Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly Visit:

Our weekly visit got off to a late start.  Dwayne has been working overtime so it's hard to get going at a reasonable time, but go we did!  Can't miss a weekly visit.  lol
Cash was pretty tired last night.  He plays so hard at Day Care, he's worn out when he gets home.  Susie said when they go out to play he is so busy watching all the cars go by and waving, it tires him out.  He is definitely an inquisitive little boy.
I took him for a walk and he wasn't even interested in looking at the leaves or pulling them off as he usually does.  He wasn't cranky, just extremely tired.
It's so fun to see how much better his crawling is and pulling up to the table.  He wobbles some as he's busy looking everywhere at once.

I am grateful we take this time out every week to see our precious grandbaby.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Prayer Warrior:

I am in no way, shape or form a good "prayer er".  I know that's not really a word, but it's what I mean.
Yesterday afternoon, I had a liver scan done.  While waiting for my appointment, there was a lady (a little older than me) sitting there being very anxious.  We got to talking about the weather, etc.  Then she said her husband had been in the hospital for over a week with COPD and an infection in his foot and leg.  I believe she said his name was Scott Burnett and they were from Stover, MO.  Quite a ways from Jefferson City and she had been staying with him.  She voiced her concern about the blood flow in his leg and causing the open sores.  I felt compelled to pray for her and her husband.  I kept thinking of the lady in the hospital that prayed for Mom and what a miracle we witnessed that day.  We held hands and I somewhat (though, not eloquently) voiced a prayer for a miracle for her husband and strength for them to get through this difficult time.  I have found the last few weeks that people want to talk about their difficulties rather than keep quiet.  And that is what prayer and worship is supposed to be.  Reaching out to others.  It's a hard lesson to learn as we did, but I wanted to talk about Wayne and what happened.  I yearned for people to reach out to me and let me voice my feelings.  I somehow felt like I had a badge on my chest saying, "My brother just drowned and my Mom is dying.  Talk to me".  I needed to voice my pain aloud without being dramatic, just talking.  It helped me tremendously to voice my feelinga aloud and for others to just listen.  We are all different.  Just because talking helped me, to others just a quiet hug suffices.
I hope I was sufficient in expressing my prayer and concern for Mrs. Burnett.

I am grateful for a lady named Marlena that came forward and put an arm around my shoulders and said I looked like I needed a prayer.  I did and she not only provided that for me but also my whole family with her heartfelt prayer over my Mom on her deathbed.  We witnessed a miracle that day as by the time they got Mom up to ICU to hook up to a ventilator, she was better.  Her breathing had ceased being so labored and her heart rate was back to normal.  Mom then looked like Momma-strong and beautiful.  Bless you Marlena.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Last evening, I went to Mom and Dad's for a visit.  Wayne, Jr, Deone and Bobbie stopped by, then Kate came.  We sat around talking about Wayne and then Wayne, Jr. wanted us all to go over to the cemetery and clean it up a little around the grave.  Mom and Dad didn't feel like goiong.

Deone, Katie, Wayne, Jr, Bobbie

Bobbie and Wayne, Jr.
This old cemetery is across the road from my Mom and Dad's house.  No one has been buried there in over a hundred years.  Wayne always wanted to be buried there.  It is just up the hill from his house and very pretty with old grown pines throughout. The cemetery was very grown up with thick vines and weeds.  The Sunday after Wayne died, Dwayne and all the nephews went over and cleaned the cemetery and Daddy picked out the spot for burial.  They had their work cut out for them.  They also brush hogged the field so we would have plenty of parking.  This coming together to prepare the cemetery was part of our grief process.  We all talked about Wayne and shared special stories and the close family bond between cousins could be felt all day.
As we visited last night, it wasn't a sad place.  It's Wayne's final resting place and a calm and peaceful feeling was shared by all.
I will always miss Wayne, but shall cherish all my special memories.
I am grateful to have had such a wonderful (if somewhat eccentric, but in a good way) brother.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Good Times:

I had a nice busy and full weekend.  Great to take your mind away from unpleasant memories.

