Friday, April 28, 2017

Weekly Visit:

We went over to visit the kids Wednesday night.  We didn't know the bridge was now open and we had went through Brinktown.  Time was about the same.
We went to Miss Kitty's to eat supper.  Some kids were there from Cash's daycare and he had so much fun playing with them.

No pictures of Cash.  He doesn't like his picture taken.  We played for awhile and then headed back.  Fortunately, we found out the bridge was open so we took the regular way home.
It's always fun to see the kids and how much they change from week to week.

I am grateful we have the opportunity to go visit the kids almost every week.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tater Patch:

Really nothing spectacular to post.
Saturday night, we went to Tater Patch in Rolla.  We had went there recently for Aunt Carol's birthday.  Several people had ordered the pork tenderloin sandwich and sharing it.  We ordered one to share.  It was served on a platter and completely covered the plate.  Hardly room for the onion rings.
We then went to Sput's but none of our kids for friends were there, so we left.

April took some cute pictures of the kids.
A little smile...

A little bigger.......

Now that's a smile!!

April's old rocking chair.

Miss Hollywood

Little Miss Sass

Love these kids so much.  
I'm grateful for my family and especially Cash and Iva.

Friday, April 21, 2017

60th Celebration:

I've had quite the two weeks of celebrating my birthday.  The kids had a surprise birthday for me last week.
My friends, Susan and Bobbi, took me out to lunch at Checos (our local Mexican Restaurant) on Tuesday.  Very good food and company.  Susan bought me a beautiful yellow rose.  Yellow is my favorite.  I don't know if it's because yellow roses were my Grandma's favorite and I loved my Grandma alot.  My middle name, Rebecca, is after Grandma.
Wednesday, I worked at Something Special Florist.  I love working there.  They also had lunch and gave me three perfect red roses in a vase.
Wednesday night, we ate at Maid-Rite's.
Last night, Katie, Judy, Nathan, MacKensie and me all went out to watch our great niece's musical play, Seussical.  All the performers were very good.  Savannah didn't get to sing by herself, but her facial expressions for each scene were priceless.  We went out for ice cream afterwards.
Savannah is on the left.

I am grateful to have so many people in my life to help celebrate my birthday.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Weekend:

I came home from work with a cold and running a temp.  Didn't say up long, went to bed and froze.
Didn't do a whole lot. Sat and stuffed eggs for two hours.  I've collected alot of plastic eggs through the years. Made a few dishes for Sunday.  Again, an early night.
We had our usual Easter Dinner for everyone.  Since Momma passed away, my family doesn't come anymore, just Dad.  I hate it we don't all get together.
But I can count on my Elrod relatives being there.  The kids look so forward to it.  It was raining so we had the Easter Egg Hunt in the basement.

Dad and Iva.  She loves to go to her Pa Great.
Iva playing with her eggs
Cash finding Easter eggs.  He had so much fun.  Earlier, he kept finding eggs upstairs, but they were my ceramic ones.
Cash and Iva enjoying their eggs.

Everyone just visiting.

It was also Todd and Michelle's first anniversary.  They had went on a camping trip to Alley Springs but got rained out Sunday morning, therefore, they got to come to the Easter dinner.

I am grateful my Elrod family still values the coming together of celebrating holidays.  I am blessed.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Busy Weekend:

We went to Sput's for supper.  We took the gravel roads home and went by Todd and Michelle's.  They weren't home, so we went to their farm where the camper is.  Not there either.  We can't seem to catch them at home.
I cleaned house and Dwayne went mushroom hunting  In the afternoon, we went to our lake in Vichy.  I read a book while Dwayne fished.  Actually, I finished one book and started another.  I love to read.  That evening, we went to Dustin's for a bonfire.  We were celebrating Desmon's twelfth birthday and Dustin's birthday, which is today.  We left early as I wasn't feeling well.
I went to church but didn't stay for the whole service, I was still sick.  Went home and went to bed for awhile.
The kids were going to take us out to eat at Moreland's for my birthday.  Chad called and said he needed a ride and we needed to pick him up.  Little did I know, it was an early surprise 60th birthday party for me.

Nearly all my friends were there.  Also, my Dad and Judy and my niece, MacKensie.  We had a wonderful time visiting.
My Dad was very proud of the cake he bought for me in the round container.

