Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Recap:

Lazed around the house all day.  That evening we went to Chad's for supper.  Todd cooked a pork loin with all the fixins.  We played cards and just had a nice evening visiting.
When we got home, I cooked a chicken for the pot pie I was going to fix for Sunday dinner.
I fixed Sunday dinner of chicken pot pie, salad, corn and peach dumplings.  We had the kids over and Mom and Dad.  We all enjoyed the afternoon of spoiling baby Cash.   He is such a sweet baby, but I may be a little prejudiced.  lol 
I forgot my camera today to post pictures of him.  He is changing so much already.
Later in the evening, Dwayne and I went to the farm to work on his deer stand.  Still a lot of time left in the day so we played Rummy and I beat Dwayne two games.  Unusual, as he usually always wins.

The weekend was just what it should be, spent with family.  I am grateful for these times.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Visit:

We went to April and Mike's last night to see baby Cash.  We took Mom and Dad with us.  They were very excited to see another great grandchild.  Cash wasn't feeling well so he was a little cranky.  He had a difficult birth and I think he was feeling the after effects.  I hope he doesn't stay fussy for them.
He is such a cute little baby, delicate features, tons of hair-do I sound like I'm bragging?  I most definitely am!!  I've waited for years to become a grandmother.  I only wished we lived closer.  I know it could be a lot worse but it could also be a lot better.  I'll go with the flow and be happy.

I am very happy and grateful for this new addition to our family.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cash Michael Holtmeyer:

Church Announcement:

The Holtmeyers:
Mike, Cash, April

Uncle Todd & Cash:

Grandma Nonnie & Cash:

Flowers from Uncle Chad and Uncle Todd:

Dozen Red Roses from Grandma & Grandpa:
FINALLY!!!  We are grandparents!
After a long labor and delivery, Cash Michael Holtmeyer made his entrance into the world at 7:35a.m. weighing 7 lbs. 3 oz.  19 1/2 inches long
Cash Michael
Dr. Su put April in the hospital Thursday evening and we thought sure we'd have a little Holtmeyer by Friday morning.  He fooled us and waited until Saturday morning.  Dwayne and I stayed until around midnight and then went home as Dwayne had to go to work early Friday morning and I had a doctor's appointment in St. Louis.  The alarm ringing at 4:45 Friday morning was just a little much............  Chad and I drove from St. Louis for my appointment and from St. Louis to Jefferson City to see April and we thought the baby, but he had other ideas..........  We had a nice drive, seen lots of different scenery and just had a good time.
After work, Dwayne and Todd came to the hospital and Chad went home as he needed to get Desmon off the bus.  We spent a lloooonnnnnngggggggg night waiting for the baby.  I knew I wasn't going to be in the room when the baby was born but I thought sitting in the hallway was okay.  Wrong!!   I had got tired of waiting in the waiting room so I went down and sat in the hallway around 3 a.m.  After a little while, I heard a baby cry so I opened the door and asked if I heard a baby cry.  (I didn't even look in, just barely opened it)  The nurse yelled at me and said I wasn't supposed to be there and to get back to the waiting room.  I asked if I could just sit in the hallway and she said NO!  I thought I was okay sitting in the hallway but I guess I thought wrong......  So off to the waiting room I went.  I told Dwayne, Todd and Laverne I got in trouble.  Dwayne said, well I told you so.  I still don't know what the big deal was.  lol
A little after 7:30, Mike came to the waiting room carrying the baby and said, here is Cash Michael who arrived at 7:35 a.m. and weighs 7 lb. 3 oz.   He was so beautiful!  A thick head of dark blond  hair and a pretty round face.  April says he sleeps like me with his mouth open.  lol
After each of us holding the baby, we headed home.  We were exhausted!  I don't even remember Saturday.  Apparently, I slept all day.  Dwayne said he woke me up to eat a sandwich but I could barely stay awake.  I don't even know if I got up that evening to watch TV or not.   The next thing I remember was waking up Sunday morning to the alarm going off for church.
I  went to church and then Dwayne and I went to my cousin's sons wedding at Lion's Club Park in Rolla.  It was a nice time visiting with family.
The rest of the day and evening was spent relaxing and preparing for the work week.
I'm looking forward to this evening when we take Mom and Dad over to see April, Mike and the baby.
We have waited for years to have a grand baby and are so thrilled we're plumb stupid acting!!
I am grateful for family and especially the birth of our grandson.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Busy Weekend:

