Friday, March 27, 2015


Dad and I moved Mom from the facility she was in to a brand new Nursing Home called Silverstone.
The care she was getting at the last one wasn't the greatest.  Luckily, my sister, Katie knew of this new facility.  They only had three residents so far.  She had to pull some strings but we got Mom admitted.  She now has her own room, own bathroom and better nursing care.

I am grateful for Kate finding and helping Mom to get into the new facility.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Cash was quietly playing in April and Mike's bedroom when she went to check on him.  He had the cell phone charger and was trying to plug it in to his toy cell phone!  Kids certainly learn technology quick anymore!!

I am so grateful for this little guy; love him more each day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Kind of a nice day.  Todd came by for a visit in the morning.  Talked him into moving some flower bushes for me.  I piddled around cleaning out some flower beds.  I love cleaning them out in the Spring but when Summer comes and time to take care of the flowers, I don't do it.  I neglect them mostly.  But, oh to take your bare hands (I know, I should wear gloves as you never know what you might be reaching into) and rake out the leaves and around small shoots of flowers coming out of the ground.  I love that.
Took Dad to see Mom in the afternoon.  The weather was nice so we took her out to the gazebo.  She loved getting to go outside.  The wind picked up and it started getting cooler so we went back inside.  Poor Mom, she is so unhappy there.  (and I don't blame her, I would be too)  Her room is so small with the roommate and furniture.  There is barely enough room to stand to visit.  We can slide in and sit on the bed or stand up.  She's doing good with therapy but still not steady enough on one leg to come home.  She thinks she is coming home soon, but we will have to wait as she can't have any weight on her left foot and ankle for two months total.
Chad and Todd are repainting their bedroom and putting down new floor.  She's pretty excited about that.

Grateful for these days with Mom and Dad.

Weekend Update:

I came down with another cold so I couldn't take Dad to see Mom.  My niece, MacKensie was out of school for the day so she took him.
Poor Dwayne had to work overtime again.  I pretty much just laid around and watched TV.  Todd came over in the afternoon and a little later, Chad.  I love these visits.  They both asked when Cash would be over again.  They were excited he'd be there the next day.
I went to church and then just watched Dwayne and the boys working in the yard.  April and Cash were at a bridal shower in Vienna and were coming over later.  I fixed baked chicken along with side dishes.  One of the easiest deserts to make is an egg custard pie that you don't need to make a crust for.  My nephew, Troy came over to see what we were doing as there was a lot of smoke from where the guys were burning leaves.  He stayed for supper.  Troy stayed with us a lot when he was younger.  We used to joke that he was our step-child as we had him weekends, summers and holidays.  The six of us used to sit around the table for supper and this was a nice reminder of those days.

Custard Pie:
4 eggs
1 1/4 cups sugar
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup melted butter
2 cups milk
1 tsp. vanilla
(I add a little bit of cinnamon)
Mix as listed. 
Baked at 350 for 45 minutes or until knife inserted comes out clean.

We had a good time visiting on the back deck and playing with Cash.  His uncles are sure proud of him.   Uncle Chaddy usually has him most of the time.  He had started up the back stairs and forgot something so he backed down the stairs.  Cash found that to be the funniest thing ever.  So Uncle Chad did this several times and Cash would crack up laughing.  We all enjoyed watching him laugh and play.

Cash and Uncle Chad

Cash with Grandpa
I didn't get up to see Mom over the weekend as I still didn't feel the greatest.
Most grateful for my family.

Weekly Visit:

For the past two weeks I've been going alone to visit the kids.  Dwayne has been working overtime.
Cash is excited to see me but nothing like when he sees his Grandpa.  Now he looks around me and puts his hands in the air like "where is Papa"

I am grateful for these weekly visits.

