Friday, December 22, 2017

Elrod Christmas Photos:

Thank God:

Tuesday afternoon, my dad picked up a guy along the road.  There had been a burglary in the neighborhood and unbeknownst to my day, this guy was a fugitive.
Around five o'clock, no one could find my dad.  We checked all the gravel roads to no avail.  Another suspect was apprehended down the road.  We contacted the sheriff who was there about my dad missing.  It was assumed my dad was with the fugitive. 
You cannot imagine the horror and worry we felt.  Fortunately, the story has a good ending.  My Dad was found in DePaul Hospital in St. Louis.  He had been in a minor accident at the airport.  The best we can tell is the fugitive drove my Dad's van to the airport and then left Dad there.  Dad hit a shuttle bus.  God definitely was in control.  There was no way Dad could have driven on the interstate.
We are so beyond thankful for everyone's prayers and help that night.  To say we are blessed beyond measure that Dad wasn't hurt is an understatement.   We are so happy things turned out so well.

                                                           I am grateful my Dad was found safe and unharmed.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Elrod Christmas:

We celebrated Chad's birthday with a lasagne dinner with olive cheese bread.  We had a good time visiting afterward.  Cash stayed to spend the weekend with us.
Cash went with me to go fix Pa Great's breakfast.  He loves to visit Pa Great.
Cash and Grandpa went for their usual trip to buy feed, gas and bug juice, then feed the cows.  It was nice enough out for Cash to drive the truck.  I made a couple dishes for the Elrod Christmas on Sunday.  Cash had to help.
Around dark, we went to Vichy to the park to see the Christmas lights and Santa Claus.  Cash didn't get too close to Santa Claus.
We had a family photo shoot at ten.

David and all his kids were here for Christmas dinner.  The kids had fun opening presents.
I am grateful for my family.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Chad Anthony Elrod

It's hard to believe my first born in 39 today.  Where has the time gone.
Chad is such a caring and loving young man and I'm very proud of him.
Chad was due December 12th, 1978 and promptly came on the very day he was due.   Chad has always been that way.  He always minded well and thought of others, he still does to this day.

Chad and his God Daughter, Iva

                                          I am so grateful for my son and the young man he is.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekend Recap:

I worked at the flower shop and then went to Wal-Mart.  I needed to buy Chad a new Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector.   Chad had a very bad flu fire the night before.  Luckily, (thank you God) Chad woke up to the smell of smoke.  When he turned his light on, he couldn't even see in front of him.  I thank God for looking after him as if he wouldn't have woke up, he wouldn't be here.  He had a serious flu fire but was able to get it under control.  He has a lot of smoke and water damage.  The thing is, he had just put new batteries in his detectors last week and checked them and they didn't go off.  Even after the fire, he pushed the tester and it went off.  They certainly malfunctioned and almost cost him his life.  Chad's a survivor and tries to look at the positive side of things, but he certainly has a lot of bad luck.  I pray for my son to have a brighter future.
Dwayne and I went out to eat at Roadkill for supper.  Always good food.
I usually stay home when Dwayne goes to feed but I decided to go this week.  We went to Vichy to feed the horses and then to Vienna go buy gas and feed.  The cows really look forward to hearing Dwayne's truck come into the field.  It's fun to watch them to run and play.
Spent the ret of the day watching TV.
I went to church and watched the Christmas Program.  The little guys do such a good job.  I stayed for the brunch and ate with some friends.
We hung some pictures of my brother, Wayne's.  I was proud to have them on my wall.  For those who don't remember, my brother drowned three years ago.  My prized possession is a self portrait Wayne did years ago and gave me when we lived in the basement.  Wayne was an artist.
We then played rummy.  As usual, Dwayne won best two out of three.  He's such a good player.  It's rare I beat him.
Merry Christmas
I am very grateful for all my blessings and  especially Chad's well being.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Weekend Update:

Cash and Iva came over Saturday to spend the night.  They had a lot of fun playing outside.

Cash and Grandpa putting up the tree.

