Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Late Weekend Recap:

The last few weeks at work has been so busy that I've not been very prompt on my weekend updates.
Dwayne and the boys unloaded the trailer of the molasses press and all of the other items needed at Meramac Springs. Although it's been two weeks since Iron Works, Dwayne has been sick and didn't feel like unloading.
I fixed a supper of fried chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy, biscuits and vegetables, thinking they would all be in to eat. Wrong! Chad was sick and Todd had ate at Wendy's on his way home from work. At least, Dwayne, April and I had a good meal. April had a late day at work as one of the guys in her department quit without notice and walked out and left his work undone. She was not a happy camper. There used to be three in her department, one quit about a month ago and then this guy walking out, so the work falls on her shoulders.
Such a beautiful day!! The fall weather has been so perfect this year. We enjoyed the day by what else, but SHOPPING!! We were able to enjoy the weather in between trips to different stores by getting in and out of the truck. LOL
April bought a few items for her new house and I just mainly looked around. We had Dariy Queen milkshakes on the way home for "lunch". (Dairy products.....)
I went to church and Dwayne brush hogged. After church, April and I went back to Rolla for round 2 of shopping. I needed to return the rugs I'd bought on Saturday and we missed a couple places the day before we were wanting to go to. April has been wanting a new purse so we went to Chic Chick as they usually have a good selection. No luck this time. It's a neat shop to go to, very different type of clothes and shop for Rolla. I love seeing their fashion show at the Lipstick & Purse-N-Ality.
After we got home, April got ready to go with some friends to see Miranda Lambert in Columbia. I went to Mom and Dad's to visit. Wayne and Bobbi were there and we had a good time.
Our Sunday evening meal was just Dwayne and I. Everyone else had other plans.
I watched TV upstairs as Dwayne is not too fond of Extreme Makeover-Home Edition or Desperate Housewives.

Overall the weekend was just what it was supposed to be; relaxing, shopping, visiting, eating, etc. I'm grateful for my family.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Golden Rule:

I came across the Duggar's Guidelines on another blog and thought they were good words to live by, hard but none the less the way God intended people to treat others and respect for theirself. The Golden Rule is the way God intended for us to treat each other.
Matthew 7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

All things whatsoever ... - This command has been usually called the "Saviour's golden rule," a name given to it on account of its great value. All that you "expect" or "desire" of others in similar circumstances, do to them. Act not from selfishness or injustice, but put yourself in the place of the other, and ask what you would expect of him. This would make you impartial, candid, and just. It would destroy avarice, envy, treachery, unkindness, slander, theft, adultery, and murder. It has been well said that this law is what the balance-wheel is to machinery. It would prevent all irregularity of movement in the moral world, as that does in a steam-engine. It is easily applied, its justice is seen by all people, and all must acknowledge its force and value.

There is a lot of controversy over reality TV and for the most part I feel the shows are staged. The Duggars have 19 children and even though they are in the spot light, I feel that they are a good witness to the world on teaching discipline, repect, honor and basic "Golden Rules". Our soceity has been so much on the "me" aspect that we forget how to treat others.

Copied from Guggar's Guideline:

1) Always use soft words, even when you don’t feel well.

2) Always display kind actions and joyful attitudes, even if you have been mistreated. Have the right response by quickly forgiving others in your heart even before they ask.

3) Always be enthusiastic and look for opportunities to praise others' character.

4) Always deflect praise and be grateful to God and others for the ways they have benefited your life.

5) Always use manners and be respectful of others and their belongings.

6) Always do what is right, even when others may not, or when no one is looking.

7) Thank God for how He made you, for what He has given you and everything He allows you to go through. (Romans 8:28)

8) Don’t mock or put others down. Develop compassion and pray for others.

9) Never argue, complain, or blame. Quickly admit when you have done wrong and ask for forgiveness (even if you were only 10% at fault). Don't wait till you’re caught. Be sure your sins will find you out. He who covers his sin will not prosper, but he that confesses and forsakes it shall find mercy.

10) Have a tough accountability/prayer partner to daily share your heart with and to keep you in line (your parents, spouse). The power of sin is in secrecy.

11) Be attentive and look for ways to serve others with sincere motives and no thought of self-gain.

12) Think pure thoughts (Philippians 4:8, Romans 13:14).

13) Always give a good report of others. Don't gossip! Never tale-bear unless physical harm will come to someone. (Use Matthew 18.)

14) Never raise a hand to hit.

15) Never raise a foot to kick.

16) Never raise an object to throw.

17) Never raise a voice to yell.

18) Never raise an eye to scowl.

19) Use one toy/activity at a time. Share!

20) Do your best to keep your surroundings neat, clean and organized.