I've been having a flare-up with my lupus so I'm only working half days for a couple weeks.  I was home Friday afternoon having a nice, much needed nap when-The Phone Rings!!  Wouldn't be so bad but no one answered but you could hear them on the other end.  Frustrating!!  Such as life.  lol
That evening, I went to Rolla to my great-nephew, Brighton's last T-Ball Game for the season.  He did real well and was proud of the gold dollar I gave him for a job well done.
Then the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart!!!!!!!!  Had to buy for a baby shower and the float trip on Sunday.
Started the day off with a Pampered Chef Party at my friend, Patti's.  Lots of good old fashioned visiting and wonderful food.  Naturally, I ate too much.  Then off to Mom and Dad's to have them sign their card for their baby gift.  When Dad paid me back, he was a dollar short.  I said, "Oh, that's no big deal".  He said he could give me change.  Mom looked at him and said, "Dad, do the old change deal".  Ha!  So fun!!  When I was a little girl, dad would empty his change out of his pocket and I would get down and grab it all up.  Don't know why I was always in such a hurry as I was the only one picking up.  Even through the years, it was a joke that I would get down in the floor with the grandkids as Dad threw change on the floor.  So, it was with joy I scrambled in the floor to pick up change.  Some things never change and we needed some good memories.  Mom and Dad are actually dealing with Wayne's death okay.  Still hard to believe he's gone.
Off to another party!!  This time a baby shower for my cousin, Keith's daughter Sydney.  What a bounty of good food they had there!!!  SO, I ATE SOME MORE!!!!!!!!  Don't know why I keep gaining weight.  lol 
It is always exciting to see a young mother at a baby shower so excited for the little one coming along.  Sydney was just that.  Miss that excitement but wouldn't want to go back and do it over.  lol
That evening, Dwayne and I went into Rolla to eat and look for an umbrella for the canoe as I'm not supposed to be in the sun much.  Couldn't find one but did buy a table umbrella for Dwayne to rig up on the canoe.  Home to much needed sleep to start off another exciting day on Sunday.
Day started out with shuffling around with vehicles and canoes.  We had a wonderful day on the river with several of our friends.  It was a long float, took us nine hours and that was with my brother-in-law pulling us with his boat part of the way.  I love to swim but I'm not really that good at it.  Last week, at Fugitive Beach I tried swimming and I would think of Wayne and panic.  I couldn't swim at all that day.  This time, I had on a ski belt during the whole trip and would add a life jacket to that when I went in the water.  Phil took his six year old grandson, Dakoda along.  He thinks Dwayne and I are his aunt and uncle.  So, it was, "Aunt Connie, would you get in and swim with me"?  Sure thing!!  The adults were too "old" for swimming.  Dakoda and I had fun.  Uncle Dwayne did get in with him some.  There was a stop for our typical float trip food of roasted hot dogs and the fire has to be set up "boy scout" style.  What a spectacular way to enjoy God's creation than being on the river.  Watching fish jump, snapping turtles, various birds and even an Eagle flying around.

I am so grateful for this past weekend.  I needed some time to just relax and enjoy after the drain the past two weeks has been on me. (and my family)

Wayne Edward Feeler, Sr.

July 5th, 2014

It is with great sorrow to say my brother, Wayne Feeler, Sr. drowned in a farm pond today

   --------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

I have so many emotions I want to express in the next few days.  Some good memories but I also need to deal with "the day", as I was there during the search and rescue.  Hard times, but God does
give you the strength to get through.

I am most grateful for this big, strong, handsome brother of mine.  (That's what I always called him when I was little and wanted him to do something for me.  lol  And that is exactly what I called him just a month ago when I needed him to go to the hospital with me for a thallium stress test.  We talked a long time that day and he said, "Why, sugar, I love you, I'd do anything for you!!"  That's my brother!!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Weekly Visit:

Cash is fascinated by taking Grandpa's hat off, then trying to put it back on.
I am so grateful for this little guy.
(I found a great new workout routine.  Walking around the block holding Cash.  What a workout; didn't think I'd ever make it back to the house.  I may have to speed up my walks on the treadmill as I don't get as winded as I did on this venture.  To say Grandma is out of shape would be an understatement).


My weekend started out at about one o'clock.  We get every other Friday afternoon off.  April also had the afternoon off so we met at John and Sheila's pool  I had bought a baby seat floating thing with a canopy.  Cash was almost too small for it.  He really didn't know what to think but seemed to be content as long as he was hanging onto Mommy's hand.  He's getting to be quite the Momma's boy.  I held onto him for awhile so Mommy could float and swim.  He was so amazed by all the flowers and the leaves blowing in the wind.  Grandpa stopped by to see him on his way home from work.  Cash showed off his crawling skills.  We had a great, relaxing afternoon.
Dwayne and Todd went to Eldon to pick up oak posts for our new yard fence.  I ended the day by watching TV and reading a good book.  All makes for a great day.
We had an Elrod Reunion to go to at Belle.  I was out of milk, Mom was out of milk-soooo I didn't make anything to take.  A quick trip into the grocery store to buy already made pies worked, but I wasn't very proud of myself for not taking homemade.  Will need to plan better next time.  There were a lot of people attending this year and everyone had a good time.  It's nice to get together and see people you might not see otherwise.
Reba (Dwayne's cousin) apologized for not recognizing Dwayne a couple weeks ago.  He finally told her he was Connie's husband and then she knew who he was.  lol  I love the Elrod family, they are all so good to me.
We then went to Rolla to Wal-Mart for groceries.  Didn't do too bad for a Wal-Mart trip.  Dwayne has been working so hard and then working on the weekends, I suggested he take a nap. He thought he would just watch TV instead but ended up taking a long nap; which he needed.  I also snuck in a nap until the phone rang.........   Saturday night, we went to Mike and Susan's for a get together with some of our friends.  We haven't got together very much in the last several years.  We had a good time.  Didn't get until 11:45 p.m.!!  Wow, we haven't stayed out that late in a long time.
Went to church.  It was our new pastor's first Sunday preaching.  I think she will be a good fit for our church.
After church, I mowed the yard.  Dwayne and Todd worked on sharpening the posts and started putting them in.  Can't wait for the new yard fence to be done.  We're making our HUGE yard a little smaller.  Getting older, need to cut down that mowing time.  lol
I made meatloaf for supper and then we spent the evening relaxing and watching TV.  Overall, a nice weekend.

I am grateful for family and friends and the get togethers we have.