Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nesting Instinct:

Well, just like prior to a child's birth you get the nesting instinct to prepare for the upcoming event, I just got hit by the pre-planning wedding deco instinct!! Big time!!
I have hit the internet looking at ideas and haven't been the same since!! lol

I am so grateful for this opportunity to plan and share in our daughter's upcoming wedding in September.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Hard to believe our youngest son is 31 today. What a precious gift he has been.

Happy Birthday, Toddy!

I am grateful for such a sweet and caring young man Todd is.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend:

I had the day off and spent most of it in Rolla shopping for Easter dinner and running errands. I didn't feel the best and was in bed by 7 o'clock. I must have been pretty tired as I didn't get up until ten Saturday morning.
After a lazy morning I decided I should attempt doing something for the day. Dwayne and I (or I should say Dwayne) moved our sign at the end of our driveway and set out some flowers. I piddled some working on a flower bed. Being out in the yard makes me wish I could work in it like I used to. Even when Chad came by he stated, Mom you used to spend most of the days out working in the yard, so guess I'm not the only one that remembers and misses those days.
Ashlyne and Zach came over in the evening. My permit-driving niece somehow talked Aunt Nonnie into letting her drive the couple miles to pick up Tess but that was the end of that!! lol Nonnie drove on to Rolla. Kara Leigh is expecting a baby and we were having a surprise shower after dinner on Easter for her. My sister-in-law, Bobbi is so excited for this great-grandbaby of hers to be born. The girls were young when Bobbi came into the family and hasn't been around for the beginning of a child's birth. Bobbi let Tess and Ashlyne have full reign over decorating for the shower. The girls had quite a time picking out the decorations at Wal-Mart, especially with them being in charge.
We rented movies and picked up supper at Wendy's. I'm getting entirely too lazy at cooking and value meals sure come in handy. Aunt Nonnie is cheap, pick off the 1.09 price list.
The girls watched TV in the basement and Dwayne and Zach in the living room. Not my kind of shows so I went to bed to escape, I mean read a book.
Busy morning! The girls slept late so they didn't start decorating very early. I had planned on them stuffing the eggs with candy but easier to just do it myself at the counter while cooking side dishes. Dwayne is always in charge of the hams but he does so much more than that anymore. I don't know what I'd do without him going along cleaning up after me. I teasingly call him my daughter-in-law. He doesn't know why I call him that-I guess since that's what I helped Dodie with I think he fills that role.
We have had Easter at our house since we built the house in 1988 for both the Elrod and Feeler family. Dodie's brother, LeRoy and wife Aunt Carol came for years and sometimes their children and families. After Uncle LeRoy passed away, Aunt Carol still came down and then when she remarried, we all welcomed Walter into our family. They haven't came down the last couple years as Walter's daughter has Easter. Frankie came down this time and brought his little boy, Grayson for all of us to see. He was born October 3rd, 2011 the same day as my great-nephew Kaleb. Both babies seemed to enjoy just staring at each other and they both have the middle name Russell. I wish I had pictures to post but I forgot to charge my camera battery.
It is amazing how the kids have grown throughout the years and changes in family structures. There is alot of remember when conversations going on of Easter's in the past. Lots of good memories. Sure do miss Andy and Dodie but love hearing stories that involve them.
Kara was certainly surprised with the baby shower and we were a little surprised too when we heard the delivery date was moved up from May to the 20th of April! My birthday and Grandma Bobbi's is on April 19th, we're sure hoping for that date!! I am especially hoping so for Bobbi as she would be SO EXCITED to have this baby born on her birthday. But then Todd is shooting for the 17th as that's his birthday and he thinks he's special! lol I guess baby Parker will surprise us all and get here when he's ready.