Grandpa spoils Iva quite a bit.  He held her while trying to put up the ribbon on the tree.
All worn out.
We went to Vichy with Dwayne to fix fence and move the horses.  The kids enjoyed watching the horses run and buck.
April came over and helped me decorate the tree and around the house.   I really appreciated her help.
We had Sunday evening family dinner.  I had recently made a tamale pie for Dwayne and I and it was very good.  The one I made Sunday didn't turn out too well.  Not sure if it was the difference in the chili powder I had this time.
Chad had to work and wasn't able to be with us.  Todd and Michelle stayed quite awhile visiting.
Overall a good day.
On a daily note, Dad sill isn't doing very well.  I go up ever morning to fix his breakfast and sometimes his lunch.   Judy goes over in the evening with his supper and to fix his meds.
Dad can take care of himself but is just too weak to fix his meals.  Please pray for our family during this time.
                                                                             I am very grateful for my family.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend:

We ate dinner at Michelle's Mom, Melba and Dad, Carl's house.  It was good food and good visiting.
In the evening, we go to the movies with Todd, Michelle and Desmon.   It was a comedy and we had a good time with laughter and just enjoying each other's company.
I took Dad to Vienna to the bank and grocery store.  Spent the rest of the day semi-helping Dwayne clean in the yard.
Worked at the flower shop in the morning.  Stopped off to visit Dad on the way home.  Spent the day preparing food for the Elrod Thanksgiving on Sunday.
We had a good day. The weather was so nice, some out outside. Was blessed to have Dad with us.
My pictures are all out of order this time and no matter how many times I tried to change them it wouldn't work.
Iva walking around to see the cows.  I wish I had a close up as her dress and tights were so adorable.
                                                    At the movies, Daddy Comes Home Two
My flowers Wanda gave me from Something Special Florist

Cash riding in his truck.

I am especially grateful for my family and the time spent together.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Weekend Recap:

I had an appointment in Sullivan with Opthomatologist in Sullivan for pre-certification for cataract surgery.  I was there a total of six hours.  The doctor was two hours late.  The visit required a lot of eye testing.  I qualified for the surgery but after scheduling, I find out my out of pocket expense would be $2,000.00 per eye.  At this time, I can't afford it.  On my way back to Rolla, Judy calls to see if I can pick up a pair of shoes for Dad.  Found the shoes right away and was starting to head home.  I don't remember why Judy called back, but thank goodness she did.  She asked if I got Velcro.  Uh, no I didn't.  Luckily, I was only about two blocks from the shoe store.  Stopped to get the fixings for baked beans for deer camp.  Fixed my baked beans and then Dwayne came home.  We headed to deer camp.
Michelle put in some vegetables in the oven to roast.  Andy locked the oven door.  He didn't know that the only time you lock the door is to clean the oven.  They couldn't get the door open.  It took Todd, Andy, Brayden and Dwayne to use the poker and other large pieces of metal to get the door open.  After getting it open, they cut the latch off so it wouldn't happen again.
Todd, Brayden and Andy

I went to Wal-Mart in the rain to buy groceries.  The store was very busy.  After Wal-Mart, I went to Family Center to buy some overalls.  Stopped at Dad's on the way home.  He was having a good day.
Unloaded the groceries in the pouring down rain.  I was a little cold after that.
In the evening, I took Dad to Null & Son Funeral Home for the visitation of a dear friend and neighbor, Faye Grisham.  Mom and Faye had grown up together and both lost their Moms at a young age.  When Momma was bad, Faye and Charles visited with us and it meant a lot.
After taking Dad home, I headed to deer camp.  Visited for awhile and went home early.
Went to church and then over to April's.  We went to the lake to eat lunch and some shopping.

Lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant at the Lake.
I stayed and played with the kids for awhile and headed home before dark.  I so enjoy this visits.
I saw two bucks and one doe on my trip over and back.  Luckily, I got to stop each time and they didn't run out in front of me.  We had an early supper and then TV time.

Sibling Love
I am grateful for a safe deer season and that my family is safe.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weekend Recap:

I spent the afternoon making calico beans for deer camp.  It is tradition they start out with my calico beans.  I forgot the hot dogs this year but they liked it better without. (with the exception of Dwayne, he loves the hot dogs in it).  Deer camp is a big deal to the guys.
I worked at Something Special as they had open house.  We were kept busy all day which was very good for business.  I was tired at the end of day so I didn't go to church to help with the fall supper.
Michelle called around six and invited me to deer camp.  I've never gone before.  I wasn't going to go but decided I was tired of sitting around by myself.  There was lots of good food, fun and laughter.  I rather foolishly tried some apple pie moonshine.  It was really good.  I think they kept the shne out of it as there was no liquor flavor at all.  I've tasted moonshine before by one sip and it was very strong and awful tasting.  Had a good evening.
Once again, I didn't make it to church.  Instead I did all of Dad's washing and the bedclothes.  Took me most of the day.  Dwayne came home early from deer camp and fixed supper.  Tasted really good.

