Friday, June 9, 2017

Ford F150:

We bought a riding toy for the house.  It will be for all the grandkids (if we get anymore).
Naturally, we decided on a Ford F150.  I text April and told her she would never guess what Nana and Pa had bought.  Her response was, either a Ford Truck or a Gator.  She's too smart.
It took three hours to put the thing together.  The decals were quite tricky.  If you didn't get them placed just right you would have a wrinkle.  Well, Dwayne messed up the big decal on the windshield and it has three big wrinkles on it!  But Cash will never notice.
I'm going over to pick up Cash tomorrow and keep him overnight.  I can't wait to see how excited Cash will be.

I am grateful we are able to enjoy our grandkids.

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  1. Those decals are tricky to get on right! He will have a lot of fun with it!