Thank goodness they only had the numbers for 60 and not the actual amount of candles.  I would have never got them blown out.

Got several nice gifts and a couple gag gifts.  Beautiful cards.

Iva love her Pa Great.

I think Pa Great thinks she's pretty special too.

Iva and cousin Jayce.

Noah and Cash.  The had so much fun on the go-cart.  It doesn't run so the bigger boys were pushing them.

I am so blessed by family and friends that came together to celebrate this major milestone in my life.  I'm forever grateful.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Sniffing Laundry:

When April was quite small, she would watch me fold laundry and try to imitate me.  As I watched her, I noticed each time she tried to fold something she would sniff it first.  I wondered why she was doing that.  Then I noticed myself doing the same thing.  Little eyes see everything.
Cash helps April fold laundry and he does the same thing.  They were folding laundry and Cash was teaching Iva how to do it.  First, he would show her how to sniff the laundry and then fold it.  She copied him.  So cute.
Iva folding laundry

I am so grateful for these little grandchildren.  They bring so much joy.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Boots for $1.06:

Yes, you read that right.  I bought a pair of $100 boots for .98 cents plus tax for a grand toal of $1.06.
I went to J C Penney's yesterday and they had a pair of boots in my size, which is rare as I'm a size 5 1/2 and they usually start stocking at size 6.  The boots were originally $100 (for which I would never pay) but were on clearance for $19.97.  I had a coupon for $15 off plus 25% so that brought the price down to .98 cents.  Hard to believe.  Good for me, not so great for J C Penney.

I'm grateful for a good bargain.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cell Phone / TV Remote:

I get to work today and reach over for my cell phone.  Instead I had grabbed the TV remote!!  Go figure!  lol
The bad part is I am expecting an important phone call today.

Thankful I'm not totally nuts yet..........

Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend Update:

Mike's Uncle Joel Holtmeyer passed away.  His visitation for the family was to start at 7 a.m. on Saturday morning.  A little early in the morning for me to meet April for the kids.  I was to meet her at 42 Junction.  We got our wires crossed as I was at Brune's Store and she was at the actual 42 Junction.  Whoops!

Our little overalls kids.
The kids did real good but Iva cried for about an hour straight.  Then all of a sudden, she stopped and started smiling.  From then on, everything was fine.
Not long after breakfast, Cash was ready to go to the feed store with Grandpa.  You can't go to the feed store without stopping to get bug juice and chips.
Chad stopped by to see the kids.  He wanted to hold Iva so bad but she wasn't having any of it.  Then Dad stopped by for a little bit.
Iva and I went with Grandpa and Cash to feed the cows.  Iva's first time, she got excited seeing the cows.  Iva and I stayed with Todd and Michelle at their camper while Grandpa and Chad got the hay and fed horses at Chad's.  Iva smiled alot at Todd and Michelle but she wasn't going to go to them.  Grandpa and Cash got the hay for the cows and then picked us up.  As always, Cash got to do the lever to lower the hay bales or hays as he calls it as we get more than one.
Both kids were very good.  I put Iva down for a nap and then Dad showed up again.  He gets so lonely.
April came to get the kids and we visited awhile.  I had ordered a little outfit online for Iva for her birthday but it looked so small I went ahead and gave it to April.

She looked so cute in it.
After April left I finished a book I had been reading.  Light supper and an early bedtime for us.
I had planned on going to church but overslept (almost to ten) so I didn't make it.
Cleaned house a bit and then Dwayne wanted to know if I wanted to go with him to look for mushrooms.  I grabbed a book and off we went.  It felt good to get out of the house.  I read while he looked for mushrooms.  No luck.
We stopped by and visited with Todd and Michelle.  Chad was there.  He came home with us to borrow the tractor and brush hog.
Dad came down three different times today.  He gets so lonely.  The third time he brought a wooden eagle to scare off the birds of my weeping cherry tree.
I fixed sloppy joes and we almost ate all of it.  Then a marathon of watching Chicago PD, Chicago Med and then Chicago Justice.  We love watching these shows.
April sent me a couple pictures of Iva in one of April's gowns.  So cute.

Overall, it was a great weekend.  I am so grateful for each of our kids.