Friday, June 24, 2011

Kids/Ice Cream Cones:

Dwayne and I went to St. Elizabeth last night to visit April and Mike, aka the kids.
Truth be told, we were kind of missing her a little bit. (but don't tell her.......) lol

The old fashioned part of me didn't want to show up empty handed so we stopped and bought ice cream and cones to take.

Dwayne took over a shelf April had left at the house and hung it up in the garage for her.
I love the small town atmosphere and how families are gathered outside visiting, people walking around town, riding bikes, etc. It seems like we are stuck in such a rut of going home, eating, watching TV, going to bed. I sometimes wonder if we lived in town we would get out more. Dwayne probably wouldn't as he is so tired in the evenings but I think I would enjoy getting out for a walk and seeing other people. On the other hand, I would not want to move. I love our house and the memories of our family growing up there. I guess when I feel the need to be in town, I can always walk around Vienna or go visit April and Mike.

I am grateful for our kids and the bond we share.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekend Recap:

Work has been busy and kind of stressful this year. Dwayne was in the hay field so I mainly just sat on the porch and relaxed. Around ten I went to Rolla and picked up Ashlyne, Tess and Gracy from the Roller Rink. Occasionally I let them talk me into being the chauffeur. Love these girls and it's always nice to see them.

Another lazy day for me. Health issues sometimes interfere with being productive. I hate not doing anything, I've always been such an active person. I do feel better after taking it easy (like sleeping most of the day....) on the past two weekends.
That evening I decided I really needed to fix Dwayne a good supper as he was working hard in the hay field all day and most evenings. (along with working five days a week with an hour and a half drive to work each day..) I fixed one of Dwayne's favorites, Stuffed Peppers. I remember the first time I ever ate at Dwayne's Mom and Dad's house. Dodie fixed stuffed peppers and corn on the cob. I had never ate or seen stuffed peppers. (They were very good) I wasn't sure how to eat them and watched to see if they cut them up or what. And corn on the cob? I LOVE corn on the cob, but I was a stupid unsure of myself eighteen year old and very self conscience. What a first meal to eat in front of his parents!! I hate Kool-Aid. Don't know why, I just always have. So I asked for a glass of water instead. A big mistake!! They had the WORST water ever!! Ask anyone around Vichy and they will tell you the same. Dodie couldn't even cook beans in the water, they just wouldn't cook. She had to either collect rain water or go to the neighbors to get water in order to cook the Elrod staple of beans. My father-in-law and his bean pot story to come in a later post.
I went to church and then we went to Mom's for Sunday dinner. Eighty-one and she outshines her daughters!! She had homemade rolls along with the rest of her meal.
April and Mike had stopped by the house before going to Mom's to give Dwayne his present and card. She had found a barbecue spatula with the outline of a deer head cut out on the metal.

Chad and Todd were at Mom's for dinner so it was nice to have all of us there.
I didn't take any pictures but Lizzie took one of Dad and then one of her and Tony. Dad looks like he doesn't feel well in this picture but I think he was just tired.

My nephew, Tony with his daughter, Elizabeth:

I am so blessed with family and grateful for close bond we have.

Boys and their toys:

Dwayne and Chad loading the Allis Chalmer to take to Vichy to work in the hay. Doesn't take much to put a grin on a guy's face than to take their picture with their truck, tractor, 4 wheeler or any other type of machinery.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Door Panel:

A couple weeks ago, I went to April and Mike's to pick up Blake and Nathan. On the way home we went by the field to see Dwayne plowing. Blake wanted to roll down his window on the gravel road and it wouldn't work. I told him it had not been working for quite awhile. Didn't think much about it and a few minutes later, Blake said, "well, you need to tell Dwayne to take the door panel off and fix it".
You can tell his daddy is a mechanic. LOL Honestly though, how many little boys of five years old would know you have to removed the door panel in order to fix the problem!!

I am grateful I get to share in the joy watching these two little brothers grow up.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The other side:

I've posted pictures of the pig roast at the lake. Last night, I took the opportunity to take pictures from the other side. Sounds kind of like a horror movie title. lol
When the kids were growing up, we always went with Dwayne to haul equipment, bid on a job, just anywhere we went as a family. After the kids left home, I just stay home and be an "old lady". Dwayne was taking the tractor to Vichy to start the haying season last night and asked if I wanted to ride along. It was so nice out, I thought, why not? So, I grabbed the book I was reading and away we went.
First, trip to Vienna to fill up the truck, tractor and two gas cans. Do I want to see the total of that bill? Probably not! Until next January when I get the farm receipts together for taxes, it's not as much of a shock then. Sun Drop for me and a lottery ticket and then off for phase two of the evening. Unloading the tractor at the land in Vichy. Even though the kids aren't around to open the gate, I still didn't have to, Dwayne did the honor!! lol Told you I was getting to be an old lady... The view from the highway side of the lake is so pretty and especially in the evening with the sun reflected on the water. I wish I could pick up the lake and drop it in our back yard. It would be so nice to sit on the deck and watch the geese flying in and just the serenity of the scene. Oh, well, I can always go over and enjoy.
It took Dwayne quite awhile to get the haybine hooked up to the tractor and get ready to start in the evening. I got in a lot of reading time, enjoyed watching the cows and being out of the house.
We finished the evening off by stopping at Sput's for a hamburger on the way home. (nine o'clock, farm time supper)
I was so glad I didn't just stay at home and got out of the house. It was a nice evening.

Dwayne loves driving the tractor he got from his Dad:

In action:

Happy Cows?/The one on the left doesn't look too happy:
(Of course, he could be saying, "Dwayne, you're interfering with our supper")

The sun was setting by the time we left:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

History of Pig Roast and Pictures:

Dwayne's Dad, Andy and several of his friends started the "Tallahassee Pig Roast" in 1976 at Spring Creek. Dwayne and I were dating and I was SO nervous being around everyone. Can you imagine me, not talking and being intimidated by a crowd? (I think I hung around my mother-in-law too much as I tend to talk to everyone anywhere.) I mean that in a good way about Dodie. Story to follow in a future post.
In 2006, our friend, Buck Love, decided not to have the pig roast at his place anymore. Too much work, most of the "Vichy Bunch" had passed away and various reasons. We were all disappointed, especially my father-in-law, Andy. Late that fall, me mentioned to me on one of our many trips to the doctor that he was thinking about having it at his lake in Vichy the next spring. The more he talked about it, the more excited he got. He mentioned it to Dwayne and the boys and the idea took hold.
Grandpa Andy had a major stroke (and then more) in December of 2006, then passed away on January 9, 2007. What a LOSS!! It affected all of us, as the death of a loved does. Our sense of loss is no greater than other families, but to each one of us, the pain was deep.
Dwayne and the boys kept Grandpa Andy's vision of the pig roast at the lake. It was a total success and Grandpa Andy (and Grandma Dodie, as she loved a party or get together of any kind)would have enjoyed it so much.
The tradition has now been passed down to the next generation and they have continued as their predecessors, Bud Love, Buck Love, Emmet Bullock, Andy Elrod, Lester Workman, Lloyd Workman, Doyle Workman, Jeff Hooker, David Glenn and more that I can't think of at the moment. Lloyd, Buck and Jeff are the only ones still living. Lloyd has come for awhile each year except last year as he was in the hospital. He loves to play horse shoes as you can see in the pictures below.
We wouldn't be able to have the pig roast each year without the help of all of our good friends. We thank them all so much.
Everyone has a good time visiting, playing games, EATING, and just having an old fashioned fun filled weekend. I have bombarded the site below with pictures. I couldn't decide which ones to post so I posted all of them.