I need prayers as I'm struggling with staying home.  I get so bored!  Yesterday, I went to the career center and filled out applications for the hospital.  Today, I went to the hospital's job fair.  I'm not up on the latest technology so that's a downfall.  I did have an interview with Parkside Manor last Friday that went really well.  The only thing I have doubts about, he took my information down on sticky notes.  Really, sticky notes!  So, I don't really have much hope for that job.

                      I am very grateful for life and pray that a good job is in my future.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Weekend Recap:

I worked at the flower shop.  I had some difficulty delivering flowers to the S & T campus.  It is a little confusing with all the different buildings within the campus, but I got it done.
Dwayne spent the day working on his tree stand and cleaning up the cabin for deer season.  They were painting the floor and he didn't get home in time to go to our friend's 50th Anniversary Party.
Bobb Bullock, Linda and Kevin Roden, and Kathy Rogers
I sat with Billie Elrod, Loyd Workman, Carol Workman Ball and Brenda Love.
These are all old time friends from the original bunch of the Pig Roast.  Always a good time with the crew. 
It was good to see my friend, Bobbi Tynes and her husband Tony at the party.   Bobbi just had a double mastectomy a few weeks ago.  She is doing really well.
April and I sent to Springfield shopping and Dwayne watched the kids.  We found quite a few things you wouldn't find around here.  We always have a good time getting out and shopping and eating lunch.
We brought the kids home chicken nuggets and fries.  Cash would burp and then Iva would copy him, then both would laugh hysterically.  It was hard to keep a straight face and not laugh at them.
Dad turned 93 today.  We went to Vienna to see Felix Stratman as it was also his birthday.  They had a good time visiting.

                                                 I am grateful for the time spent with my daughter and for Dad celebrating another birthday.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Sister and Niece Love:

Katie, Ashlyne, Me, Kristin, Lizzy and Judy
Poor Judy had surgery a few days before so wasn't feeling well.

Ashlyne, Kristin and Me

                                                                   So grateful for all my nieces and my two sisters.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Weekend Recap and Dad's 93rd Birthday:

I decided to get out of the house and go visiting.  I had to go to Vienna anyway.  I first checked my lottery ticket-surprise, no winners!  I first went to see an old High School friend, Sharon Hutchison.  We had a good visit and she hasn't changed much since High School.  I then stopped at John and Sheila Allen's.  I used to work for them at Black Gold Pet Food.  I loved that job!!  Unfortunately, they sold the business.  Today is Sheila's and her granddaughter, Bailey's birthday.  Sheila got a big surprise at Bailey's birthday party as she is going to get another grandchild in May, 2018.  Great news for them.
I worked a couple hours at the flower shop and then Dwayne and I went off on a goose hunt.  We wanted to buy Cash a toy blue Ford tractor like Grandpa Dwayne has.  I looked up dealers on line and there was one in Rosebud.  Apparently, they don't sell many Ford's but mainly Internationals.  We did not find a toy tractor like we wanted.  I tried buying one online but it came as a miniature replica.  Right tractor, wrong size.
We then drove on to Herman for Octoberfest.   We're pretty lazy at these events.  We just drove around and looked at the wineries but didn't go in to any of them.  Out of our comfort zone, I guess.  We did have lunch at a German Restaurant and it was very good. 
I took a nap when we got home.  Chef salad for supper, tv and an early night.
I got up and started making my dishes to take to Dad's for his 93rd birthday dinner.  Dwayne made his famous sweet potatoes.   Mom taught him how years ago and he's made them ever since.  I'm not fond of sweet potatoes but everyone loves when he makes them.
April and Mike dropped the kids off while they ran into Rolla to Lowe's and to pick up the chicken at Lee's.
We had a tea party with they kids.

