Monday, April 10, 2017

Busy Weekend:

We went to Sput's for supper.  We took the gravel roads home and went by Todd and Michelle's.  They weren't home, so we went to their farm where the camper is.  Not there either.  We can't seem to catch them at home.
I cleaned house and Dwayne went mushroom hunting  In the afternoon, we went to our lake in Vichy.  I read a book while Dwayne fished.  Actually, I finished one book and started another.  I love to read.  That evening, we went to Dustin's for a bonfire.  We were celebrating Desmon's twelfth birthday and Dustin's birthday, which is today.  We left early as I wasn't feeling well.
I went to church but didn't stay for the whole service, I was still sick.  Went home and went to bed for awhile.
The kids were going to take us out to eat at Moreland's for my birthday.  Chad called and said he needed a ride and we needed to pick him up.  Little did I know, it was an early surprise 60th birthday party for me.

Nearly all my friends were there.  Also, my Dad and Judy and my niece, MacKensie.  We had a wonderful time visiting.
My Dad was very proud of the cake he bought for me in the round container.

Thank goodness they only had the numbers for 60 and not the actual amount of candles.  I would have never got them blown out.

Got several nice gifts and a couple gag gifts.  Beautiful cards.

Iva love her Pa Great.

I think Pa Great thinks she's pretty special too.

Iva and cousin Jayce.

Noah and Cash.  The had so much fun on the go-cart.  It doesn't run so the bigger boys were pushing them.

I am so blessed by family and friends that came together to celebrate this major milestone in my life.  I'm forever grateful.


  1. What a nice celebration!! Looks wonderful! Happy Birthday to you!