Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Weekend:

I came home from work with a cold and running a temp.  Didn't say up long, went to bed and froze.
Didn't do a whole lot. Sat and stuffed eggs for two hours.  I've collected alot of plastic eggs through the years. Made a few dishes for Sunday.  Again, an early night.
We had our usual Easter Dinner for everyone.  Since Momma passed away, my family doesn't come anymore, just Dad.  I hate it we don't all get together.
But I can count on my Elrod relatives being there.  The kids look so forward to it.  It was raining so we had the Easter Egg Hunt in the basement.

Dad and Iva.  She loves to go to her Pa Great.
Iva playing with her eggs
Cash finding Easter eggs.  He had so much fun.  Earlier, he kept finding eggs upstairs, but they were my ceramic ones.
Cash and Iva enjoying their eggs.

Everyone just visiting.

It was also Todd and Michelle's first anniversary.  They had went on a camping trip to Alley Springs but got rained out Sunday morning, therefore, they got to come to the Easter dinner.

I am grateful my Elrod family still values the coming together of celebrating holidays.  I am blessed.

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