We had a great turn out for Dad's party.  Chad couldn't be there as he had to work at S & T.  He was setting up the platform for William Shatner to be the guest speaker.  When the kids were little, we watched a lot of 911 and William Shatner was the narrator.  April was almost four and was a contestant in the Little Miss Extravaganza at the Vichy Airport.  When asked who her favorite movie star was, she answered, "William Shatner".  We all thought it was cute.  The judges didn't get it.  So it was a joke in the family for years that April's favorite movie star was William Shatner.  Wish we would have known about it earlier and got tickets to go.
Dad had fun celebrating his birthday and even danced a jig-which he is famous for.  It was an overall good day of fun and visiting with family.
I am extremely glad to still have my Dad with us.
On a sadder note, Saturday the 28th was the two year anniversary of Mom's death.  Still miss her as much as when it happened.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekend Recap:

I worked at the flower shop to help Wanda out as Brenda was off for the day. I like working at the flower shop as there is something different to do all the time.  My last delivery for the day was delivering a beautiful flower to a lady in Bland.  On Google Map, it looked easy to find. I stopped at almost every house on Cleavesville Road but no one knew the lady.  I had been trying to call her but didn't have service.  I pulled over as I was leaving Cleavesville Road and got an answer but then lost service.  I was getting pretty aggravated by then.  I drove into Bland and tried again.  This time I got through and the man said to just stay where I was, he would come in.  Didn't even take but a couple minutes til he was there.  His wife had had a heart attack that day.  I was certainly glad we connected so she could get her flower.  I then tried to call home but had no service.  I'm thinking, was it divine intervention we got the connection to set up a meeting place.
 April was bringing the kids over for the weekend after work.  I knew Dwayne would be home before long but it was now 5:30.  I kept trying to call but had not reception.  Finally got through when I was almost to Vichy.  Dwayne had the kids; I met April on the road.
The kids start their day cuddling.
After the kids had breakfast, Cash and Dwayne went to get Dwayne a haircut and run errands.   Iva and I played and then she took a nap.  After Dwayne and Cash got home, we all went to feed the cows.  Cash gets such a kick out of driving the truck in the field.  Iva enjoyed the moo cows.  We had a new baby calf Cash was excited to see.
We then went to Pa Great's to work on getting the molasses press and mill taken apart to move to Chad's.  We are now going to be making Feeler/Elrod Molasses at Chad's every year.
Dwayne had to go home to pick up some tools so Iva and I stayed home.  Chad came by.  Iva went right to him.  Pa Great was there and she waved by to him as if she was leaving with Chad.  After they left, she went down for another nap.  Cash was one tired, dirty little boy when he got home.  He was pretty excited about all the work he had done.  After supper, Cash "cooked" us a meal and laid out real plates and silverware for us to eat.  I was his first guest.  I automatically started to eat my pretend food.  Cash said, "Grandma".  I looked over and he had his little hand out for us to join hands and pray.  I was so proud of him.  We always do this before a meal. He had quite the fun having me and then Pa eat with him.  Iva is content just to play quietly or color.
April came over mid morning.  She had a good time the day before.  Her and a few of her friends took the train from Jefferson City to Herman for the day for October Fest.  They then ate at Madison's in Jeff City.  April had calamari, which is squid.  She said it wasn't bad.  We ate deli lunch meat for dinner and then April headed home.  Poor thing, both kids got super car sick on the ride home.  They are both prone to car sickness. 
I took a nap and Dwayne watched TV.  That evening, we went to see our friends, Phil and Carol Bailey.  Phil had surgery earlier in the summer for throat cancer and has been in and out of the hospital ever since.  He is not doing very good.  Carol had carotid artery surgery Thursday for a 90% blocked artery.  She's not bouncing back as fast as she thought she would.  She had a full time job plus taking care of Phil.  We had a good visit.
We have another friend, Kenny Allen, Sr. who has cancer.  We stopped to see him and Pat on the way home.  Kenny was in good spirits but things don't look too good for him.  I always enjoy visiting with Pat.
Came home and watched TV
Did my morning chores and then made a custard pie to take over to Tony and Bobbi's.  Bobbi is recovering from a double mastectomy.  We had a good visit and Bobbi is doing so much better.
I'm so grateful for our family's health.  Please pray for my friends as they are enduring much with their cancer.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day With Dad:

