Friday, March 25, 2016

Dying Easter Eggs:

Days with Cash:

I love my time with Cash.  And to be honest, I like it that Pa isn't at home when I watch him when the babysitter is sick.  Dwayne just can't leave Cash alone even if I'm holding him.  I know he loves Cash, but give me a break!  lol
Cash coloring in one of his Momma's old Barbie books.

I usually take April to Columbia every other week for her visit with the doctor for being high risk.  This week, her babysitter was in the hospital.  With all the driving April was going to have to do, I didn't want her to also have to drive to Vienna.  I went over and watched him at her house. We went for a walk in the morning and it seemed cousin Elaina's riding toys looked pretty appealing.  Randy was home and said he could ride them.  Up and down the sidewalk he went.
We spent the day playing, coloring and hiding in the closets.  Such fun.  Our late afternoon trip outside consisted of riding his tricycle and picking flowers.  I had one very unhappy boy when we went in this time.
Cash doesn't say his ABC's out loud but he can identify each letter.  He has a ABC puzzle and no matter what order he puts in a letter, he knows what it is.  I love to hear his say X.
We're hoping his babysitter, Susie or also known to her kids as Su Su gets to feeling better and out of the hospital.

I am so grateful to be a grandma.  All I ever dreamed of doing was being a Momma and a Grandma.  Looks like my dreams are fulfilled.


Tuesday night is usually the night Liz and Nathan come over.  Nate had to work so he didn't make it.
SO GLAD Lizzy helped, or should I say I helped Lizzy) fill over two hundred plastic Easter eggs.

We also had time to watch our TV shows.

I am grateful for my great nieces.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Update:

We stayed home for the evening.  Lizzie and Nathan came over to watch some of their favorite shows with me.
I got up early to clean house for the bridal shower for Michelle I was having at two in the afternoon.
Instead of buying decorations, I used lace tablecloths and Dwayne's Blue Willow dishes along with Grandma Dodie's carnival glass punch bowl and glasses.  Dwayne and I bought this set for her before we got married (1976) and it still has the Walmart sticker price on the box, $4.96.  Can you imagine this beautiful set being so cheap?
                                                          Michelle's Shower

Michelle and her Mom, Melba
Dad and Michelle

My sisters, Judy and Katie
Me and Michelle
Michelle and April
Reenie and Susan
My sister-in-law, Bobby, Melba and Michelle
Dad, MacKensie and Judy
Katie, Bobbi and Pat
Susan, Reenie, Ina and Pat
Grandpa wore Cash out today

April came over mid-morning to help out.  She also picked up the cake for me.  It was delicious.
Susan got there about five before two and at two o'clock we didn't have anyone else there, not even Michelle.  I was starting to panic.  Then they all started coming at once.  We had a good crowd.  Even my Dad showed up.  My aunts couldn't make it but they dropped their gifts off.  Everyone had a good time visiting and playing the games.  Michelle got a variety of items and was very appreciated.  It seemed no one was in a  hurry to leave and just sat around visiting.  I would call that a successful party.
Went downstairs to where Dwayne and Cash were.  Cash was passed out on the couch.  They had fed cows, went to see Todd, fed the horses and just ran around most of the day.  It was "Pa's Day".
Since Cash was sleeping so soundly, April stayed for awhile.  We had a big supper of roast beef sandwiches.  An overall good day.
Once again, I stayed home from church.  I really need to get back in the habit of going.
Dwayne fed the cows and fixed some fence as the horses got out.  Other than that, we didn't do anything but watch TV.

