Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I posted earlier in the month about Grandma's birthday but I didn't have a picture to go along with it.
Dad gave me this picture last night.  My family used to joke (actually make fun of me) about writing such detailed descriptions on the back of my pictures.  I'm glad now that I did.  I can look at my older pictures, turn them over and can see where, what and ages of whatever was going on.  I guess my version of scrap booking.  I wish I had kept that up through the years.  Somewhere along the line I got out of the habit.
I loved my Grandma very much.  She was the sweetest most caring Grandma and treated all her grandchildren with the same love and devotion.  I hope to be half as good a Grandma as her.
I am most grateful for my family and the love of my Grandma Feeler.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday Card:


Dad always draws a picture on the birthday cards.  Usually a horse, sometimes a squirrel up in a tree, a dog barking up the tree and various other animals.  This year he drew one for me that means alot to me.  Growing up, I was always climbing trees; the higher the better.
We had one tree right in front of the house I would climb and hang by my knees.  I did this every day for quite some time.  We also had another tree out by the driveway I could climb and see up to the gravel road we took to church.  Our preacher was from St. Louis and would come out for the morning and evening services.  The families took turns hosting him for the day with a delicious Sunday dinner.  I would climb the tree as soon as we got home and watch for when he was coming down the gravel road to report to Mom it wouldn't be much longer until the preacher got there.
My Mom fixed the best Sunday dinners.  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, slaw, homemade biscuits, various pies and homemade lemonade!!  Makes me hungry thinking about it.  Wish I could cook like that and especially after coming home from church.
Memories and a great reflection into the past and this year's card did just that.

I am so grateful for my childhood and the wonderful memories made.

Friday, April 26, 2013


The rain has been a real blessing this Spring as we need it so much for crops, grass, etc.  So much better than last year when we were almost in a drought this time of year.
BUT, rain please go away just for a couple hours this evening as we have furniture to haul.

I am grateful for the rainfall.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Tyler, Liam & Andrea
Today is my nephew, Tyler's 23rd birthday.  Tyler is just the greatest nephew.
Kind, caring and the sweetest smile ever.  When he was little he loved to come to my house and help clean out my van.  He was only three but he would get in there and wash the seats and windows.  He couldn't say Dwayne so he called him Dewey.  We plan on teaching his precious baby, Liam to call Dwayne Uncle Dewey.
Tyler and Andrea have the sweetest baby born on New Year's Eve, 2012, Liam Paul.  He is a pleasant baby and seems to be happy most of the time.  Andrea is a good mother and her and Tyler make a great team.
Happy Birthday to Tyler Paul!!
I am grateful for this nephew in my life.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thoughtful words for the day:

John 3:17         
For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Birthday flowers from my work:

Extended Birthday Celebrations:

Dwayne got home early and Chad invited us down for a pre-birthday supper.  Todd was there and they fried wild turkey, mushrooms and potatoes.  A typical Elrod meal, fried, fried, fried!!  lol  The only thing missing from the Elrod type meal was wilted lettuce.
It's nice to be waited on.
I took the day off for me and Dwayne to go running around on my birthday but I wasn't feeling well and just lazed around all day.
Friday evening, we went to La Cabana in St. James for supper.  Very good food and you get alot.  A fellow classmate, Mick Byrd was the entertainment for the night.  Another friend, Kathy Schulte Kleffner was there along with Mick's wife, Debbie.  Good music, good friends and a lovely evening.
I had plans of painting trim but decided to go with Dwayne instead.  After going to Vichy to feed the cows, we headed yo Wardsville to pick up some tractor parts.  It was a nice day to be out.  I had Dwayne drop me off at Wal-Mart to buy groceries while he went on to get the parts.
I spent the afternoon shampooing the living room furniture.  It's always nice to have fresh smelling throw pillows and furniture.
We went to Sput's for a fish fry that evening.  Followed by going home and watching a movie.
April met me in Vienna and we went to a friend's, (Erica Stratman) bridal shower.  She received a lot of nice gifts and we enjoyed visiting with people we don't see often.
I fixed  supper of pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and spinach with hot fudge cake for dessert.  Invited Chad and Todd over and we had a good evening of food and visiting.

I am grateful for another birthday and time spent with family and friends.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Todd Christopher:

My baby boy turned 32 yesterday.  Where did the time go?
(love his crooked smile)