Dad thought he needed to go to the store, but after checking the fridge found he didn't need anything.  I suggested we go for a drive.  We wound up at my Aunt Alice and Uncle Robert Feeler's house.  We had a nice visit.  Although, I was saddened at the condition Aunt Alice was in.  She's very weak and her mind is just not the same.  Aunt Alice has always been a whirlwind, never winding down.  I have always looked up to Aunt Alice.  It was hard to see her that way.  Uncle Robert is doing pretty good but he doesn't get out much.  When we left, I was even more grateful for how active Dad is and able to take care of himself.
Dad must be pretty lonely this week.  He called me ten times yesterday, plus I went up to visit with him for awhile.  I don't mind the calls, they are a way to connect with Dad throughout the day.
Dad has come to depend on me being here for him since I'm not working right now.  It's a good time.
We went to the Vichy Wye to eat lunch.   I'm so full; I'm not sure if I can eat supper.  I feel like I could take a nap.  But then I wouldn't get the yard (leaves!) mowed.  I keep putting it off.

                                                                Had a great day and feeling grateful for time spent with Dad.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sam Elliott:

I had a dream about Sam Elliott last night.  I'm not one to croon over movie stars or singers, but I LOVE Sam Elliott's voice.  I also love his acting and charming good looks.
In the dream, Sam had built a small restaurant in the middle of his farm in Missouri.  (Don't think Sam owns any property in MO)  The odd thing was, you had to know it was there to ever find it.  Sam hired me to be a waitress.  Can't remember much more than that.  Where do dreams come from?  I hadn't watched any recent Sam Elliott movies or thought about him.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to meet a star of your dreams?  That would be Sam Elliott for me!

                                                            I'm grateful for this beautiful day the Lord has made.

Cash's Birthday Cake:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Molasses Weekend:

Trip to Sput's for supper before starting our busy weekend.  I was disappointed as I had read a post that Sput was having pork chops as a special.  To my dismay, that must have been for a different day.
Molasses Day starts out early.  There's all the prep work, grinding of the juice, mudding the fire brick that holds the big pan we cook molasses in.  My Dad started this tradition in 1978 and we've continued since that time.  I can't remember how many years ago it was, but Dad turned the operation over to Dwayne and the boys.  I can't even begin to express our gratitude for our Elrod nephews for helping us and feeling the same since of tradition.  Not many in my family has felt the calling for the tradition.  They are there and help wherever needed, but their heart is not truly in it.  It's a big job and takes several to get it done.  My phone messed up and I didn't get any pictures this year.  I like to get some of them grinding the juice and the cooking process.  I did borrow some of Shelley Allen's pictures.
Our "little" Blake pouring cane juice.  He's grown up so much.
Nathan and cash trying to grind juice by hand pushing.  (Hard work, as we use a horse for the press)
The molasses were true to their name, slow!  We had a lot of juice and used the big pan to cook in rather than the evaporator this year.  Took until almost eleven at night to get the batch cooked.  Our friend, Kenny Allen helped all day.  Kudos to Kenny.  We appreciate all our friends and family for their work.
Around seven, we went on our annual hay ride and wiener roast.  We had more than usual for the ride this year.  Cash stayed in the truck and helped Grandpa drive.  He did ride on the back with Grandma for a short distance but preferred driving with Grandpa.  Cash was getting tired and wanted to go home.  I did too.  We were burning a brush pile on our other land for the wiener roast and I could look across the fence and almost see our house.  I thought about walking, but considered otherwise with tall the thorn bushes and climbing the fence with Cash.  Luckily, Dustin was there with his truck and drove us home.  We were both asleep in the living room when Dwayne got home.
Today was the day Cash had been waiting for, his birthday party.  My friend from High School, Kathy Schulte Kleffner makes cakes and she made one for Cash's birthday.  We went to St. James to pick it up and then on over to April and Mike's for the party.  Unfortunately, Cash got car sick on the way.  Poor little guy, him and Iva both get car sick easily.
The party (and food!) turned out really good.
                                                                     Cousin Love
Elaina, Josey, Iva and Cash

Two weeks apart in age.
I have some really good pictures of Cash and his cake but my computer is not cooperating with me today to upload them.
After we got home, it was time for cleanup from the day before.  (I got out of it!  lol)
Todd and Michelle came down afterward and we had a good visit.
This was a great weekend, but I sure did miss my Mom.  She loved this time of year.
I am grateful for our family to carry on this tradition of making molasses and for all the help from family and friends.  It's just a time of good old fashioned fun and you can't forget all the good food.   I'm also grateful for this sweet little grandson, Cash and his big four year old birthday.