Thursday, April 17, 2014

Todd's Birthday:

Todd Christopher:
My baby boy turned 33today.  Where did the time go?
(love his crooked smile)

Todd was born on Good Friday in 1981 and we went home from the hospital on Easter Sunday, the 19th and my birthday. I was also born on Good Friday in 1957.
My due date for Todd was April 4th and that was my Grandma's birthday. Since I had Chad on his due date, I smugly thought I would have a baby girl on my Grandma's birthday, the 4th. I had planned so well..... lol
God had other plans. A baby boy born two weeks late. We joke that Todd is such a sleepy head, it was natural he didn't wake up until two weeks after he was to make his appearance. At the time, (and it's no secret to Todd) I was a little disappointed not to have a girl. I looked over at the screaming red headed infant and thought, a boy, a red headed boy? Chad was born nice and clean and quiet, not Toddy, he came out screaming. I was glad when they brought him to me after he was cleaned up to see his hair was not red but almost black. BACK THEN, you didn't get to hold your baby until the body temperature was back to normal.
Trust God!! That is what I should have done. No one could have prepared me for the funny little character he blessed us with. Todd was (and is) like no other. He was such a little comedian and he wanted to grow up and be Johnny Carson. There are so many funny Todd stories, I wouldn't know where to begin.
We took the boys to the Smokey Mountains the summer Todd turned two in April. He was such a talker. We did not see any bears but a stuffed one at a souvenir shop that Chad and Todd sat on for a picture. On the way home, we stopped at Dwayne's Aunt Rita's in Illinois. The boys had been asleep in the truck and Todd came fully awake once we got in the house. He began telling Aunt Rita stories about the trip and how he saw a bear and fought with it and on and on. That was the beginning of "Todd's stories" for years to come.
In December of that same year, I saw some people in town that came to the doctor's office where I worked. Todd proceeded to tell them I was having a baby girl on April 4th of the next year. They congratulated me and I don't know where he came up with that as I was not pregnant. He also told them Dwayne, Chad and my full name and birth dates, along with the years we were born.
In hindsight, thank goodness our ways are not God's ways and he knows better than us. What a joy Todd has brought to our lives and everyone around him.
Thank you God for the birth of our second son.

I am grateful for my son, Todd.

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  1. Neat story! He is quite a character! And I love his smile too!