Todd was born on Good Friday in 1981 and we went home from the hospital on Easter Sunday, the 19th and my birthday. I was also born on Good Friday in 1957.
My due date for Todd was April 4th and that was my Grandma's birthday. Since I had Chad on his due date, I smugly thought I would have a baby girl on my Grandma's birthday, the 4th. I had planned so well..... lol
God had other plans. A baby boy born two weeks late. We joke that Todd is such a sleepy head, it was natural he didn't wake up until two weeks after he was to make his appearance. At the time, (and it's no secret to Todd) I was a little disappointed not to have a girl. I looked over at the screaming red headed infant and thought, a boy, a red headed boy? Chad was born nice and clean and quiet, not Toddy, he came out screaming. I was glad when they brought him to me after he was cleaned up to see his hair was not red but almost black. BACK THEN, you didn't get to hold your baby until the body temperature was back to normal.
Trust God!! That is what I should have done. No one could have prepared me for the funny little character he blessed us with. Todd was (and is) like no other. He was such a little comedian and he wanted to grow up and be Johnny Carson. There are so many funny Todd stories, I wouldn't know where to begin.
We took the boys to the Smokey Mountains the summer Todd turned two in April. He was such a talker. We did not see any bears but a stuffed one at a souvenir shop that Chad and Todd sat on for a picture. On the way home, we stopped at Dwayne's Aunt Rita's in Illinois. The boys had been asleep in the truck and Todd came fully awake once we got in the house. He began telling Aunt Rita stories about the trip and how he saw a bear and fought with it and on and on. That was the beginning of "Todd's stories" for years to come.
In December of that same year, I saw some people in town that came to the doctor's office where I worked. Todd proceeded to tell them I was having a baby girl on April 4th of the next year. They congratulated me and I don't know where he came up with that as I was not pregnant. He also told them Dwayne, Chad and my full name and birth dates, along with the years we were born.
In hindsight, thank goodness our ways are not God's ways and he knows better than us. What a joy Todd has brought to our lives and everyone around him.
Thank you God for the birth of our second son.

I am grateful for my son, Todd.

Wordless Wednesday:



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My big strong brother of mine.......

When I was a little girl, I idolized my oldest brother.  He would spend hours playing farm with me.  He would drive nails in the ground and stretch string around them for fencing.  Cut up grass and bind it together for hay bales.  I thought the moon rose and set in my brother.
When we moved up to the new house, we had a huge clay dirt mound that was fun to play on. (looked like a small hill to me)  Wayne would dig out steps to the top.  After a rain, he would have to start over again.  He would come home from school and I would say, "Wayne, my big strong handsome brother of mine, will you build me some new steps?"  And that was all it took.
Well, my big strong handsome brother is having open heart surgery tomorrow for valve replacement.  Luckily, his arteries have tested fine so we don't foresee any problems with by-pass, just the heart valve.  I would appreciate any prayers for him and the surgeons.  Also, for my sister-in-law, Bobby as she is a pretty serious diabetic and will be staying at the hospital with him.
I am so grateful for each one in my family and today most grateful for my oldest brother.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Busy Weekend:

Nathan and Liz came over for supper and to just hang out until their Mom picked them up.  Lizzy always keeps us entertained.  Nathan likes to watch different TV shows than us so he usually goes to the basement.  We miss them if they don't come over.  (I know, we're weird like that)
Busy day of working around the house, trip to Lowe's for a lawn mower tire-which happened to not fit the lawn mower-so another trip will have to be planned.
Rushed making a food to take to two different events.
First-fish fry at Chad's.  Todd fried the fish and Chad cooked the side dishes.  Both boys are excellent cooks and it certainly showed Saturday evening.  The food was delicious.  I'm not usually a fish eater, but these were really good.
We left there and headed over to Mike and Susan's for a get together.  It's nice to spend an evening visiting with friends.
Went to church.  Not long after I got home, Mike and April got there.  They brought my birthday present, a gravy separator from Pampered Chef.  I had been wanting one for quite some time.  (Thanks, April)
After Chad and Todd got there, we all headed to Sybil's in St. James to celebrate mine and Todd's birthdays.  I love to eat at Sybil's, it's my favorite restaurant.  Unfortunately, Sunday's food was not up to par.  Disappointing!  But we had a good time.
Todd, the birthday boy
Mine and Todd's annual picture together
and yes, it wouldn't be a picture of the two of us
without this pose!!  lol  Another annual picture...
Mike, Chad, April, Todd, me and Dwayne
quite the motley crew
After eating, we headed back to Lowe's to exchange the lawn mower tire-but they didn't have one that will fit.  I did get four ferns to hang on the porch for my birthday.  Of course, no one thinks I will be able to keep them alive.  I'm kind of known for my brown thumb.  I just don't take the time to care for plants like I used to.  I'm going to try to do better.  And none of them remember how I use to have a beautiful yard and garden.
As if we hadn't done enough running for the day, we went to Vichy to check on the cows and take some cattle panels over.  While Dwayne started setting up to do some fishing at the lake, I went to the stables in Vichy to pick up Zach.  He is working weekends cleaning out stalls and walking horses.  He seemed to have had a good day but he did look tired.  Nothing a little fishing won't cure.  I read a book while they fished.  It was a nice relaxing evening.

After taking Zach home, we had "supper" of ice cream cones.  It's our dairy product for the day.  lol

I am grateful for my family and the occasions we have to get together.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Yard Sale:

Sheila and I went to a couple yard sales today on our lunch break.  I did pretty good for finding an outfit for boy or girl.  How can you go wrong with a little pair of overalls and jacket to match?  I can just picture a little pink shirt for a girl and blue shirt for a boy. 
We have tons of books left from when the kids were growing up but added one today of farm animals.
I think April has the right idea of not finding out if it's a boy or girl ahead of time.  Lessens the impulse buying for outfits.  Which Laverne, Lisa and I would be doing.  Not to mention, Grandpa Dwayne!