Zach spent the night with us so he could get an early start helping Uncle Dwayne with Molasses on Saturday.
I got up early and headed to Rolla for Mariah and Brighton's soccer games.  They did a good job and seemed really excited when Aunt Connie showed up.  After the game, we went to their house to get their clothes as they were spending the night with me.  This is the first time Mariah and Brighton have got to stay with me so they were pretty excited.
We went to Wal-Mart to pick up groceries and some crafts to do when we got home.
After putting groceries away, we went to Mom and Dad's as Dwayne and the boys were making molasses.  The kids played all afternoon with Desmon and Kristin's boys, Kaden and Kaleb.  Lots of rough play and swinging on the old home made swinging.
We headed home and Nathan and Zach came home with us too.
Nathan painting sun catchers.

Brighton painting his piggy bank.

Mariah painting her cupcake aka piggy bank.

Sunday morning Dwayne made chocolate chip pancakes for us.  Then Dwayne, Nathan and Zach headed to Mom and Dad's to start another day of molasses making.
Mariah, Brighton and I left for church.  Before going to church we stopped by my work for me to get caught up since I had missed on Friday.  I think the kids may have had a little too much fun while I was working.  Don found several things moved around on his desk and John did too.  Luckily, my bosses are okay with me bringing the kids in.
We then went to church.  Mariah and Brighton loved children's church and want to go back next week.  We had to stop and get bug juice before heading home.  They must have had fun at my work as they wanted to stop again on the way home.  (Didn't happen!  lol)
We went up to Mom and Dad's and the kids had another great day of fun and playing old fashioned games.
Dwayne and Chad moving the press.

Bucket load of kids.
Mariah, Lizzy, Kaden, Desmon & Brighton


The kids rode in the bucket all the way to our house as Dwayne pulled the press with the tractor.
Talk about having fun........The kids talked about it all afternoon.

Zach's horse

After the kids got back from the house, Desmon, Mariah and Brighton rode with me to St. Elizabeth to see how April was doing.  Talk about a noisy ride!!!  April was doing okay, just getting large and miserable.  The baby is due in just five days so shouldn't be much longer.
When we got to the house we had a crowd of after molasses working people and Kayla and Anthony had come down to pick up the kids.  We visited in the basement and it was like old times from when we lived down there.

I had a wonderful weekend.  I am grateful for these weekends of family get togethers.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Molasses Makin'

 We had our annual "Molasses Makin'" over the weekend.  My camera is broke so I've missed out on a lot of pictures lately.
The above picture of my dad can be found along with a video on facebook under Rolla Homepage.
We started this tradition in 1978.  We've had many successful years and gone through many generations of "workers", including my Grandma and numerous Great Aunts and Uncles.  Lots of memories made.
Our good friend, Jim Matlock, has helped us for years.  My great nephew, Cody nicknamed him Big Red as he has a red face.  Sadly, Jim passed away over the summer.  He was missed tremendously this year.  There is always a good time to be had around Jim.
Our day also included a Williams' Cousin Party, my Mom's side of the family.  The numbers get smaller every year and we had two cousins in the hospital.  We still had a good time.  The young kids got to take turns riding horses, chasing each other and the highlight of all-the old tire swing.  We finished off the day with a hayride.  Kayla's kids, Mariah and Brighton wanted to spend the night but they couldn't get hold of their dad to ask so a sleepover is planned for this coming Saturday night.
Zach, Nathan and Lizzy spent the night and got an early start Sunday morning with Uncle Dwayne.
Sunday was a repeat of Saturday.

I am thankful for the tradition being passed down and that my husband, sons and Elrod nephews enjoy it each year.