Friday, January 12, 2018


Not much happening around the Elrod house.  Weekends are spent feeding the cows.
New Years Eve day, we went over to April and Mike's to see the kids. 

                                                       I hope everyone is having a great year so far.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas Eve:

We had a very relaxing Christmas Eve.   We had sandwich foods.   April mad some really great ham and cheese sliders and Michelle a cheese ball. We had other sandwich stuff to go with it.

           Christmas Day was spent visiting with our new neighbors who brought over home made candy.   Very good.  Then off to feed the cows.  That was about the extent of our celebrating.

                               I am very grateful I got to spend Christmas Eve with my family and especially having Dad with us again.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Elrod Christmas Photos:

Thank God:

Tuesday afternoon, my dad picked up a guy along the road.  There had been a burglary in the neighborhood and unbeknownst to my day, this guy was a fugitive.
Around five o'clock, no one could find my dad.  We checked all the gravel roads to no avail.  Another suspect was apprehended down the road.  We contacted the sheriff who was there about my dad missing.  It was assumed my dad was with the fugitive. 
You cannot imagine the horror and worry we felt.  Fortunately, the story has a good ending.  My Dad was found in DePaul Hospital in St. Louis.  He had been in a minor accident at the airport.  The best we can tell is the fugitive drove my Dad's van to the airport and then left Dad there.  Dad hit a shuttle bus.  God definitely was in control.  There was no way Dad could have driven on the interstate.
We are so beyond thankful for everyone's prayers and help that night.  To say we are blessed beyond measure that Dad wasn't hurt is an understatement.   We are so happy things turned out so well.

                                                           I am grateful my Dad was found safe and unharmed.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Elrod Christmas:

We celebrated Chad's birthday with a lasagne dinner with olive cheese bread.  We had a good time visiting afterward.  Cash stayed to spend the weekend with us.
Cash went with me to go fix Pa Great's breakfast.  He loves to visit Pa Great.
Cash and Grandpa went for their usual trip to buy feed, gas and bug juice, then feed the cows.  It was nice enough out for Cash to drive the truck.  I made a couple dishes for the Elrod Christmas on Sunday.  Cash had to help.
Around dark, we went to Vichy to the park to see the Christmas lights and Santa Claus.  Cash didn't get too close to Santa Claus.
We had a family photo shoot at ten.

David and all his kids were here for Christmas dinner.  The kids had fun opening presents.
I am grateful for my family.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Chad Anthony Elrod

It's hard to believe my first born in 39 today.  Where has the time gone.
Chad is such a caring and loving young man and I'm very proud of him.
Chad was due December 12th, 1978 and promptly came on the very day he was due.   Chad has always been that way.  He always minded well and thought of others, he still does to this day.

Chad and his God Daughter, Iva

                                          I am so grateful for my son and the young man he is.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Recap:

I worked at the flower shop and then went to Wal-Mart.  I needed to buy Chad a new Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector.   Chad had a very bad flu fire the night before.  Luckily, (thank you God) Chad woke up to the smell of smoke.  When he turned his light on, he couldn't even see in front of him.  I thank God for looking after him as if he wouldn't have woke up, he wouldn't be here.  He had a serious flu fire but was able to get it under control.  He has a lot of smoke and water damage.  The thing is, he had just put new batteries in his detectors last week and checked them and they didn't go off.  Even after the fire, he pushed the tester and it went off.  They certainly malfunctioned and almost cost him his life.  Chad's a survivor and tries to look at the positive side of things, but he certainly has a lot of bad luck.  I pray for my son to have a brighter future.
Dwayne and I went out to eat at Roadkill for supper.  Always good food.
I usually stay home when Dwayne goes to feed but I decided to go this week.  We went to Vichy to feed the horses and then to Vienna go buy gas and feed.  The cows really look forward to hearing Dwayne's truck come into the field.  It's fun to watch them to run and play.
Spent the ret of the day watching TV.
I went to church and watched the Christmas Program.  The little guys do such a good job.  I stayed for the brunch and ate with some friends.
We hung some pictures of my brother, Wayne's.  I was proud to have them on my wall.  For those who don't remember, my brother drowned three years ago.  My prized possession is a self portrait Wayne did years ago and gave me when we lived in the basement.  Wayne was an artist.
We then played rummy.  As usual, Dwayne won best two out of three.  He's such a good player.  It's rare I beat him.
Merry Christmas
I am very grateful for all my blessings and  especially Chad's well being.