St. Pat's Day:

St. Pat's Day snuck up on me this year.  I have a few decorations to put out; only a shamrock this year.  No corned beef and cabbage, but we did have ham and eggs.  Does that count? 
Never did get in the "St. Patty's mode" but had fun decorating for the kids throughout the years.
I always make a heart shaped meatloaf for Valentine's Day.  I tried making a shamrock meatloaf one year and put green peppers on top of it.  It was a nice thought but didn't look the greatest.
Happy belated St. Pat's Day!
I am grateful for each day given to me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weekend Update:

The weekend was pretty much visiting with Mom and Dad.  Dad has pneumonia but the doctor didn't want him back in the hospital as there were so many viruses going around and he had just been in the week before for influenza.  Katie took Dad home with her.
Visited with Mom in the daytime and then sat with Dad Friday night as Katie had to go to St. Louis.
Spent the whole day and early evening with Mom.  Dad felt well enough for Katie to bring him up to see Mom.  Mom is still having a hard time breathing due to the pneumonia and asthma.
Dwayne came home Saturday getting sick.  Sunday, he was really sick all day.  He looked miserable.
He slept all day and on into the night.
I went to church, came home to check on Dwayne and then on to see Mom.  She seemed to be doing better.
Dwayne was so sick, got him a doctor's appt. and took him in.  He was given two shots and loaded up with medicine.  By evening, he was feeling better.
Monday evening, I took Dad to see Mom.  While I was there, Kate came in and not longer, Judy.  We had a mini family reunion minus Russ.  Mom loved having us all there.

I am grateful the family comes together to help Mom and Dad through these tough times.

(I feel like it's not affecting me, but I am so drained and I do not want to do anything at home.  Maybe I'm just using my strength to be with Mom and Dad and that's all I have to give.  Although, I have a wonderful husband and he does not complain about it, I feel like I should make him better meals and take care of him more.  He says I'm doing all I can at the time.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Went to visit Dad at the house and then on into Rolla to visit Mom for awhile.  She was in the activity room working on a sun-ray to hang in the window.  It was good to see her up.  I had planned on going to buy groceries but apparently I forgot as I turned left on E and headed on home.
When Dwayne got home he was sick and ached all over.  In addition to vomiting and diarrhea, his back hurt.  We don't have a heating pad anymore so off to town I go to do the dreaded grocery shopping trip.  Poor Dwayne was so sick all night and the next morning.  I slept upstairs as Dwayne didn't want me to get the flu.
This picture is from last Wednesday night.  Dad's room was next door to Mom's, so the nurses wheeled Mom into Dad's room so they could eat supper together.  Mom looks worse than she is because of not having her teeth in.
April and Cash came over to spend the day.  Dwayne was so disappointed he was sick as he had planned a Grandpa and Cash day.  They were going to feed the cows, go visit Uncle Todd and then go to Uncle Chad's.  It's so cute when he comes over, he goes to the patio door and holds his hands out like where is Chad and Todd?  He says their names but he won't say Grandma or Grandpa.
Our girls day out + Cash started by visiting Grandpa.  Cash loves playing with a cow toy someone gave Mom.  He LOVES throwing things.  He threw it at the bird cage and the bird got all upset.  He thought it was hilarious as the bird was moving all around.  He tried it again and found out he was in big trouble second time around. He pouted but soon got over it. Good thing Mom wasn't there as she is very protective of her bird.
We left and went to see Mom.  She was sitting up in her chair and was in good spirits.  She has pneumonia again and needs to be up and moving around.  (A little hard to do when you're not steady on your feet and then have a broken ankle)
We went shopping to a few stores and then ate lunch at Panera's.  Cash was getting so tired, we were sure he'd take a long nap when we got home.  No luck, he was wound up.  We watched TV and just relaxed for the afternoon.  I made chicken 'n dumplings for supper.  April cleaned the kitchen as I was on the phone with a friend of the family and he talked forever.  Which is nice of him and I like visiting with him and his wife; I just wasn't in the mood to discuss my parents declining health.  Any other time would be fine but I was feeling extremely stressed over Mom and Dad.  Speaking of Dad, I don't think I've posted that he had to go into the hospital, too as he was very sick last week with the flu.  They had to pump his stomach.  A few rough days but we got through it.
I didn't go to church.  Dwayne was still sick and I needed to go visit with Dad and Mom.  Went to Mom's and Katie, her son, Tyler and his little boy, Liam were there.  Liam is such a doll .
Liam Birdsong, now is that a cute kid or what?
 I then went on to the hospital and spent the afternoon.  My brother, Russell came up from Springfield and brought Dad to the hospital.  First time he had seen Mom in several days.  Mom said they're like two old work horses; one can't do anything without the other.
Mom and Dad
 We had left over chicken 'n dumplings for supper and then I ate an ice cream bar I had seen advertised on TV.  Will never eat one of those again!!  Later that night I got sick and by sick I mean constant vomiting (yucko!!) and diarrhea.  I was sick all night, all day, Tuesday and I think today is Wednesday.  I've lost track of time.  I did keep my food down this morning.  What a nasty flu bug!
Finally, we receive good news.  My sister Judy's bone scan only showed the cancer in two of her ribs and the brain scan was clear.  We were all so worried about it being spread everywhere.  She started treatment yesterday.  I pray all turns out well.
       Well, enough of all this gloom and doom, how about this picture to brighten anyone's day?

