Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Annual Pig Roast:

My father-in-law and his friends(Buck Love, Bud Love, David, Glenn, Emit Bullock, Jeff Hooker. Lester Workman, Loyd Workman, Doyle Workman and I'm sure there is more I can't think of right now) originally started the pig roast back in the seventies at Spring Creek.  In 2006, Buck was in failing health and decided not to do it anymore.  Andy (my father-in-law) asked Dwayne what he thought about having it at the lake at Vichy behind his house.  Unfortunately, Andy died in January 2007.  Dwayne, Chad and Todd decided to have the pig roast like Grandpa would have wanted.  We've been doing it ever since.
This is our ninth year.

Each year, it's a right of passage on who gets to shoot the hog.  It is a big deal to get chosen.  There is even a waiting list.

Cutting up the hog.

Cash, Chad and Hailey

We have a fish fry Saturday evening.  Kenny Allen fries the fish.  I always feel sorry for him as he has to stand there forever to fry the fish.  He does an excellent job.  Sunday is when we eat the hog.  Both meals. people bring covered dishes.  So brings back memories of years ago at the creek.  The only one left is Loyd Workman and he came this year.  Good to see him.
The kids play on swings, in the mud, with bubbles, tag and old fashioned fun.  Everyone has a good time.

I am thankful Dwayne, Chad and Todd have carried on with the tradition.  I know Grandpa Andy would be proud.

Cash Michael:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wedding Pictures:

He did so good carrying his sign.

A perfect day and a wonderful wedding.  So grateful.

Physical Therapy:

I only go once a week.  I don't think I really need it as I'm using the chair for exercise, but doctor and insurance say otherwise.
You should have seen me trying to drive to Jeff for my checkup the week after surgery.  First, I couldn't shut the door with my left arm.  Then I had to move the seat up, couldn't do that either.  Had to get out and move the seat, then reach over to try and shut the door.  I had my shoulder cuff on and it was just in the way.  Had to take it off to put my seat belt on and then driving-oh, my that was difficult the cuff would rub the steering wheel and I had to really watch it with driving.  I stopped in Vienna to get gas.  Same run around trying to get in, etc.  I could barely turn the steering wheel to make a hard right.  Pulled over and took off the cuff, felt it would be safer that way.  Doctor's appointment went well.  He said I was healing good and my movement range was really good.  (I give all the credit to my chair)  The trip home, I treated myself to a strawberry shake from Dairy Queen.  Love those!!  No way I could drive, drink and handle the cuff.  Off went the cuff again.  What a trip, I was so glad to get home.

I am grateful for a safe trip.

Mother's Day Weekend:

April and Cash came over on Saturday and spent the day.  Love these days together.  Cash and Grandpa had to make their rounds in the Ford truck; feeding cows, driving the dirt roads, going to see Chad.  Then on to the four wheeler.  Grandpa spoils him to no end.  But we love it.
On Mother's Day, we only had Chad and my Dad.  Dad had bought me a pressure cooker he had seen on TV and kept asking how it was doing.  It was too heavy for me to lift to the counter, so I hadn't used it yet.  Dad as so excited over it.  We cooked a pork loin with potatoes and carrots in about 35 minutes.  It was very good.
Dad has also ordered me a back machine and a stomach belt with a special cream that was suppose to make my stomach smaller.  lol  He needs to quit watching all these commercials on TV.  The stomach cream made my stomach start growing hair and the belt would bunch up.  I sent it back.  (don't tell Dad!  lol)  Lizzy uses the back machine when she comes over.
Overall, I had a good Mother's Day weekend.  I saw my kids and my Dad, what more could I ask for.
(except for a healed shoulder........)

I am very grateful for my family.

Catch up time:

Saturday, April 23rd:
Cash and April came over to spend the day.  Dwayne and Chad were planting cane.  Cash was over excited to see Chad as Chad does whatever Cash wants.  (so does Grandpa)  After lunch, we went up to see Pa Great.  Cash thinks a trip to Grandma's also includes a visit to Pa Great's.  They each have to do a jig dance.
Sunday, April 24th:
Went to church and then got caught up on a few things around the house.
Monday, April 25th:
Left shoulder surgery for torn rotator (started to type radiator  lol) cuff and calcium deposits.  Surgery went good, home to sleep the afternoon away.  On Tuesday, I received a CMS chair.  What a life-saver.  I love this chair.  You lay your arm in the tray (don't know what else to call it) and it lifts your arm a certain degree.  You increase the degree of movement each time.  You are to do it for two hours three times a day.  Needless to say, it filled my day.  I was either on the machine or sleeping.  Poor Dwayne, he was my caretaker and cook-all after working eight long hard hours in St. Louis plus driving back and forth.  I don't know who he does it.
Todd and Michelle came to visit.  They were getting ready to head to Montana for their honeymoon.  I don't see them but every other week, but it seemed like they were gone a month or more instead of the two weeks.
That pretty much sums up the next couple of weeks.

I am grateful for the success of my surgery.

(Dad has been sick and had to go to the hospital.  He's doing better but still not feeling well)

Thursday, May 19, 2016


I still don't have my pictures uploaded.
The wedding turned out so great.  There were many people there.  The church isn't the largest and we even had people standing outside.  There was much laughter during the ceremony and a relaxed feeling.  The preacher had asked each one during marriage counseling to make a list about what they loved about the other person.  I'm sure they didn't count on it being read at the end of the wedding.  Todd's was My List by Todd Elrod.  Sure didn't want to forget who he was.  lol  Michelle had quite a long list and the one I think she thought would never see the light of the day is, I love Todd's sexy beard.  Much laughter ensued.
After pictures, we headed to St. James for the reception.  We had hog roasted and everyone brought a covered dish.  Unique way of a reception, but it turned out great.  Everyone had a good time.  Dwayne danced with Michelle and I think he's stuck in the 70's as no one could quite figure out his dancing.  lol
We slept late and then Michelle called to see if we wanted to come over and watch them open their presents.  Her Mom and Dad already had plans so they couldn't make it.  It was fun to see their excitement as they opened each gift and card.
I came home and took a much needed nap.  I get so worn out anymore.

I am so grateful my son found a wonderful wife and has started a new chapter in his life.