Friday, September 30, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Update:

We ate at Sput's once again.  I think there were more people this week than last to visit with.  A good way to catch up with friends or ones you haven't seen in a long time.
Dwayne had to work.  Chad was asked to bring his horse and buggy to the parade put on by S&T, Celebration of the Nations.  I went to watch the parade.  I really enjoyed it and there were countries represented that I didn't even remember.

I then ran to J C Penney's and Wal-Mart.  While in Wal-Mart, I get a phone call from Nancy Ragan.  A good friend I worked with (now get this) forty years ago was here from Colorado to visit.  Nancy and Shirley Carl came down and spent the afternoon.  We had a very good visit.  It seemed like it was just yesterday I had seen Shirley instead of the many years in between.
Went to church and then home to clean out my closet.  Decided half way (okay, maybe a quarter of the way) thru that I really didn't want to finish.  The guys were at the cane field stripping cane so I decided to go down and see them.

We had a great time visiting and then headed on up to Todd and Michelle's new land.  Michelle's parents, Carl and Melba were there.  We sat around visiting for over three hours.  Dad came by and we got to hear some of stories.  The stories get a little mixed up anymore, but we just listen.  After they left, we walked over to where Todd and Michelle were building their house.  What a beautiful view they have.  I'm envious, all we can see is the small field in front of the house.  They have magnificent sunsets and sunrises as I've heard.  Not that I get up that early to go look.  It's a very exciting time for them.
Had a great weekend and looking forward to getting out and visiting more.

I am so grateful for family and friends.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Update:

We went to Sput's to eat.  Saw so many people we knew.  (It was packed and you had to wait for your food).  My cousin's son, Steven, his wife, Melissa and their son, Braeden came in and sat with us.  Braeden is now a teenager and kept us quite entertained.
It was raining so hard when we left.  We came up on an accident outside Vichy.  They had the traffic blocked.  It looked really bad and something was burning.  We found out the next day it was a fatality.  Two girls from S & T had died and the couple in the other vehicle were in serious condition.  Life is so fragile, it really makes you stop and think.  And pray for the families.
Dad came down to visit in the morning.  Did the usual morning chores, then went to Rolla.  I had a couple shirts to take back to Penney's.  Big mistake-they had a huge sale and I bought a few things plus TWO pairs of shoes.  In my defense, I only buy on clearance or a huge mark down.  Dad came down again in the evening.
Fixed tuna casserole for supper.  Dwayne and I both like it pretty good.
Bittersweet day as it was Mom's birthday.  Since we built the house, I've always had Mom and Aprl's birthday dinner together and the whole family comes over plus the Elrod's.  It's a house full.
Now that Mom is gone, April requested we just have our little family as she didn't want alot of attention when it was really Mom's Birthday.  Mom's is the 18th and April's is the 19th.
The only thing April requested was blackberry cobbler as her birthday cake.  We had found a recipe in PW's cookbook years ago for Cauliflower Soup.  It was so good.  I made it for supper but it didn't turn out as good as I remember it.  I think I had too much chicken broth in it.  Also made BLT potato salad, pork steaks baked with tons of sliced onions on top and a salad.  Forgot to serve the rolls.  For really tender, cut with your fork pork steaks, layer them in a baking pan with tons of thinly sliced onions on each one.  Seriously good.
April came over and spent the day and evening.  Mike had to work at the turkey farm.  I had told Cash last time he was over we would have a tea party next time he came over.  He didn't forget, he wanted a tea party.  I'm sure he had no idea what it was.  I got out April's old tea set Grandma Dodie made for and we had our party.  Instead of tea, I used Sun Drop.  Not sure how much Mommy liked that.  lol  Iva seemed to enjoy it and certainly eyed our tea cakes.  Later in the day, Cash had got in the closet and got out a Sun Drop.  Had to tell him no.
Tea Party
April and Iva
Grandpa, Iva,. Chad and Pa Great in the background.
Cash wanting Nana to go play.
Todd, Chad and Michelle with Chad's buggy.
Dad came down mid afternooon.  Todd and Michelle came over on their four wheeler and Chad with his horse and buggy.  Chad so wanted to take Cash for a ride but Cash was not having anything to do with.  The horse scared him.  He did go on a four wheeler ride with Uncle Todd.
We had a wonderful afternoon of visiting and taking turns holding Iva.  She is really trying to babble now and goes on forever.  So cute.