21) Never let the sun go down on your wrath. (Don’t go to bed angry or guilty)

22) Amendment J.O.Y. -

-Put Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grandpa's Big Daddy:

I talked yesterday about my Grandpa's song. Today, I thought I'd share a story of Todd when he was about four years old.
Todd was in his and Chad's bedroom crying really hard. I went in to see what was the matter and he said, "I'm just so sad that Grandpa's Big Daddy died" He was sobbing so hard I couldn't hardly understand him. I don't know what brought this on as my Grandpa died in 1974 on my 17th birthday. It could have been he heard us talking about Grandpa recently or who knows. Todd was (and still is) a real character but he has a super sensitive side to him, too. Even at a young age. Not only the incident above, but when Todd was only three years old, a good friend's husband was electrocuted on the job. He left behind a wife and a young son who had just turned one earlier in the year. Todd and I were going in to Rolla one day and he starts crying and I asked him what was wrong, he said, "I'm just so sad that Cody's dad died and he doesn't have a daddy anymore". Wow!! Quite the empathy for others at an early age.
Back to my Grandpa; Grandpa had quite the sense of humor and loved playing pranks. One of his pranks back fired on him. He loved to "take a bath in the snow". Which meant, he would go outside naked (or with his long johns on) and roll in the snow. Grandma played a trick on him one winter and locked the door and he couldn't get back in until she unlocked it. I don't think he ever took a bath in the snow again. When we were young we wanted to be just like Grandpa only we would walk bare footed around the circle drive. I guess it marked a milestone in our life or something. I can remember once when I was about five that Judy and I were walking around the drive and I stopped because me feet were freezing and I started crying. Judy tried to get me to keep walking but I kept crying. She had to walk back and get me (not cool to an older sister to have to do that). That was the last time I walked barefoot in snow.
Grandpa didn't like the way the "city cousins" slammed the yard gate or the screen door. He would always say, "Connie, you don't ever slam the doors like those kids". And I never would, Grandpa's praise meant a lot.
Since I was the youngest child in our family for quite awhile I guess I was the little show off. Once Grandpa said, Connie, you don't wear those short shorts like those other kids", and I answered, "Oh No, Grandpa, I'm gonna wear my pota (polka) dot bitini (bikini). Even though I was only three or four, I remember everyone laughing. I used to say I was going to Vichy to get sugar. They all thought that was hilarious as Grandpa referred to his kisses as sugar. When I met Dwayne, Mom joked that I was still going to Vichy to get sugar. (Dwayne lived in Vichy)
So, I guess Todd got some of his humor and stories honestly from his Mom.
As to the "Grandpa's Big Daddy", I have no idea where that came from. We never referred to Grandpa as Big Daddy and could not figure out how he came up with it.
Todd came up with a lot of stuff. Once when he was two and a half years old we were in a department store in Rolla doing some Christmas shopping. I worked for Dr. Werth at the time and I saw one of the patients in the store. We visited a little and then Todd pipes up with, "My Mom is getting a brand new baby girl on April 4th". Where did that come from? I wasn't pregnant and April 4th would be my Grandma Feeler's birthday and also the date that Todd was due in 1981. At the time, he knew all of our full names and birthdays. Pretty perceptive little boy. Of course, the people that we saw thought I really was pregnant and keeping it a secret for awhile.

I am so grateful for the time spent with my grandparents and I so wish Todd had been able to meet "Grandpa's Big Daddy".

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grandpa's Song:

Below is the words to the song my Grandpa wrote and used to sing at gatherings. Grandpa was quite a character and if he didn't have a musical instrument with him he would strum on a pan or whatever was handy. Keith did a wonderful job singing the song at our family reunion. It was almost like listening to Grandpa and if you closed your eyes you could imagine Grandpa being there and singing.
Grandpa Arch Feeler's Song:
Some three years ago I was very sick in the hospital and called on the Lord to let me stay a few more years with my wife and ten children. Soon I got better and by the Lord's help in my bed we (Grandma and Grandpa)began to write this song.

Lord I don't hanker for silver or gold
All that I want is a home for my soul
Since Jesus found me, I've crossed that divide
Now I've got a picture from life's other side

O Sinner why don't you listen today
O Why don't you let Jesus show you the way
O Why don't you listen before it's too late
Or you can't enter in through that beautiful gate

When I was a young man, I strayed away
But Jesus looked after me day after day
Now since I found him, it's glory divine
I am so happy since Jesus is mine

Then sometimes I think of my firends that are gone
They're up there with Jesus around that bright throne
And some day when he calls me, I'll be ready to go
Up to that bright mansion, that's whiter than snow

Yes, someday when he calls me, I'll be ready to go
Cause Father and Mother's both up there I know
O Lord take me home cause I'm heaven inclined
I am so happy since Jesus is mine

O Lord hold my hand when I go my last round
And give me a robe with a harp and a crown.