So grateful for Todd to have found Michelle and their obvious happiness with one another.  Life is good.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Update:

We ate at Apple Bees and had a really good meal.  Dwayne was really tired so we just headed home to watch TV.
Worked around the house.  My cousin, Paul Spencer was having a surprise birthday dinner that evening at St. James.  My brother, Russ came up from Walnut Grove and Dad went with him.  Joe and Judy were there also, Kate didn't make as they had out of town guests.
We had a good time visiting with everyone.  Dwayne, of course, was more interested in my cousin, David's triplets.  We haven't seen them since they were little so I'm not sure Dwayne could visualize them as adults.  They are now twenty-two.
After leaving the party, we decided to stop by Sput's and see if anyone we knew was there.  We saw our nephew, Andy and then in walked Todd, Michelle, Chad, Tim and Russell Harris.  It's always a treat to see your kids no matter how old they are.  A little later, Bubba and Becky came.  Bubba practically grew up at our house and is kind of like family.  We had fun visiting.  Todd and Michelle had bought a new (used) truck they were excited about and also a 4 wheeler.  Then in walked Kenny and Shelley.  We haven't seen them in a long time.  Was so nice to visit and catch up with Shelley.  Their boys, Blake and Nathan were in April's wedding.   A fun evening.
We came home and watched TV until midnight. (actually 11 p.m.)  Most nights we fall asleep watching TV or at least I do.  Dwayne goes to bed early as he gets up at 4 a.m. for work.  Drives a little over two hours to St. Louis and then the reverse in the evenings.  No wonder he's so tired.  I used to have insomnia really bad.  I guess with age, I  am now cured.  lol
We had planned on taking April's package over to her, but instead just stayed home.  It's a good thing we didn't go over.  Poor little Cash was sick and couldn't hold anything down, not even water.  I think April had a pretty miserable day with a sick little boy.
I took a loooong nap and when I woke up, Dwayne had supper ready.  Great guy, guess I'll keep him.  lol

I am so grateful for the fun times we had over the weekend.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Weekend Update:

We ate at Sput's.  Ran into some neighbors while we were there.  Always nice to visit the Jones'.
Dwayne worked in the yard all day.  I froze strawberries that I got from April.  Saved out a bowl for Sunday supper.  Strawberry shortcake like Mom made.  It's my favorite.  Dwayne likes pie crust cut in pieces and layered with strawberries.  (yuck)  Mom always made shortcake, which for us meant a dough that resembles biscuit dough only not as stiff.  Tastes SO GOOD with strawberries over it.
Once again, I played lazy and didn't go to church.  I need to get out of this pattern.  Fixed fried chicken for supper and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  A big hit with everyone but not Dwayne, he ate his pie crust and strawberries.  Todd, Michelle, April (Mike was working with turkeys at his uncles and couldn't be there), Cash, Dad and me and Dwayne. Chad was on a buggy ride with one of his friends. We had a good time visiting.  Love these days when the kids are home.  I don't know how Mom used to have Sunday dinner almost every Sunday and how she came up with something different to eat each time.  She made some of the best fried chicken.  I only do every other week and have it at supper.  Mom, with the help of my brother, Russ fried chicken just last February, right before she broke her leg.  Miss all those times together.  Dad still seems to be doing good.  Cash loves Pa Great and looks forward to seeing him.
Dwayne loves to spoil Cash.  They spent part of the afternoon letting Cash drive the truck.  (steering but he thought he was driving)  I tell ya, Dwayne turns to mush when Cash is around.

Cash driving Pa's truck


Cash and Pa Great

The older you get, the more time you just want to relax and visit with family.  I cherish and am grateful for these get togethers.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Weekend Update:

We went out to eat at a new restaurant in Vienna, Checos.  It's Mexican and has very good food.  The portions are quite large, you definetley get your money's worth.
I had to work til noon.  April and Cash were at the house when I got home.  Such fun times!  PaPa watched Cash and April and I went to Rolla.  We ate at Alex's Pizza.  April used to work across the street from them and we would meet sometimes.  After a good lunch, we went to good old Wal-Mart.  Talk about busy!!  I think the whole town was there.  We visited for quite awhile after we got home.
Dad came down for a visit and gave Cash a horsey ride.  Cash was so worn out from his truck driving and four wheeler ride he took a long nap.

Pa Great giving Cash a horsey ride. 
 Cash looks so excited.  
He'd been asking April all week to go see his Pa Great.

Chad came by for awhile.  Other than that, nothing much went on.  Just a relaxing day.

I'm grateful for the life we lead.