Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Update:

End of the work week, just a relaxing evening.
Poor Dwayne had to work again.  He's getting worn out from this overtime.
I went to my good friend, Pat Allen's (Mark and Amanda) baby shower.  She is getting
a granddaughter.  I couldn't be happier for her.  She has two sons, three grandsons and now
her wish for many years to have a little girl in her life.  Mark and Amanda are due in January.
They are naming the baby after their grandmothers.  Barella Jean.  Mable's name was Barella Mable and Amanda's grandma's name was Jean.  Mable would be so happy as most people thought her name was strange.  With some of the names they come up with anymore, Barella sounds pretty good.
Dwayne and I went to Sput's to eat supper and visit with friends. We went home early as Dwayne was very tired.
Another day of making molasses.  Mom and Dad supplied pizzas for lunch and it was a hit with the workers.  We had desserts and side dishes, but overall an easy day on food preparation.
Some friend's of Mom and Dad's from when they were all dating came over and spent the day.  They had so much fun reminiscing and visiting.
                                   Dad may be almost 90, but he can still make molasses!!

Lisa (Tony's girlfriend), Xander putting his fingers over the hole in the barrel of cane juice, Chad
Even darkness doesn't get in the way of taking off a pan of molasses.
Dad still has cane left.  The guys plan on making it on Thanksgiving as there will be a group there.
I am so grateful for these special memories.  Priceless!

Friday, October 24, 2014


Weekly Visit:
Cash was so excited to see me when I got there.  I was reaching for me and I got to hold him for about twenty minutes without him getting down.  (wasn't me, he was entranced in Mickey Mouse)
Grandpa hasn't been able to go the last couple weeks as he's been working overtime.
Thursday Night Visitor:

Zach came to visit.  We don't see him as much since he's sixteen and driving.  (and luckily for us, he is okay as he had a horrible accident a couple weeks ago hitting a tree head on)
Zach has been over quite a bit since he was just a baby.  He followed Uncle Dwayne around everywhere.  When he was around four, he would always ask Dwayne for some man's work to do.

I am grateful for these weekly visits with Cash and for the nieces and nephews that periodically come over for a visit. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Late Posting of Weekend Update:

Picked Nate and Liz up after school.  We stopped by Mom and Dad's to figure out what all we needed to buy for molasses weekend.  We made a mad dash to Wal-Mart's to guy groceries, lots of soda and A LOT of jars.  I can't even remember what we ate for supper. Oh, now I remember!!  Chocolate chip waffles and sausage. The guys were all there getting ready for molasses the next day.

We were watching Cash for the weekend.  Dwayne picked him up in Vienna when he went to the bank.  April had already fed him but he was already starving to death.  He's a bottomless pit.  He eats all the time but he's still a small guy.  Don't know where he puts it all.
Eating a waffle
I loved him reaching for me as soon as he got there.  Liz and Nathan came over mid-morning.  While I was busy fixing my dish to take to the Feeler Reunion, Liz and Cash watched Mickey Mouse.  
  We were just about to Rolla when my Aunt Fern called and told me to meet Mom at the ER.  She had fallen and hit the back of her head on the concrete floor.  I didn't want Cash exposed to the hospital germs so I called Dwayne to come pick him up.  You should have heard him squealing as soon as he saw Grandpa!!  Cash and Lizzy went with Dwayne back to Mom and Dad's.
Mom arrived by ambulance and was taken back for a Cat Scan.  She had a concussion but fortunately no brain bleed.  Dad had drove over but after we found out Mom was okay she insisted he go back to the reunion and visit with his family.  Spent the afternoon with Mom until Dad came back.
Todd and Cash
When I got to Mom's, Cash was happily playing in the dirt.  He had all the guys eating out of his hands!!  It had started to warm up so I took his jacket off and put his boots on.  Little did I know, Grandpa would let him walk through the mud hole.  He loved it!  Had to go through a few times.
Looks like fun.....
Plunging right in!!
Playing with Uncle Chad, still eyeing the mud hole.
Mom and Dad came home from the hospital.  She looked pretty good but had a huge knot on the back of her head.
Grandpa Great and Cash
 Went home and had a great time playing with Cash.  And feeding him....... That boy sure loves to eat.
As much as he loves his Grandpa, he wants Grandma when he's tired and as hard as Grandpa tries, he turns his head away and buries it on my shoulders.  Love that!!
I had always said the grandkids would sleep upstairs in the baby bed.  BUT, I was too tired to go put a clean sheet on the crib so sleeping with us seemed to go over well.  lol  He usually sleeps all night but around five he woke up and didn't know where he was.  We got some rocking time in, lots of snuggles, which is so much easier now that he doesn't have to wear his helmet.
Fed Cash two containers of baby food and then he started in on my Life cereal.  He loved it, I couldn't feed him fast enough.
We had run out of jars the day before so we had to make another trip to Rolla to buy more jars.  Wal-Mart was about out on Friday so we went to two other stores first and they were out.  Now what to do!!  Went to Wal-Mart, left Lizzy and Cash in the car, almost ran to where the jars were and they had restocked and had a lot of jars!!!!  Saved the day!
Then to Lee's chicken to pick up food for the guy's dinner.  My cousin's wife, Leann cooked my vegetables for me while I was gone and had everything set up and ready for when I got back.  Thank you, Leann!!
April came and couldn't wait to see Cash.  Dwayne said he wouldn't go to her as he was having too much fun.  She took it well knowing he was having a good time.
Dwayne and Phil feeding the press.
Andy, Dad, Dean, Tim and Todd
I'm sure Dad is telling a story.....
The kids having fun skimming the molasses.
We had about six little boys there both days.  They had so much fun just playing in the woods and (to most people's horror) playing with stick guns and wooden knives Todd would carve for them.  No ipads, no phone or any technology and these boys had the best time just being kids.
It was another wonderful year of molasses making and visiting with family and friends.
I am grateful for these precious memories. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014



Kensie came for a visit last night.  She has grown into such a sweet young lady.  She's my youngest niece and holds a special place in my heart.
We have quite the stories from when she was little.  Kate and I were in the living room when Kensie (about 18 months old) came into the living room with a trail of aluminum behind her.  She had a trail from the cabinet around the island and on to the living room.  We called it her silver brick road.
Another time she had a box of NestlĂ©'s Quick and dumped it out all over the kitchen table.  Let me tell you, when it's dumped out and you try to put it back in the box there is too much to fit.  Don't know how that happens as it seems when you buy it it's only three fourths full.  But we had quite a bit left over that wouldn't fit back in the box.
You may think we weren't watching her but we really were.  She was only out of the living room a few minutes, but she could sure make use out of those minutes.  lol
She is quite the comedian and was the star of the school play last Spring.  She also got Miss Spirit in a beauty pageant over the Summer.  She's a beautiful young lady, inside and out.  Love you, MacKensie!!

I am grateful for a special visit from MacKensie.

Thursday, October 16, 2014