Poor Dwayne, he hung in there but he really didn't feel well.  He had to work on Saturday and was extra tired.  He slept from 9 p.m. to noon when April and the kids got there.  This pneumonia he had has really taken a toll on him.

I  am so grateful for these family memories we make.

Friday, September 16, 2016


Liz and Nathan

Last night was our card game night.  Oh, what things you can learn from teenagers!!  It's good they still like to visit old Aunt Nonnie.  We have lots of fun.  Of course, they love the teasing Uncle Dwayne does.

I am grateful for Liz and Nate.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lizzy's 15th Birthday:

Nathan called about four and needed picked up at the library.  We stopped and got a pizza from Quik Spot.  He kept me entertained until time to go to Bible Study.  My sisters and a couple cousins, aunt and nieces and nephews usually attend.  We do this at Dad's every Monday night.  It also gives Dad a night of company.
Lizzy's birthday was on the 8th.  Judy made her a cake to celebrate at Bible Study.

After Bible Study, Liz and Nate came to the house.  We played Liverpool Rummy.  Nathan won.  I was so happy for him as he's always the loser.
Dwayne always jokes around with the kids.  Lizzy had found an old picture of Dwayne holding her when she was around a year old.  They tried to duplicate the picture, but it has been fifteen year and              someone has extra long legs now.

I am grateful for these two goofy (and loveable) great niece and nephew.

Monday, September 12, 2016

39th Wedding Anniversary:

I had an order to take back to J C Penney's and then we went to the Verizon store.  Dwayne had lost his phone.  Nothing is easy!  We were there for awhile.  Even with insurance. we had to pay a deductible of $49.00.  The lady said they were discontinuing this phone and she had one cover in the back room she would give to us.  So, I'm thinking it's free.  $28.49 dollars later I found out giving you one is not giving.  So much for insurance.
We ate at Long John Silver's; not such a good choice.  That's all I'll say about it.
I had told Dad Friday evening we would be gone all day Saturday for our anniversary so I probably wouldn't be calling him.  About the time we got ready to leave, Dad came down for a visit.  lol  There is always enough time for a visit with Dad.
It is so seldom Dwayne and I go anywhere during the day on a weekend.  Dwayne is usually farming or messing with the cattle.  We decided to take the whole weekend off.  We went to Lake of the Ozarks.  Told Dwayne I would take him to mine and April's favorite store.  So to Carter's we went.  Not sure if he was expecting that.  HE bought Iva a dress and Cash pajamas.  We at ice cream at Stone Cold Creamery.  The price of lunch just for a dessert.
 We then drove around by the dam and has it ever changed on the strip.  I still recognized a few of the old stores, like Dogpatch, etc.
Off to Menarad's to buy tools. got to have a little man shopping.  We then went to the movie theater and watched Sully.  The movie was really good.  We spent another small fortune on sodas and popcorn.  No wonder we never date, it costs too much!
We ate at Outback.  The best steak I've ever ate.  I could cut it with a fork.  A very good meal.
As we were driving home, I said if only April and Mike lived on 42 we could stop and visit.  Dwayne said you know the shortcut, we'll just head over there.  Weelllllllll, April always drives and I don't pay too much attention to where we turned.  I kind of made a wrong judgement call and we would up in Iberia the back way.  We then took the St. Anthony route and got there. So much for the shortcut.
April and Mike had purchased a new vehicle that day, a 2017 charcoal gray Ford Exployer.  Very nice and much more room for the kids.  Their dishwasher had broke so they had to replace it, too.  The salesman told Mike he was going to have a hard time topping their next year's anniversary and April's birthday after that.  We played with the kids for awhile and then I heard Dwayne say he'd see them tomorrow.  Huh?  Dwayne needed to come back over and hook up their dishwasher for them.  So I asked if Cash could come home with us.  He was so excited.  Grabbed his rubber boots and he was ready.  Unfortunatly, he gets car sick like his momma used to.  He got sick and puked and puked.  We pulled in at the stockyards and cleaned him up the best we could.  Once we got home, Dwayne took him out of the car seat.  He almost puked.  Poor little Cash was just covered and you should have seen the carseat. in every nook and cranny, down in the lock tabs,, everywhere.  Dwayne gave Cash a bath and I got him ready for bed and then we watched cartoons.  Normally, he is always on Grandpa's lap but lately he's decided he has a grandma too.  lol  It was so nice to cuddle with him while watching TV.  Went right to bed with no problems.
Dwayne fixed french toast and then we all got ready to go our separate ways.  I went to church and Dwayne and Cash went to feed the cows, to see Chad and then on to see Todd and Michelle. (Before getting ready Dwayne took the car seat cover off and I threw it in the washer then I went to the porch with a large bowl of hot sudsy water to work on the carseat.  It was in the push button part, the lock holes, the straps, etc  I got most of it off with the help of Q-Tips and toothpicks.  Reminded me of the days April would get carsick)
After I got home from church, we set off for St. Elizabeth.  April had vegetable soup and grilled cheese waiting for us.  Dwayne and Mike installed the dishwasher.  I played with Cash.  We went uptown to find rocks but couldn't find any.  He had to have his "tractor" aka lawn mower out of the shed.

