Monday, April 21, 2014

Three Day Weekend:

I had the day off and enjoyed it thoroughly.  I lazed around in my Jammie's and drank coffee and watched three episodes of Grey's Anatomy.  Did a few things around the house but mainly just relaxed.
Then I had to make the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart's for groceries and items for the Sunday Easter Dinner.
That evening, I took a walk up the drive to where Dwayne was clearing out the neighbor's fence row and we rent his pasture for the cows.  Dwayne threw me for a total loop, he asked what I thought about selling our house and buying Lou's and then we would be out of debt.  I'm like, huh, what?  Are you crazy?  It really tore at me as I could see Dwayne wanted to do it.  I do love the location; I have always wanted to live closer to the road, BUT we built our house from the ground up-no contractors, just us and friends.  It's home.  Dwayne asked me to at least look at it.  I did and it was a nice house in the seventies but this is 2014 and wood paneling is out of style, not to mention making a room look darker.  The kitchen is a total rip out.  We would have to spend a ton of money on it.  He asked me to at least think about it.  And I did, as in dreaming about it all night.
Dwayne's first words to me were, well you've had time to think about it, what do you say?  Uh, no, I just can't do it.  I know he was disappointed, but I just can't leave my house and live through a remodel.  Dwayne meets  himself coming and going now as it is.  And we don't do contractors, we have to do everything ourselves. Also, I just couldn't see selling and someone else living in MY (our) house.  Ugh!
I had a great birthday.  I went to April's and picked up and Cash and we went to the lake shopping all day.  Cash did great and loved looking at everything in the stores.  His little head was constantly looking back and forth. 
That evening, we went to a friend's house for mine and her birthday.  We had a wonderful time, the best time I've had in a long time.
Got up and started getting ready for Easter Dinner.  Dwayne was in charge of the hams.  We had a good turnout but only two kids and one baby for the Easter Egg Hunt.  Several had other Easter events to attend and couldn't make it this year.
Mom looked really good as she has not been feeling well for awhile.  A good friend and neighbor came for the afternoon.  It was so good to see her getting out of the house.  We had a good afternoon visiting and of course eating.
Lizzy stayed for the afternoon.  We started watching Teen Mom and I fell asleep so I went in and took a nap.  Felt much better after that.  Cleaned the kitchen and floor up then we watched a movie.
A wonderful day.

I am grateful for my family and being the hostess for the 25th year in a row of Elrod/Feeler a
Annual Easter Dinner.

I am grateful

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  1. Oh, wow....that would have thrown me for a loop too! I understand why you would want to stay where you are! Glad you had a good Easter!