I am so grateful to have grown up with the loving parents I have.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weekend Update;

Started off the weekend with eating out at Sput's.  A lot of people there but too many we knew.  Had a great evening.
Started out the day with a phone call from my sister, Kate.  Mom had fell and they took her to the ER.  She had broke her left ankle in two places and would need surgery.  It was a long day at the hospital.  We were also experiencing a winter storm.  First sleet, then snowing all day.  Late afternoon there was a huge pile-up on the interstate involving a Grey Hound bus, nine semi's and about twenty cars.  Thankfully, there wasn't any fatalities but the hospital was on overload.  They asked my sister, Kate for help down in the ER.  One of the patients she took care of was Ike Turner, Jr. son of Ike and Tina (step-mother) Turner.
I didn't trust driving home so Dwayne, Chad and Chris came to get me and Chad drove my car home.  I might have been able to make it but didn't want to chance it.
Up early and on to the hospital.  Mom's surgery went well.  She had broken the ankle in two places and needed a plate put in and several screws and one bone was broke in pieces.  She came through okay.  We stayed until she got to her room and then left to go to Colleen Elrod's funeral.  Colleen was a vibrant and outspoken person who everyone loved.  She was known for ringing cow bells at her son, Jason's football games.  Her husband, Claude is a distant relative but also a good friend.  He worked for us when we were in construction.
Back to the hospital for a visit with Mom.
Kate called that dad was very sick and her husband was going to stay with him and I was to go on to the hospital to stay with Mom.  Stopped by to check on Dad and then to the hospital. She slept the whole morning.  Around one, she said I should go on and check on Daddy as all she was doing was sleeping.  Dad looked pretty weak and had been vomiting more.  Paul was staying there so I ran an errand for Dad and then went home to rest for awhile.  Mid-afternoon I get a call and Paul had taken Dad to the ER.  Went to the ER to stay with Dad.  Kate had to work and my sister, Judy could not go as she found out last week she has lung cancer.  More on that later.  The ER Doctor diagnosed Dad with a small obstruction of the ileum.  He had a small obstruction and wasn't able to digest his food properly.  They took him to a room (by Mom's) and put a tube down his throat to clear out the excess.
Talked to Judy this morning and they didn't have to do surgery.  Thank goodness.
April, Mike and Cash all have the flu really bad.  Cash can't keep anything down.  Poor baby.
That's a wrap up of what's been going on around here.  It's my turn to go sit with Mom and Dad so signing off.
I am grateful for all the prayers and thoughts people extended on Facebook.  Much appreciated.