Something must be funny.

Cash & Iva were talking to each other.

This is one of the best weekends we've had in quite some time.  I am grateful for all the years we've had together.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Not So Wordless Wednesday:

I look mad in this picture, but I'm not.  Just trying to hold Cash down for a picture.  He doesn't like his picture taken BUT loves to take pictures.  lol

I am grateful for Cash and Iva.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekend:

We ate at Sput's.  Ran into several good friends, good to visit with them.
I picked Dad up and we went to the parade in Vienna.  Chad had his buggy in the parade.  They told him he won first place in his division and would get a blue ribbon and a trophy.  He didn't get either.  It didn't bother Chad but the little boy riding with him was very disappointed.
Parade 2016

We met Joe and Judy and sat with them.  Liz and Nathan rode home with us.  I had to go to Rolla to get groceries.  First, we ate at Maid-Rites then went to Penneys.  I was trying to find a blouse to wear to Tyler's wedding later in the day.  No luck.  I liked having the kids with me while buying groceries.  They lifted the heavy stuff and kept me quite entertained.  I had forgotten how adverturesom and fun it could be to have teenagers with you.  They even carried all the groceries in.
We watched TV until time to get ready for the wedding.  We went by and picked Dad up to ride with us.
Andrea and Tyler
Their cute little boy, Liam.

My niece, Kayla and her family, Mariah, Brighton and Anthony

It was a beautiful wedding.  Liam and the little flower girl were so cute.
We had a nice time at the reception.  The food was delicious.  I can't remember the name of the caterer but they did a great job and everything was presented nicely.
Dwayne and I kept busy going outside with Cash to keep him entertained.  He's a busy little boy.  Dwayne helped out with Iva while April ate.  She's such an adorable little girl.
Dad went home with Judy and Joe and Tony came and picked up Lizzy and Nathan.
Went to church and then to visit Dad.  Cleaned around the house some and then went to Rolla to pick up sandwiches.  Dwayne was asleep when I left for church and still asleep when I got home.  Checked on him and he said he was just worn out and was going to sleep the rest of the day.  He's having a hard time bouncing back after having pneumonia.
Dwayne went and hauled the hay in.  I pretty much did nothing but watch TV all day.  Fixed a homemade pizza for supper.

I am grateful for our county and hard workers.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Wordless Wednesday:

Wednesday Visit:

Weekend Recap:

Dwayne had his stress test today.  Still not feeling well but we did go out to eat at Arby's.
A distant relative of Dad's, Bill Feeler, was having a surprise 90th Birthday Party.  I took Dad
and we had a good time.  There was alot of people we didn't know so Dad was kind of
Saturday evening we drove down to Steelville where Todd and Michelle were camping at Garrison's Campground. We had a good barbecue and lots of visiting.  Michelle's parents were there so it was nice to visit with them.
I totally overslept (haven't done that in a long time) and missed church.  Decided my living room needed a good cleaning and with that comes moving the furniture around.  I always feel better after a room gets a good deep cleaning.  Now I should do other rooms...........
Dwayne went to Vichy to fix the baler but soon came home.  He was too worn out.
He did go back to the doctor yesterday.  He still has bronchitis and a sinus infection.  He coughs so much, I've been sleeping on the couch.  I'm so ready to have my (our) bed back.  And to Dwayne feeling better.

I am grateful for the life I've been given.