Keith Feeler:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend Recap:

End of another busy work week. We had leftovers for supper and I went to be early.
Shelley brought the boys down for us to watch. Blake helped me make corn casserole to take to the Feeler Reunion. Nathan stayed with Dwayne and April.
We had a good turnout for the reunion. It was also my Uncle Robert Feeler's 80th Birthday and all of his kids were there. I hadn't seen a couple of them for about ten years. Keith sang a song my Grandpa Feeler wrote. There were a lot of tears shed when he was done, as you could almost imagine Grandpa being there singing it.
Brought back a lot of childhood memories for each of us.
Blake had a blast playing with the older kids, basketball, kickball, playing outside, etc. He's been around my great nieces and nephews so much it's like he's part of the family.
I spent the afternoon on the front porch with Blake and Nathan. Nathan had a good time trying to keep up with his brother. Blake must have been worn out as he pulled the swimming pool ladder up to the porch railing and would climb up and over the rail, go down off the porch and do it again, a number of times. Wish I had his energy.
Dwayne still didn't feel good so he went to bed early and I stayed up and made pumpkin bars to take to church the next day.
I went to church and stayed afterward for the dinner. I always enjoy visiting with the "Howard Girls" at the church meals. Dwayne had not felt good all weekend so he didn't go to help. Normally, Dwayne keeps going when he's sick but this cold has knocked him down.
Todd came over in the afternoon and we visited a couple hours on the porch enjoying the nice weather. It was only Todd, Dwayne and me for supper. I fixed sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy. A nice "supper" meal.

My family, I'm grateful for each one of them.

Friday, October 15, 2010

LATE Weekend Recap:

The week before Iron Works at Meramac Springs is a very hectic time at our house.
Last year, Dwayne was off work so it freed up time for him to make the many trips to St. James taking the press, pan, cane, etc. in the daytime. This year, it was much harder on him as after working 90 miles from home each day, he had to make the trip to Meramac Springs each night. Chad, Todd, Troy and Zach helped him.
Ashlyne, Zach and Tess spent the night with us. Zach usually gets the room upstairs with the TV, but I let Ashlyne and Tess have it this time which left Zach staying in the pink room. He didn't like that so he decided he should sleep on the couch so it would be easier for Uncle Dwayne to wake him up. Pretty good plan.......

Meramac Springs, St. James, MO:

Lizzie came by to ride with us but when she found out April was also driving, she decided she would much rather go with her. I stopped at the bank in Vichy to get change for the day but I always underestimate the amount of ones I need.
The weather was hot for this time of year, getting up into the 80's. The guys had it pretty rough cooking the molasses in the hot sun but it did make for a beautiful day.
April and I pour up the molasses and man the booth. It's nice visiting with people and hearing them reminisce about making molasses when they were younger. People are so amazed by the process. We've been doing this since 1978 so it's old hat to us.

I am so grateful for all of my family that helps with this old time venture of making molasses. We are carrying on the tradition my Dad started in 1978. His legacy of molasses making will continue down through the next generation. Todd has learned how to finish off a batch of molasses from Dwayne and David. The Feeler Molasses tradition is carried on down through the Elrod's.

The brochure Meramac Springs puts out each year features a picture of Dwayne and I taken in 1998. I LOVE the picture, as I am a. much skinnier!! b. younger, c. much skinner!!! BUT, we don't look the same as we did twelve years ago (darn it!!)and it was time to submit an updated picture of us.
Dwayne and I posing for 2011 Brochure picture:
If only we weren't smiling, we might have got to be the next "poster child" for the Corn Flakes box.
Ma and Pa Kettle:

Troy feeding the cane into the press:
Todd and David cooking molasses:

That evening, we went to the dinner sponsored by the James Foundation. Each year awards are given out for years participating. My nephew, Nathan was so excited as he was to get his 10 Year Award. I didn't get a picture of him, but he was very proud.
The girls must have been worn out as they were pretty quiet on the way home.
Repeat of the day before. There is so much team effort on the family and friends to help make this event happen each year. We appreciate every one's effort. Since we had pizza last year on Sunday, we repeated it this year and April and Mike picked up pizzas from Pizza Hut.
I took the day off to rest. (and clean a much needed house!!)

It seemed like I just started my work week and here it is Friday and ready for another weekend. Time certainly passes by fast!!

I am so grateful for each of my family and their presence in my life.