Easter, a time of rebirth, life and hope. We celebrated all on our family get together over the weekend and for this I Am Grateful!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I haven't posted this week. Just can't get my mind to put on paper my feelings.
My heart is heavy this week with thoughts of my Mom. Mom's health has gone down hill quite abit the past year. I know I'm not the only one who's ever experienced this, but it's hard. Much harder than I ever thought.
Momma fell at Dollar General in Rolla yesterday and then again when she got home. Nothing serious, just falls. She fell during the night and Dad had to call Judy to come help as he couldn't get Mom up by himself. Judy took Mom to the hospital this morning for x-rays and nothing is broke. But she fell again going up the steps when they got home. Mom's okay, I'm not! lol
Just life, but I can't seem to keep the thoughts crowding my mind of the what if's. What if she can't get around much, what if, what if, ........

Sorry for the bleak post today. I need (oh, how selfish that sounds!!) we need prayers of comfort.

I am so grateful for my Momma.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I've heard laughter is the best medicine. If so, I should be well for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!
April and I were making some decorations last night for the wedding reception. I do not remember what even set me off but I started laughing hysterically. This type of laughter runs in my family, especially my Mom and sister, Judy. We laugh until we start weezing, crying, our belly hurts, almost wet our pants and then the whole process starts over again. I don't think April has ever seen me this bad off on laughing. Dwayne could hear us (me) from upstairs and had to check on what was going on. No suprise to him, he's seen me have laughing fits throughout our year together.
If decorating brings this much laughter, then I look forward to more evening of it. April, uh maybe not, I think she thought I was nuttier than a fruitcake!! lol

I am grateful for my family's sense of humor passed down from my Momma.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Lonely, pitiful little mushroom:
This poor little mushroom sat on the window sill for a few days this year before Dwayne found a good mess for us to eat. I think the poor little thing was starting to turn into a petrified mushroom. I finally threw it away after a week. lol
Luckily, he found more later in the week so we could enjoy. Dwayne is the mushroom fryer in our house. He does such a better job than me I am glad he takes over. He has for the past several years. He says he has a system and can't "multi task" while frying, which is a habit I tend to do and then get side tracked. He is very meticulous in his method as you can see below.

Usually he fries up a mess when April is at the house but last week her schedule and ours didn't fit in the right days. To her disappointment, he saved her a bag of cleaned, washed, and uncooked mushrooms to take home with her when she stopped by Friday.

I am grateful for Spring and the friend mushrooms that go along with it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend Adventures:

Dwayne and I went out to eat at Matt's Steakhouse and then visited with some friends.
Had a wonderful night out.
Busy day around the house. Several drop in visitors throughout the day, I love that.
Todd had taken Zach turkey hunting and they stopped by to report on their unsuccessful hunt. A little later in the morning, Dustin stopped by with Trevor and Xander. Trevor didn't do well hunting that morning either. Just not the day for turkeys. Xander is such a little cutie!! Funny how the kids go straight to Aunt Connie aka Nonnie's snack food drawer. Instead of being famous for my home made cookies, I have Little Debbie Snack Cakes. Works just as good. Mom and Dad came down later in the day. Dustin and the boys also came by again on Sunday.
Todd grilled steaks for us Saturday evening. I was the lonely girl among Dwayne, Chad, Todd and Zach. But apparently not for long, Lizzy called to come over and watch TV downstairs. We enjoyed our "girl" time of teens shows, soda and snacks.
Tony came and picked Liz up for church, I didn't feel too well so I stayed home.
Zach and Uncle Dwayne went to Vichy to check on the cows and do some fishing. I worked out in the yard some in the afternoon. Brought back memories of how I used to be able to do so much in the yard. I haven't worked in the yard for a few years and I miss doing it. I'm not suppose to be in the sun much and I tend to overdo when I do work in the yard, therefore, I pay for it in the long run.
I plan to TRY to just do a little bit at a time this year.
Tony and the kids came by before going to Vichy to fish. At the last minute, Nathan and Ashlyne decided they didn't want to go and stayed with me.
It was dark before the fishermen came in. I had fixed Nathan and Lizzy's favorite of potato soup for supper. Didn't get a picture of all of them as I ran out of memory on my camera.

Looks like he didn't like the soup, but he really did:

If you can't get your niece to hold still for a picture......

you hold her in place!! lol

I am grateful for life and family.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Count Your Blessings:

I am so grateful for each of my children. Thanks be to God.