invited us over for supper Saturday. As always, we enjoy our time spent with Cash.  He is such an organized little boy (like his mother).  When putting his large Lego blocks together they are in color order.  He lines his cars, trucks and tractors up in a straight line.  He puts books back on the shelf after we read them.  Doesn't seem to stress him out, he just does what he's seen his Momma do.  He remembers everything.  But he can be a little ornery too.  But I guess that's normal for a two year old.

Hoping 2016 will be a better year.  We put so much emphasis on the new year but 2015 wasn't too good for us.

I am grateful for life and family.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas 2016

Todd and Michelle

April and Mike

Desmon and Cash

Cash loved the talking tree.

We celebrated with the kids on Christmas Eve.  Normally, we went to Mom and Dad's for Christmas Eve and then to our house for a quick celebration.  It was nice having the whole evening but not so nice also as we missed having Mom with us.
We have a talking tree we've had for years.  I'm surprised it hasn't worn out yet.  Most of the kids are scared of it, not Cash he loved it.  If you yell real loud or clap your hands it starts singing and opening and shutting it's eyes.  Cash wasn't loud enough so someone else would have to yell but Cash didn't notice, he thought he was doing it each time.  So much fun watching him.
Todd surprised us with saying him and Michelle were engaged.  We're so happy for them.  The wedding will be in April.
I didn't get a picture of Chad this year but he was there.
We had a very good evening.
Christmas Day
We stayed home and didn't do much.
Hung around the house, did a little baking for the Elrod Christmas.
Since my father-in-law passed away, we celebrate the Elrod Christmas on the Sunday after.  This works well so the kids can all be at their home for Christmas or for other family gatherings.  We were all there although Dustin had to come late and we missed him being there earlier.  We're getting to be quite the crowd as David has five grandkids and four step grandchildren.  We buy a gift for each one (not very expensvie) and it's fun to watch them opening their presents.  Usually we play Liverpool Rummy but this year everyone just visited and watched the kids play.

I am grateful for the time spent with family and celebrating the birth of Christ.