Friday, October 8, 2010

October 4th:

October 4th is a popular day in my family.
First off, my daughter was due October 4th, but being the prompt person she is, she arrived two weeks early on September 19th.
My lovely daughter:
My great niece, Ashlyne was born on October 4th, 1996. She was the first great-granddaughter/niece in the family. And we all spoiled her!! We kept Ashlyne quite a bit during her first year (and beyond) and became quite attached to her. She was a high maintenance baby(and still is, lol). Ashlyne feels more like a granddaughter to me than great niece. She is a special young lady in our life. Here is to a great and happy year of being 14.
Ashlyne Paige Rowe:
Ashlyne was born on Jamie Jo's birthday. Jamie is my ex-niece-in-law. (Is there a term for that?) Anyway, I am so blessed to have had Jamie in our life. She is a beautiful person, on the inside and outside. We were quite close when she was in the family and always enjoyed our time together. She is the mother of my great-nieces, Kara and Tess. We still keep in close contact.
Kara, Tess and Jamie:

And now to the grand finale...........
My good friend's daughter, Carrie, gave birth to a baby girl on no other but October 4th, my due date with April. Susan has joked that Carrie is actually my daughter as she loves to read (as do I, and Susan hates to read), became a school teacher (that is what I had wanted to be), has two little boys and then gets a girl the third time, and that little girl was not due for two more weeks, early just like April was. I am so happy for Carrie and Ryan, their children will bring them much joy.
Ellie Michelle Stark:

Proud Stark Family:
Ryan, Carrie, Avery, Evan and Ellie:

I wonder what next October 4th will bring..............

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Late Posting of September Birthday's:

September 25, 2009
Nathan Steven Allen

Shelley made Nathan's first birthday cake:

Enjoying his party:

Nathan Steven Allen turned one on Saturday the 25th. We weren't able to go to his birthday party due to making molasses that day. We did get to celebrate with him a couple weeks earlier with supper at the Vichy Wye Cafe. Nathan and his brother, Blake are two important little guys in our life.

September 28, 2001:

Trevor Hayden Elrod

Trevor with his "camer":

April and Trevor acting silly:

Now acting all sweet and innocent:

Trevor is our great nephew and he is the son of Dustin Elrod. We have all enjoyed Trevor so much as he was the first great grandson in the family on the Elrod side.
If you notice in his picture above, he has the longest,prettiest eye lashes!!
Earlier this year when we saw him, his eyelashes were cut above one eye. I asked him why and he said he was getting tired of everyone commenting on his long eye lashes, so he cut them. But then his Dad caught him before he could do the other eye. Poor kid, such a problem having gorgeous eyes and lashes!!
It was so wonderful for Grandma Dodie to have the opportunity to enjoy a great grandchild, even for the brief time she had on earth with him.

September 27th, 19??:
David Andy Elrod:
I guess I'd better not leave out my brother-in-law, as his birthday is just one day before his grandson's. Trevor's Grandma (on his Mom's side) birthday is the 29th. We like to say Trevor was being diplomatic being born between the two to keep it fair.

Happy Late Birthdays to all:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekend Recap:

I've not had much time to blog and now I don't even know where to start.
Zach came over to spend the night as he was helping Dwayne, Chad and Todd strip cane the next day. I think Dwayne really likes having Zach spend time with us, reminds him of when the boys were home and always helping him.
Slept late and spent the morning leisurely watching TV with April. Dad called around noon and said Mom was sick and asked if I could come up. I went and sat with Mom and Dad for a couple hours. Mom was sick with what we thought was the flu but when she saw the doctor on Monday, found out she has a kidney infection. She's been running a temperature since Friday. I was lucky that Dad called me in the afternoon, poor Judy got called early that morning and got the pleasure of cleaning everything up. I guess my legend of sleeping late and noone wants to call me early paid off this time.
I fixed chili and grilled cheese for Dwayne and the boys that evening, then went back up to check on Mom. Zach went to Vienna to the Coffee House, a teen hangout at the First Baptist Church in Vienna. Which reminds me of a story when he was younger. Zach was riding to church with me one Sunday and asked that if their church was First Baptist (and it's on the side of town towards our house) then was my church, Second Baptist (being on the other side of town). I shared the story with my Sunday School class and they all got a kick out of it. Some of them still ask about the boy that thought we were Second Baptist Church. (I go to Vienna Methodist Church)
Ashlyne was having her 14th birthday party at the Coffee House. Judy had asked me to come over and help chaperone but I was tired and didn't go. I now wish I would have just got ready and went. I've always been there for Ashlyne's party's and I would have enjoyed it. Kate and MacKensie went and helped out, so Judy did have help.
I went to church and when I got home, April and Dwayne were stuck in a movie that lasted three and a half hours. It didn't get over until 2:30 and I had to leave a little before two o'clock to go to one of my great niece's birthday party. Wayne,Jr.'s little girl Savannah Tate Feeler turned eight on the 25th of September.
Her Grandma Pat had a party for her at her house and we go each year. We really don't see Savannah but on her birthday or Christmas. Savannah is a very fun loving child, she just exudes her bubbly personality.
Dwayne barbecued pork steaks for supper. Chad was riding horses and Mike was farming so it was just Dwayne, Todd, April and me. We had a good meal and evening of visiting.
After checking on Mom again, we relaxed the rest of the evening.

I am grateful for my family and living close to them.