I am grateful for this time in our life and the joy of a grandchild on the way.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Baby Preview:

Yesterday, I took April to Columbia for her visit with Dr. Grant.  She will see him each month along with Dr. Su in Jefferson City.
Their office is very upscale with high end furnishings, more like you would expect to see on a TV setting.  Very serene and zen like.
April had the nurse come out and get me to see the ultrasound.  What an amazing sight to see your grandchild.  I didn't have ultrasounds with my babies and they were pretty new at the time I had April.
This little baby moves alot.  The baby put on quite a show for us.  It would kick, cross it's legs and even had it's little hand up by it's face as it was posing.  The funniest thing was moving it's mouth, nonstop!  It looked like it was mouthing us and talking (probably drinking the amniotic fluid is what the tech said).  It was so cute.  We wish we would have thought to video it from April's camera.  April decided it must be hyper and talking nonstop and she is in store for quite an adventure with this little person.
The visit went well and the doctor answered alot of questions we had and reassured us he thought everything was going okay, they just need to monitor the growth of the baby and the progress each month.  We're praying everything continues to go well.

I am so grateful for the opportunity of seeing this little miracle on the screen.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lunch at Freddies:

I had an extended lunch hour(s) today with some friends.  Kay's birthday was ten days ago and mine will be in 10 days, so it was a middle of the road birthday outing.  Kay LOVES Freddies in Jeff City.  Honestly, her face totally lit up talking about their hamburgers.  We had a wonderful time visiting and much laughter!  If laughter is the best medicine, then we should all be feeling really good this afternoon.

I am grateful for friends and for work letting me take a longer than normal lunch break.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Visited with neighbors and then to Maid-Rites.
Chad and Todd came by and had coffee with us.  Nice surprise visit.
We pretty much just lazed around the house.  This job out of town is really wearing Dwayne out.
Late afternoon, we went to visit Mom and Dad.  Mom is doing so much better.  She goes back to the doctor today and she's hoping she can start putting weight on her foot.
Ran to Wal-Mart's for groceries and that's about the extent of the day.
I went to church and we had a very nice service.  After church, Dwayne and I met April and Mike at the Brinktown picnic.  We thought the boys were riding horses that day but found out Chad had an accident with his horse the night before.  She got spooked and ran through a fence throwing Chad off.  Normally, she doesn't do this and Chad couldn't get her controlled as he was riding bare back and only had a halter on instead of a bridle.  That boy has been hurt so many times throughout his life.  Just glad he didn't get hurt any worse than he was.
We had a nice meal and visited for awhile.
When we got home, Zach walked over.  Poor kid, he had came over Friday night a couple times and we weren't home and then twice on Sunday and we weren't there.  He hadn't seen Uncle Dwayne since Easter Sunday (just a week, but with Dwayne out of town, they think he's gone longer than he is).  He ate supper with us and spent the evening.
We've been pretty boring the past several weekends.  Hopefully, Dwayne will get to start work closer to home next week.

I am grateful for the live I've been given.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Grandma:

Today is the birthday of my Grandma Feeler.  She left a legacy of love with all her grandchildren.  My cousin wrote a song about her for her 85th Birthday about how she made each of her grandchildren feel special.
I was named after my Grandma.  We share the same middle name of Rebecca.  She always told me I was special as we had the same name. (and I believed her, too)  lol

I am grateful for the love of my Grandma.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday:

Mike & Jake
Mike & Blake
Mike & Nathan

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


April became a member of the Catholic Church in St. Elizabeth Saturday night.  Dwayne and I went over for the celebration which started at 8 p.m. with a candlelight service. 
April has embraced the classes she has taken and learned so much more about the Bible.  I am happy for her and Mike and the faith they will raise their children in.
The St. Elizabeth community is such a kind and caring atmosphere.  We have always felt so welcome by everyone we meet.  We may become a regular visitor to the area when our grandchild arrives!!

I am grateful for a loving son-in-law that makes our daughter so happy.

Easter 2013:

We had a large group for Easter this year, 62 people.  Thank goodness it didn't rain and people could gather on the front and back porch.  We had lots of babies this year and all boys.  We decided April needed to have a girl as they seem to be few in the family the past several years.
Mom with Joey's baby, Dillon
                                             David with grandson Braxton (Andy's baby)
Andrea, Katie and her grandson, Liam
         Ashlyne holding Joe's grandson, Dillon Joe.  Kara, Tess holding Kara's baby Parker
                                                       Kara and Parker
The guys gathered on the back deck
Professional Foose Ball Player
Need a workout anyone?
Toy Room Disaster.....
David's family
                                                  The start of the Easter egg hunt
Andy's girlfriend's kids, Zoe and Nathan with Aunt Nonnie(It was sweet, Zoe came over and sat by me and then she slipped her arm around my back)
The tradition of having both sides of our family at Easter started in 1988 after we completed our new house.  It's always a large group and the amount varies year to year with other family commitments but this year was the largest group we've had.  My brother-in-law, Joe's family was able to make it this year and they had a very good time.  I think they're coming back next year.
I am grateful for my family and for my husband who does the majority of the cooking and cleaning up afterwards.