Thursday, May 31, 2018

The boys:

Last week I had the opportunity to watch Todd and Michelle's for the day.  They are pretty calm babies so the day went well.  I have a bench I keep a curtain on.  The oldest one pulled the curtain off and when I looked over he was laying on it and went to sleep.  So cute.
I needed to go into Rolla to get flowers for the cemeteries.  I called Judy to see if she would come over and watch them for awhile.  Lizzy came with her.
I brought home banana milkshakes as Judy makes the best banana ice cream.  We sat around visiting for awhile and had a good time.
After they left, I fed the baby and laid him down to sleep.  So sweet.
We are so falling in love with these babies in our care for a short time.  We hope and pray it will be long term as our hearts will be broken if we have to lose them.
Love these babies and the time spent with them.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

First Birthday:

I worked at the flower shop in the morning.  It drizzled some but then it cleared up.  I'm thinking, good, we'll have a nice day for the birthday party.  The sun had come out and it was beautiful outside.
We had three canopies set up for shade.   Everyone had just filled their plates and were happily eating away.  We could see the storm across the river but thought it would blow over.  Blow over, it did!  All of a sudden the wind started in and it started raining.  It blew one canopy over.  The guys tried holding down the other two but it was no use, the wind was winning.  A lot of us headed into the camper.  The camper had an awning on the front and the guys were trying to hold it steady.  It looked like something out of a storm on the sea.  I don't get scared in storms, but I definitely was scared that day.  Cash kept saying, I'm scared.  We all assured him everything was fine as we felt threatened with the camper rocking and swaying.  Quite the storm.  I had wanted to get a picture of the area after the storm to show how bad it was but Todd had already started to clean up.

We brought the babies home with us so Todd and Michelle could clean up.  They had a lot to pack up and take back to their house.  The boys did really well.  They're pretty easy to watch.
I am grateful for God watching out for us in this storm as we had no where to go.  Both Todd and Michelle saw a funnel cloud coming in from the west.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Mother's Day:

We went out to eat at Sput's and then stopped by Todd and Michelle's to see the babies.  The little one is already changing so much.
Dwayne had to work and I pretty much just lazed around all day.
Last year I treated myself to buying pizzas from Penelope's instead of cooking Mother's Day Dinner.  This year I decided we would just make it a tradition.  I tried off and on on Saturday to call Penelope's and kept getting a message that they appreciated their customers but due to a personal conflict they couldn't serve us at this time.  Fine, I'll just call back on Sunday.  Same message.  I would have thought their message would be more professional.  Personal conflict could have so many different meanings.
I called Alex Pizza and we were very pleased with the quality of the pizzas.  We were able to relax and not worry about dishes and cleaning up.

I wish I would have took a picture of Iva by herself.   She had the cutest red dress on.  Looked so pretty.
I am grateful each of my children plus my Dad were here to celebrate the day with.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Todd and Connie's Birthday Dinner:

April was a busy month and we didn't get around to doing our birthday dinner.  Todd's was on the 17th and mine the 19th.
Todd, Michelle and babies hosted a barbecue at their place.  There were several family members there.   We had a good time visiting and catching up with everyone.


I'm so grateful for another birthday and that Todd and I got to celebrate together once again.

Precious Babies:

Around the first of May on a Wednesday, Todd and Michelle got a call from DFS to see if they would take in two foster babies on Thursday.  They were brothers-ages three weeks and thirteen months.  Short notice.
They spent Wednesday evening gathering up a crib, car seats, etc.  They got the babies around three on Thursday.  They had foster classes that night at seven.  Very hectic day for them.  We kept the babies while they went to class.

Todd and Michelle are so blessed to have these babies in their care.  What happens in the future, we don't know, but right now we are falling in love with these babies.  Please pray for our family and for what's best for these precious boys.
I am grateful for these new additions to our family.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

If you don't have a mixer, try your drill instead.

I'm not sure if the video will come through.  Todd was making chocolate chips cookies to bring to Sunday dinner.  Their mixer was packed up to the camper.  Michelle jokingly said he should use his drill.  Todd is always up for a challenge.  He found a small whisk and it fit on the fittings and he used the drill to mix  the cookie dough.  Worked great.

                                                         Grateful for my inventative son.

Two weekends ago:

April brought the kids over on Friday evening to spend the weekend.  We played marbles and other games.  The kids went to bed really good.
We got up and ate our usual chocolate chip pancakes.  We then went to Vienna to buy feed.  Both kids have to go in with Dwayne. Next stop, Quik Spot to get chips and bug juices.  The cows needed fed so we fed them.  Both kids love doing this. 
We spent the whole day outside playing and riding in the truck.  In the evening, we went to McDonald's and then to Lion's Club Park.  The kids had fun even though they were leery of some of the equipment.

Two worn out kids on the way home.

We had a fun filled weekend with two of our favorite people.  For this, I am grateful.